Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Une Remède contre l'Ebola?

Considérez ceci : l'élite ne relâcherait jamais une peste sans une guérison facile, et avec cette épidémie d'ebola un cabinet de guerre américain a travaillé en Sierra Leone pour les cinq dernières années. Google cela. Sierra Leon a effectivement déterminé que les auteurs de cette flambée et les a envoyées hors du pays. Il n'y a absolument aucun doute que cette épidémie a été provoquée intentionnellement par le département américain de la guerre.

« Les scientifiques dirigés par Thomas Geisbert Université de Boston, a utilisé une technique relativement nouvelle de génomique appelée interférence ARN pour vaincre le virus. Voici comment cela fonctionne. Tout d'abord, un peu d'histoire : le virus Ebola est fait de l'ARN, tout comme le virus de la grippe. Et tout comme la grippe, le virus Ebola a très peu de gènes – seulement 8. L'un de ses gènes, appelées protéines de L, est responsable de la copie du virus lui-même. Deux autres, appelées VP24 et VP35, interfèrent avec la réponse immunitaire humaine, rendant difficile pour notre système immunitaire a vaincre le virus.

Geisbert et ses collègues (dont les scientifiques Tekmira Pharmaceuticals et USAMRIID) ont conçu et synthétisé les séquences d'ARN qui collent à ces 3 gènes comme de la colle. Comment ont-ils fait celà ? Nous savons la séquence du génome du virus Ebola – il a été séquencé en 1993. Et nous savons que RNA colle à lui-même selon les mêmes règles qui utilise de l'ADN. Cette connaissance a permis Geisbert et collègues concevoir un total de 10 morceaux d'ARN (appelé « petit ARN interférent » ou siRNA) qu'ils savaient collerait aux 3 gènes du virus Ebola. Ils ont également pris soin de s'assurer que leur collant RNA ne collerait pas à des gènes humains, qui pourraient être nuisibles. Ils ont emballé ces ARN pour la livraison en les insérant dans des nanoparticules qui étaient seulement 81-85 nanomètres à travers.


Consider this: The elite would never release a plague without an easy cure, and along with this ebola outbreak an American biowarfare firm has been working in Sierra Leon for the last five years. Google that. Sierra Leon has actually identified them as the perpetrators of this outbreak and kicked them out of the country. There is absolutely no doubt this outbreak was intentionally caused by the U.S. war department. 

‘The scientists, led by Thomas Geisbert at Boston University, used a relatively new genomics technique called RNA interference to defeat the virus. Here’s how it works. First, a little background: the Ebola virus is made of RNA, just like the influenza virus. And just like influenza, Ebola has very few genes – only 8. One of its genes, called L protein, is responsible for copying the virus itself. Two others, called VP24 and VP35, interfere with the human immune response, making it difficult for our immune system to defeat the virus.
Geisbert and his colleagues (including scientists from Tekmira Pharmaceuticals and USAMRIID) designed and synthesized RNA sequences that would stick to these 3 genes like glue. How did they do that? We know the Ebola genome’s sequence – it was sequenced way back in 1993. And we know that RNA sticks to itself using the same rules that DNA uses. This knowledge allowed Geisbert and colleagues to design a total of 10 pieces of RNA (called “small interfering RNA” or siRNA) that they knew would stick to the 3 Ebola genes. They also took care to make sure that their sticky RNA would not stick to any human genes, which might be harmful. They packaged these RNAs for delivery by inserting them into nanoparticles that were only 81-85 nanometers across.
In the key experiment, the scientists infected rhesus monkeys with a dose of Ebola that was 30,000 times greater than the normal fatal dose. They injected the siRNA treatments 30 minutes later, and again each day for 6 days. All the monkeys survived with no long-term effects.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I know online gaming online from my web-developer experience, and I had already discussed a way to beat roulette, so I figured "Hey why not give it a try?"
I decided to try the shot! What began by chance, ended as one of the most important things I've ever done. Today, I don't spend more than 30 minutes in each casino.
Understand, help others doesn't make me earn neither more nor less, I feel just good to know that others can have a good life, leave with their families on vacation, spend more time at home with their children, and to buy whatever they want.

Anyone can do it!

No special skills are needed, you do not even need to understand the rules of the game all what you need to do is follow my instructions, and that's all! money will start to flow to your bank account or your electronic wallet.
This system is 100% legal no cheating! The casino will always pay your winnings within 5 to 7 working days.
Usually, I withdraw my money every €1000, and I always leave about €150 to my casino account, in such a way to do not need to make a new deposit.
A simple calculation - I play in several casinos by day and I earn a maximum of € 50 per day per casino I get a total of €100 per day x 30 =. €3000 / month.

The system!

Brief history on the system: I realized that some casinos have defects, not all! I did the research and testing over the years and I discovered that some famous casinos still have these defects.
Believe me, if you want to succeed, you have to go only in casinos that I recommend. Do not try this method on other sites that those listed below - it won't work!

System: I will now describe briefly what you need to know about this method.
I play the European roulette or French roulette. (not American)
First bet €1 on red.
If the Red wins, you earn €1.
Your next step is to bet €1 on black.
When you win, you change the color.
If the other color comes out, you lose your first €1.
Your next step is to bet €2 on the losing color.
When you lose, you bet on the same color and you double the stakes until you win.

For example, I lost € 1, now, I bet €2 on Red; and if I lose again, I bet after € 4 on red, and if I lose again, I bet €8 on Red; If I win, I change the color and I bet again €1 on black.
If the ZERO comes out (which happens very rarely), you will lose.
Your next step is to bet € 2 again on the Red until you win and then change the color. (As in step 2).

So, now that I described to you how to play system, we move to other very important points that you must know. You must follow the instructions and read the entire page. Don't take shortcuts - this could ruin everything.

First, you have to train. The best way to do this is to download one of the casinos by clicking on one of the images below. Now you can play in fun MODE, which will cost you nothing. After 10 minutes of practice, you'll be ready to start earning € 100 in an hour.

Once you feel comfortable, you can go there and start in real mode. 

I advise to deposit MINIMUM €60 in a casino, and as soon as you have earned, continue and deposit money in another casino. I play every day. Don't worry, your initial deposit of €60 will be the best investment you have made in your life.
You'll soon be a VIP player at the casino.
The casino will reward you with bonuses and gifts, and they can even you call just to say hello. Casinos have assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for any questions you might have, so feel free to contact. They are there for you!

Do not go into other casinos as 'other' casinos have already countered the system, and you will lose before even starting. All you need to do is click on one of the images below and soon you bring an "EXTRA" income to your family.

Once you click on the image, you will be directed to the homepage of the casino. Download the software and sign up at the casino. Fill in your details and save the password somewhere safe. It is easy to forget your username and password, write it down so that you have no difficulty in accessing your account at the casino. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be asked if you want to play in DEMO or real mode. As I have mentioned, start with the demo just to have a little practice and get used you to the system.

I will now describe in detail the exact steps you should follow to start. It may already be quite clear, but just for security, read the following: 

1. Click on one of the Casinos. Download the software or play online.
3. Sign up and fill in your personal details - please note your password and your user name. 
4. Start in DEMO mode. 
5. Deposit $ 60 using your credit card or your wallet. 
6. Go to European or French roulette
7. Start betting with € 1 on one of the colors. -Always start with maximum bet €1 on a color 
8. If the right color appears, start again on the other color with a €1.

9. If the wrong color, double your bet on the same color until you win and starting with € 1 on the other color. 

10. Once you have earned between €5 and €50, stop for the day in this casino, and return the next day. 
11. The same thing in another casino, then you will reach the gains you are targeting.

When you start, a reasonable tactic is to save 20% on your deposit, for example if you deposit $ 100, so a gain of €20 will be pretty good. It doesn't sound much, but go gently in the beginning – you have plenty of time to earn more.
Now you know everything. I gave you a simple way to earn money. You will see from the beginning.
Be patient, don't lose the head.
Think long-term and pas making nonsense thinking "Hey, I can become rich in 1 day..." believe me, I play safely for 4 years and a half.

If you want to use the bonus casino offers, you can do so, but first read all the conditions of the bonus because generally, some conditions apply to withdraw the bonus money. If you do not want use the bonus, simply contact support 24 x 7 and Let them know that you do not want to receive the bonus, as long as you have not started to play with the bonus money, they will immediately resume the bonus. 

Below the 2 casinos to work with.



Monday, 4 August 2014


Types d'arthrite
Il y a plus de 150 différents types d'arthrite et tous touchent des articulations et des os. Les formes d'arthrite les plus courantes sont :

l'arthrose : c'est la plus courante des maladies dégénératives et survient après l'âge de 40 ans. Dans ce cas les os augmentent en taille et l'espace entre eux diminue, rendant les os de frotter contre l'autre, provoquant une forte douleur. Il résulte également des modifications de la structure dans le cartilage en particulier, dans les articulations, principalement de la colonne vertébrale et les genoux.

Polyarthrite rhumatoïde : C'est une maladie grave qui peut survenir à n'importe quelle étape de la vie. Il est plus catastrophique que l'arthrose car il détruit les ligaments et les tendons qui relient les os et les muscles. Il affecte non seulement les articulations des doigts, poignets, hanches, genoux et pieds mais aussi les muscles, tendons et autres tissus du corps. C'est une maladie auto-immune où des membranes synoviales qui tapissent les articulations, deviennent enflammés et plus épais, conduisant à des douleurs et des déformations des articulations.

Saturday, 2 August 2014


Types of Arthritis

There are more than 150 different types of arthritis and all affect joints and bones. The most common forms of arthritis are:

Osteoarthritis: It is the most common degenerative joint disease and occurs after the age of 40. In this the bones increase in size and the space between them decreases, making the bones rub against each other, causing pain. It also results from structure changes in the particular cartilage, in the joints, mainly of spine and knees.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is a serious disease that can occur at any stage of life. It is more disastrous than osteoarthritis as it destroys the ligaments and tendons that join the bones and muscles. It affects not only the joints of the fingers, wrists, hips, knees and feet but also the muscles, tendons and other tissues of the body. It is an autoimmune disorder where synovial membranes that line the joints, get inflamed and thickened, leading to pain and deformity of joints.