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Dr. William Kelley - The Original Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure

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Do-it-Yourself Book: one answer to cancer

Reviewed after 32 years 1967 — 1999 cancer cure Suppressed

Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.

Advances in Modern Medicine boggle one’s mind and are quite overwhelming. Yet Illness has increased on every hand. Since the Medical Communities, both Orthodox and Alternative, have failed so miserably in Health Care and succeeded so brilliantly in Health Plundering, it would seem to justify one to investigate True Health Care Concepts CANCER One must address the Metabolic Process. Attacking the product of defective Metabolism leads one down a blind pathway to a Dead End.
To those of you who are plagued with serious questions and demand answers, you will be eternally indebted to Bonnie O’Sullivan. She is the editor of this 1999 edition of One Answer To Cancer. Bonnie has addressed the editing of this book with a desire to get truthful, correct, intelligent and honest answers to the multitude of questions that have gone unanswered during her 37 years of diligent study and work within the health seeking community.
She has searched through all the collections of documents about the Kelley Metabolic Medicine’s Paradigm that she could find from Kansas, Texas, Washington, Pennsylvania, California, and Georgia and everywhere in-between to give you the answers you need and desire. Bonnie attacked this task with her whole being and, like the proverbial pit bull with lockjaw, would not let go until all your questions were adequately answered.

A must read free on-line book 

Dr. Kelley, a dentist, was harassed by FBI, his daughter was killed, he had to leave Texas and was basically assasinated in democratic USIfor helping sick people to survive.

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