Thursday, 29 March 2012


Seul votre propre corps, votre propre système immunitaire peut vous garder en bonne santé et lutter contre les infections et toutes les autres affections. (Sauf les blessures externes et des os brisés lequels ont besoin de réparation).

Simplement dit, si vous êtes malade ou devenez malade à cause des infections, virus, parasites ou empoisonnement, c'est votre système immunitaire qui doit faire face à cette invasion. Très souvent, à cause de notre pollution de l'environnement dans l'air et dans la nourriture, notre système immunitaire a beaucoup d'heures supplémentaires à faire. Cela attaque nous progressivement sans le savoir.

Ainsi, la première chose que nous avons à faire est d'essayer de vivre une vie plus saine, manger des aliments frais, un peu plus de légumes et des fruits, un peu plus d’exercice et tout ce qui contribue à effacer le stress.
Evitéz les aliments transformés en usine au maximum, parce qu'ils le remplissent avec toutes sortes de poisons néfastes. (Parfois c’est préférable de manger des aliments pour chiens, c’est plus contrôlé)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Only your own body, your own immune system can keep you healthy and fight infections and all other ailments. (Excluding external injuries and broken bones that need repair).
Simply said if you are getting ill or are ill from infection, viruses, parasites or poisoning, it is your immune system that has to cope with this. 
Very often because of our  environmental pollution in air and food, our immune system has a lot of overtime to do. This gradually creeps on us unknowingly.

Thus the first thing we have to do is to try living a more healthy life, eating fresh food, a bit more vedge and fruits, a bit more exercise and everything that helps to obliterate stress.
Stay away from factory processed foods as much as you can, because they fill it up with all kinds of heavy duty poisons. (sometimes you might be better off eating dog food, it is more controlled)

Do not believe all the ‘medical’ junk they try to push on you, every day there is a new opinion.
Use your intuition and how you feel, eat what you feel good with, eat what your body can process without problems.
Stop eating when you feel its enough, don’t empty your plate. (As kids we were told “eat your plate”, this comes from the middle ages when children plates were made of bread (pizza?))

Monday, 26 March 2012


The Venetian Black Nobility, The Guelfs, The East Indian Company, The Royal Society for international Affairs, The Club of Rome, Global 2000 mass genocide program, MI6, Globalism


How the Cabal rules the world through destruction and biotech eugenics to install their One World Government; New World Order communism.

Dr. John Coleman

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The really really true story about 9/11

You will believe us, we tell the truth.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Réveillez-vous, devenez libre, débarrassez-vous de la peur

A travers les âges, nous avons été induits avec des erreurs par nos professeurs, les gouvernements, les chefs religieux, les banques et les sociétés.
Nous avons toujours supposés que les autres font ce qui est le mieux pour nous. Cela fonctionne pour les plus part de nous comme une sorte de somnifère, nous n'avons pas à nous inquiéter, les autres s'occupent de nous, afin que nous puissions rester dans notre sommeil.
Le monde ne m'intéresse pas, j'ai mes propres problèmes pour m’en occuper.

La preuve que nous avons été raconté des bobards est clair dans notre histoire lequelle a été caché de nous, chaque événement a été soigneusement trafiqué pour donner une nouvelle histoire complètement changé et mis dans nos livres d'histoire ‘officiels’, instruits à toutes les écoles. 

Était-ce seulement bidouillé au niveau local dans certains pays? Non, c’a été fait à l'échelle mondiale.
Comment est-ce possible lorsque les institutions du gouvernement entre les pays n'ont pas de synergie entre elles?

Un réseau mondial unique d'un petit groupe de gens puissants ont racolé des milliers de partisans tous désireux de faire partie de quelque chose de grand, quelque chose de bien, tout en étant complètement trompés et maintenus dans l'obscurité . 

Friday, 2 March 2012


Trough the ages we have been misled by our teachers, governments, religious leaders, banks and corporations. We always assume that others do what is best for us.  This at the same time works for most of us a sort of sleeping pill, we don’t have to worry, others will look after us, so we can keep on in our slumber. The world does not interest me, I have my own problems to look after.

The proof that we have been misled is out in the open, in our history that has been hidden from us on purpose, each event carefully doctored to give a complete new story put in the ‘official’ history books and delivered to all the schools. Was this happening only locally in particular countries? No it was done on a global scale. How is that possible when government institutions between countries have no synergie?

A single world network of a small group of powerful people assembling thousands of ‘followers’ all eager to be part of something big, something great, while completely misled and kept in the dark.

When we talk about wars, there is always been given a very plausible reason why countries went to war, but never the real reasons.

In every war there always is some entity that benefits. Just follow the money trail. War is about power over other entities and enriching the victor. That was in the very old days, thousands of years ago.
In modern wars strangely enough there seem to be no more victors, only destruction.
There are the entities behind the scenes that created the wars financing both sides and making money on each end. The longer a war drags on the more money there is to be made (armaments, raw materials, foods, etc.).

Casualties, suffering, disease, poverty? That is the last thing on their minds; its called just collateral damage.

Since 1500 all wars were created with a purpose to enrich a small group of financial people. Occupy land that provides valuable goods/minerals that can be sold with great profits.
The East India Company in England made their fortune by peddling opium between India and China, for which they bought tea and made huge profits in Europe. Most of these famous tea clipper ships were in fact opium clipper ships.
This trade destroyed major parts of China, creating large drug dependent populations, provoking the opium wars, which ended in England taking Hong Kong and continuing the opium trade from that point of sale.
The other important product at the time to make money was salpetre, for explosives and gunpowder, to make more war.
Loot, destroy, make money and then finance the rebuilding to create debt, so much debt that it can never be repaid. From there on whole sovereign nations are covered in huge debt and forever you can manipulate them and keep on looting, till only depraved slaves are left over, who can still be looted.

Welcome to the world order of parasites: The Committee of 300.

Once you see the big picture and I take it that most of you do by now, looking at the ‘fake debt’ situations in the USA, Europe and Asia, which is all created debt by parasites, out of thin air and ‘approved’ by bought governments that have been put in place or bribed to abide by the rules, you normally should get very angry.
But most of you do not. Ask yourself why?

By taking over the the governments and people through debt, they also took over the major corporations and institutes that normally should regulate these corporations, not to forget the military industrial complex.

They created big oil, without it the world cannot move anymore (by suppressing other free and clean energy technologies) and steadily drive up the price, although there is far too much oil, so the man in the street pays more and more of his income to these monopolies.

A very nasty side effect is that mother Earth produces oil and needs it as lubrication for her tectonic plate movements, which without oil provokes more disastrous earth quakes.
Also bringing this oil to the surface creates vast pollution. Originally an unwanted side product of oil refining was petrol and it was just burned, until we found a use for it for engines.

One important industrial complex in this parasitic nightmare is the pharmaceutical/chemical industry, that had been given the very special task to create products that dumb down, create diseases and make humanity dependent on these poisons. A direct continuation of the old adage of inundating humanity with drugs, like opium, but hundred times more potent and hidden in all kinds of manufactured food and ‘medication’.
These same pharma industries have large specialized departments for creating battlefield poisons and bio warfare substances, which are currently used in all the wars in the world. They are making billions of profits, by keeping the population just sick enough not to die immediately, so they are preoccupied with their ‘health’, while eventually the plan is to kill almost everyone.

The New World Order is exactly as described in Orwell’s book 1984 (Orwell was part of them and had been given their blueprint).

On the modern battlefields are secretly used the most atrocious chemical and biological components to make everyone sick, enemy, civil populations and own military. Total disregard.
Because in any event they can make money by ‘medically helping’ the population after the war as well as their own sick soldiers coming home. You ask any of the people who have been in these wars; was it worth it? They’ll say I have no idea what I was doing there and what is was about, anyway I’m sick now and lost everything. There is no compensation.

Then we get into more progressive technologies of which programs like MK Ultra are kindergarden stuff. Reprogramming of minds, deleting parts of memory, collective mind programming through frequency waves (TV, Radio, WIFI), nano bots/swarms, humanoid replicants.
Basically anything you have seen in the movies exists, functions and is being used and applied since decades. There is no Scifi, we are living right in the middle of it. Nobody knows how many Obama replicants there are, or if he ever existed, you cannot tell the difference.

The only small difference is that it has been kept out of view from us thanks to helpful mass media owned and controlled by the same parasites.

Now we are not so much interested in all this mind control stuff for our daily life, but free energy to heat our houses and zero cost energy to move our vehicles would have helped us a lot to get on with our lives. Imagine the pollution we could have spared this poor planet. Not to mention 0 taxes and everything that goes with that. Health though real food and natural remedies that have no nasty side effects.
About all this we have been kept in the dark.
However our ‘elected’ governments they know and knew about all this, the chemtrails, the GMO, the chemicals, the disease ‘control’, the advanced technologies, they are right at the forefront, they have to sign the laws in place to hide it, they are culpable. They could easily be tried as war criminals, for mass genocide beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But we are not taking them to court, no we spend half of our free time to watch blatantly ridiculous TV shows about politics, the upcoming fake elections, as if ever a government has been elected. (Democracy never existed) We have the snug feeling we participate in the on-goings of our country of our Europe and the world. Make belief is the key word. These guys have the great ability to manipulate us and have us believe that we are part of the system, that we have a voice, that we can direct events.


Yes you are part of the system, but only as a slave, being trampled on and having to deliver all you can. Then they show you other countries, where the people have not paid their taxes, which seemingly is far worse than having killed someone in cold blood. Where the government is even more corrupt than in your own country. So you are incited by the ‘truthful’ media to trample on these horrible people that do not seem to work and do not pay their taxes and they put the question in front of you; are you willing to bail them out? NO way you say. And more bashing evolves. If they push it a bit further you are ready to go to war with these people, because they might have a bomb and a rocket that could destroy your towns.
But why would they want to do that?
And they continue to create division, you get the brunt, you lose your energy and they make another handsome profit.

In this age of time do you still want to live and be lured by these cheap lies? I think we all have become a little more intelligent than that. We should now be able to see through all these brutal fallacies. Is it too much to say no, piss off, I don’t believe you anymore?
Apparently you do not say piss off.

You are scared, scared to lose something, most often you do not know what, you don’t even want to think what you might lose.
Loose yourself? Impossible. 
Lose your job, your income, your house, your car, your holiday, we can endlessly go on. That is exactly how we have been indoctrinated since we were little kids when we had no problems whatsoever. You do not do as you are told, you’ll be punished. You cannot have ...... (Fill in what was denied).

Going against the accepted stream, you have been told you’ll lose something. We don’t want to lose something, because we have attached ourselves to all the things that are around us, that we think we need, we cannot live without.

The key word here is DETACHMENT.

The moment you can let go of something, you suddenly find out that you don’t and did not need it really. A different feeling. 
Detachment means being not attached anymore, being attached is being tied up, being in chains, hand cuffs stuff like that. Prisoner of your belongings.

Detaching is scary, fearful, fear. If I let go what happens then? Will I drown? Will I swim?

Thus detachment is directly linked with fear. And exactly there is where people can have a real grip on you. You are fired if you do this or that, fear, no income, no job. That is a rather big one.
During our daily life there are thousands of these situations, but smaller, in traffic, give way or I’ll drive over your little car/bicycle, your ticket has run out, I’ll fine you, I cannot hear you speak up, etc. If you let it happen, many people around you, willingly or unwillingly, will create situations that make you afraid. This eternal sword of Damocles hanging over you.

Fear is instigated from the area of the unknown, the what if. If if turns out bad, you have a problem and most of the time we’ll not take the risk. We want to be sure. However nothing is sure, everything is a risk. It is a Catch 22.
If your life is directed by fear, how much of a life do you really have?

Many humans are driven by fear, which often provokes very strange reactions. That is how people get into unnecessary fights and arguments. Fear can make healthy strong people cower in a corner, take anti depressant poison which gets them even deeper in the shit.

Fear is the worst advisor, except in the case where you are physically attacked, you run as fast as you can, or if that is not possible you defend yourself with everything you have.

Fear provokes often bad decisions, stops us from doing what we would have liked to do, stops us very much from advancing on our path of life, achieving our task.

You can die as a result of a wrong decision, you can also die from making no decision.
Believe in yourself, believe in your decisions, believe in your intuition.

Imagine your whole life is an illusion, a theater play, a movie you have totally invented yourself, you are the star, you created the other actors and there are the background characters. You wrote the script, you direct and produce.
 Your life is a live play.
You still are the director, so you can change anytime, even the script.

You are in charge of your life, all the time, you decide, where you go, what you do.
You will not do this if you are scared, you’ll stay with the script, no matter how disastrous it becomes. The worse it gets, the more scared you are to change one line in the script.

This is not you, not your soul, it is how we have been conditioned. It is this conditioning, the dogmas, that stops us from being ourselves, the loving being that we really are.

Sometimes you astound yourself, did I do this terrible thing, did I say that nasty remark. You did not want to, but you did. It was not really you, it was your conditioning that took hold of your actions.

So gradually we turn ourselves into monsters. Unhappy monsters. We ask questions, why on earth did I do this? Who or what made me do this? 
That is the most perfect way to get yourself into a depression. Get some anti-pills loaded with fluoride and you’ll get into a downward spiral needing ever more pills. Follow the money trail.

Take a deep breath.

Take 21 deep breaths. 7 through the nose, 7 nose in mouth out, 7 mouth in mouth out.

Cut the attached links, karmic links, forgive.
By forgiving you break the links that attach you to negative situations with people. Truly forgive the person and persons that did nasty things to you and forgive yourself for having done willingly or unwillingly nasty things to other people.

Forgiving makes you free from encumbrance, it breaks the chains that hold you back from living your life. It tears down the fears.

Anger is like an anchor chain, it keeps you attached to the source of your anger. It will remain there until you forgive and free yourself from that anger. Hate as they say is a drive, however it is a drive to destruction of yourself. Even when, by your hate, you have managed to destroy the object of your hate, the burning hate flame will continue and you’ll be forever attached to that karmic link, until the day you forgive.

Imagine yourself free of attachments, the world looks different.

Attachments are linked to burdens, owning, having to look after, feeling responsible.

Love is not an attachment, love is always there, it is an energy, it is charged, it is volatile, it is everywhere, it is like air, like a spring breeze. Love is never an attachment. You do not need a link to give or receive love. Love is free will, something you give, no return needed. Not for sale not on the market.

Imagine that you don’t own anything, then you take away the fear of losing it. You can only lose the things you are attached to, which instills fear (of losing). When you detach, you can never lose anything, which automatically dissolves the fear attached.

That is the basis of being free.

When you are free you can start doing things about your life, write a new script, direct positively, produce the life you like to live.

There are many people and other invisible entities in our world who are working relentlessly to rid us of the negative parasites who for so long have kept us locked up. It is a very arduous task that takes a long time, because the parasite network is vast and all encompassing. Many victories have been achieved already.
The chemtrails are disappearing, 17 heads of international banks are resigning, many secret underground bases have been destroyed, large financial scams have been (and are being) uncovered and the perpetrators are being held accountable, many events that could have provoked disastrous wars are being stopped.
The rolling up of the negative entities will accelerate in the coming months. Once the first domino stone start falling it will be difficult to stop the chain of events, until it has all collapsed. Fake debts will be wiped away.

We are moving step by step to a more just world, where everyone can breathe freely and live.
You will have to help also, get informed, stop believing the rubbish in the large media, question everything, think positive, seriously think about your health and search how to achieve a better health, help other people to cope with life, talk and discuss openly, develop your own opinions.

Everyday try to send a bit of positive energy to the world.
Energy is all we are, energy is all we have, positive energy is very powerful. Sit down and realize how happy you are or can be.
We are one. Unity is positive energy.

Be happy.

Roy /Dakote