Sunday, 15 January 2012

Iran Sabre Rattling for Oil

Just a thought.
At the time not so long ago the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, was still on the peacock throne, installed and supported there by the CIA, they were building nuclear power stations.
And there was not a worry in the world. 

I have been there at the time and it was not a very healthy country, the SAVAK secret police was everywhere and could make disappear anyone.
A down to earth totalitarian, despotic, undemocratic police state. Basically nothing was allowed, unless you were ‘connected’.

The prime minister Mossadegh wanted to free Iran from the ‘crown’ and the oil companies oppression, he fought, he was the best man with good intentions, but in the end he was imprisoned. And the show went on. (look up Mossadegh)

Now that there is another, non CIA controlled government and it is a disaster that they (added) build nuclear power plants.
However do not even think that the current Iranian government is not under control of the ‘crown’.

Also remember that Persia or Iran if you like has not even tried to invade any country since the Grecian times (maybe you remember the film ‘Sparta 300’ with Leonidas, that was the last time the Persians went out of their territory).
In any case Iran does not have an army or weaponry of any power outside their borders. They are just capable to defend their country, not even their borders.

This huge country would be a nightmare to invade it would be pure suicide. Afghanistan is like a picnick garden compared. 

Even Ari Boke, one of the grandsons of Ghengis Khan, only managed to invade a small piece of Persia and quickly had to give it up. His brother Kublai had more sense, he took over the whole of China, that seemed to be easier than Persia.

Thus the whole saber rattling is connected to the oil price.
Iran would like to get more money for their oil and the powerbroker banksters can make a bundle of money if there is any blockage of oil delivery.
Imagine the bets already going on oil derivatives, if the street of Hormuz is closed off.

There is more oil in the world than the world would need, its everywhere and abundant. Basically oil is worthless, it is everywhere and cheap. The US is currently the largest exporter of refined petrol!
However if the ‘news media’ propagate that there is no oil, it is so and the price ofcourse has to go up. It costs 10$ to get a barrel of oil out of the ground, all the rest is the oil casino and 70% tax.
Why not put 70% tax on water? 

Ooops maybe we’ll get there soon.

The people trying to make a normal living ofcourse have to take the bad end of the stick by paying probably 25 Euro or more for a liter of petrol.
That is not a bankster concern. They’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

Be not surprised at all when very soon a 'false flag' operation will be announced by the 'media' that enables the US and Israhel to 'retaliate and start another war. It will probably a fake attack on a US ship.
Only our combined mind power can stop this lunacy.

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