Tuesday, 30 August 2016

All diseases come from two causes: Parasites and Pollutants

If we want to preserve the world for our children we first have to find ways to be and stay healthy ourselves. I think time has come that we become more responsible and knowledgeable about our real environment.
Since a 100 years we live more and more in a human developed chemical environment. The major part of these 'necessary' chemicals are toxic for us, the animals and the plants. Every day we are bombarded with chemicals through our food, drinks, inhalation and touch, we hope that these do not influence our life, health or DNA. However they do. Whatever the 'establishment' of government, doctors, specialists and industry tell us.

A major factor is that any 'natural' product, something existing in nature and accessible by all, is not interesting for industry. If you cannot patent it, it has no value, and industry cannot make money with this. Thus we have come to a crossroad that all and every age old natural remedy, nutrient or healthy diet, has become a no no for the 'establishment'. Which company that produces and markets health products has the money and power to market, advertise and moreover lobby government institutions to bring their products to the forefront? On the other hand the chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerates with billions of profits from lab designed products, patented and sold at huge profits have build in cash to lobby, market and advertise their product. They turned the medical profession into practical drug peddlers, similar to the snake oil peddlers of the 1800's.
We see the amazing situation of dangerous, untested chemicals being approved and distributed on the market as 'medication', while age old proven remedies and herbs are being prohibited by approval institutions and not reimbursed by any insurance. Thus try to be more aware for you and your children, inform, ask questions, don't accept any medication just because it has been prescribed. More people in the world die daily of prescription drugs than illegal drugs! Be more aware what you eat, what you buy. If organic food is too expensive, buy the next fresh food, stay away from GMO foods, factory processed foods and canned food. Nothing has more nutritious value than home cooked and raw food.
Time to start reading labels (often you need glasses to be able to read the small print). Since we are European, you can post in any language. We are multi-lingual. In many parts of the world, indigenous societies classify soils, climate, plant and animal species and recognise their special characteristics. Indigenous people have words for plants and insects that have not yet been identified by the world's botanists and entomologists.
The Hanunoo people of the Philippines, for example, distinguish 1600 plant species in their forest, 400 more than scientists working in the same area. Of the estimated 250,000 to 500,000 plant species in the world, more than 85% are in environments that are the traditional homes of indigenous people. Nearly 75% of 121 plant-derived prescription drugs used worldwide were discovered following leads from indigenous medicine. Globally, indigenous peoples use 3000 different species of plant to control fertility alone.
The Kallaywayas, wandering healers of Bolivia, make use of 600 medicinal herbs; traditional healers in Southeast Asia may employ as many as 6500 plants for drugs. Almost all trees and many plants have a place in medicinal lore. Some scientists now believe that indigenous knowledge may help them to discover important new cures for diseases such as AIDS and cancer.
Many developed countries realise the potential for indigenous medicine. It is locally available, culturally acceptable, and cheaper than imported drugs.

Killing parasites, removing pollutants and clearing gall- stones and kidney stones from your body is a powerful combination of treatments. It is so powerful you can change yourself into a new person in half a year. And then go on improving for years more.

Dr. Hulda Clark


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