Wednesday, 31 August 2016


The main reason why Cannabis Sativa, Hemp, Marijuana is forbidden in most countries;
It would put the pharma cabal industry out of a very juicy business.
It is a known natural medicine since 1000's of years with no side effects.
Problem; one cannot lock it in a patent, thus no huge profits to be made, even worse it heals people and then one has lost a customer (eternal patient).
It is as simple as that.

Until the criminalization of Cannabis in 1937, 30-40% of all medications made by traditional pharmacist was based on cannabis!

Stand up and fight for your freedom to live in good health, nobody else will do it for you!
Watch this movie and get more informed.

Chemotherapy and Radiation Kills people.

NOT ONE person has ever died of marijuana! Look it up.

The only countries where Cannabis is tolerated (essentially legal): Netherlands, Thailand, Bolivia.
Decriminalized: Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Iran, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela.
For the rest of the world it is a criminal product! 
Cannabis oil containing THC is in all countries regarded as a Hard drug! and thus forbidden!

However hemp/cannabis oil cold pressed from seeds does hardly contain THC and is totally legal everywhere. It contains the highest levels of Omega 6 and Omega 3 plus many other benficial substances.

Laboratory tests conducted in 2008 by a team of scientists formed as a joint research effort between Spain, France and Italy, and published in The Journal Of Clinical Investigation, showed that the active ingredient in marijuana, known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, can function as a cure for brain cancer by inducing human glioma cell death through stimulation of autophagy.

The study concluded that via the same biochemical process THC could terminate multiple types of cancers, affecting various cells in the body. Other studies have shown that cannabinoids may work by various mechanisms, including inhibiting cell growth, inducing cell death, and inhibiting tumor metastasis.

What is amazing is that while cannabinoids effectively target and kill cancerous cells, they do not affect healthy, normal cells and may actually protect them against cellular death. Moreover, cannabinoids are also researched for their pain-modulation and anti-inflammatory abilities as they bind to special receptors in the brain, much like opioid derivatives that are commonly prescribed today.

Further evidence to support the effects of cannabis extract on malignant cells comes from the real life experience of individuals who have successfully overcome cancer by using cannabis oil. Examples include a patient, who managed to completely cure his skin cancer by simply applying cannabis oil onto the affected areas of the skin, as well as another, who recovered from a severe head injury with the aid of hemp oil.

What stands out is that from the vast amount of research and data available, as well as the personal experiences of cancer survivors, is that no chemotherapy currently being used medically can match the non-toxic anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumorigenic effects of these natural plant compounds.
You can buy bio certified hemp oil in many countries totally legal. France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, etc.
WARNING: so called official medicinal cannabis oil is often RADIATED and thus lost most of its power, while the cannabis or oil sold in Holland (and other places) is often from dubious origin or has been sprayed with chemicals!
Make sure of origin and process used.

Also it is quite cheap and you can buy it in capsules or as oil in a bottle. Keep it in the fridge, because it is sensitive to heat and light.
When you take it for  a while you'll see the great effects it has on your health.

Jigme Dawa


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  2. Hemp oil could free us from oil, cure cancer, prevent deforestation, environmentally friendly. So why illegal???

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