Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The top 20 cancer lies told by the cancer establishment

LIE #1) Cancer is caused by spontaneous bad luck, not cause and effect.

TRUTH: Cancer always has a cause. There is no such thing as "spontaneous" cancer without cause, and the cancer doctors who claim such phenomena exist are practicing nothing but "cancer voodoo" or pushing anti-science "disease magic" rooted in mysticism rather than reality.

LIE #2) There is no cure for cancer.

TRUTH: There are thousands of cures for cancer that already exist in the natural world and are being used every day all across the planet, outside the controlled monopolies of pharmaceutical medicine and toxic chemotherapy. Your body already knows how to cure cancer! It just needs the resources (and avoidance of toxic chemicals) to accomplish it.

LIE #3) Chemotherapy treats cancer.

TRUTH: Chemotherapy is a kind of "chemical carpet-bombing" approach to barbaric medicine that poisons the entire body. The measurable shrinkage of cancer tumors isn't a "treatment" for cancer at all. Unless the cancer tumor stem cells are removed or destroyed, the tumor just grows back. And once the body is poisoned by chemotherapy, its immune response to cancer is permanently compromised, which is why cancer tends to return in multiple organs within 12-24 months after a person undergoes chemotherapy.

Acupuncture - Acupressure made easy for everyone - DIY

ECIWO Acupuncture Points Professor Yingqing Zhang of Shandong University discovered through an experiment why acupuncture points are distributed throughout the body.
He took a young mouse embryo before the tissue differentiated into the three embryonic tissues. He then cut it into five pieces and implanted the five pieces into a mouse's uterus. Five identical mice were born.

When the body begins to form, every new organ, limb, and section of a limb (calf, thigh, foot, etc.) begins forming through the same process as the original embryo. Professor Yingqing Zhang discovered that every one of these parts has the information to form a whole new body.
However, under the control of the main body, the tissue forms into the intended organ or limb. Therefore, every organ, limb section, nose, ear and the brain contains the information of the whole organism. These are all called ECIWO's (Embryo Contains the Information of the Whole Organism).
Every ECIWO, including the brain, has a potential stomach, legs, arms, and every other part of the body.

The principle involved is called the bio-holographic law. It easily explains why acupuncture, reflexology, shiatsu, iridology, tongue and pulse diagnosis, etc. work.
These potential organs are the acupressure points. When the stomach is not well, every stomach point on every ECIWO becomes tender and sore.

Stimulating these points with rubbing (acupressure), needles (acupuncture), or with electrical pulses, causes the body to release antibodies, hormones, and certain proteins that bring about healing.
Dr. Hamer discovered these points in the brain independently of Prof. Yingqing Zhang. He found that these points in the brain swell when there is an emotional conflict. The swelling can be seen on CT scans.