Thursday, 2 August 2012


Our solar system is tracking through the universe, we are not in a static position as astronomers would think. We are moving from the outer edge towards the center.
Enormous amounts of energy are hitting the earth, vortexes loaded with magnetic energy are continuously beating upon us, electrifying everything and each of us, this has an effect on everyone. It has been going on for a decade and it is now coming to a close. This raises the frequency of earth and everything living on it.
We and everything around us is electrically loaded; we are electricity.
It provokes a total transformation of our way of life. The external influence is happening since some years and getting to the culmination of transformation.

We as a people have to liberate ourselves from the oppressing forces that are and have been ruling our financial and corporate world to become free of burdens.

Our world as we know it is changing very fast and the time is now.
Venus is our protector from the high energy of the sun. The love of female protection creates a balance between the solar energy and the energy coming from the universe. Our sun is not as we were told a nuclear power plant, but its based on an electro-magnetic force.
Change is here, but we have to adapt to these changes. The magnetic energy of earth is changing in a non-linear way. We are living a re-balancing of earth to enable an alignment with its new environment towards the center of universe.
The space that surrounds us is definitely not empty at all, it is full of life and beginnings of life in forms of dust particles encapsulated and frozen, building blocks of life that can spring new life whenever the environment becomes appropriate.
The repositioning or realigning with the universe is affecting all of us.