Sunday, 21 March 2021


as proposed by every cabal KZ owned & paid government

- Destroy all social infrastructure and events
- Destroy the weather with geo-engineering
- Pandemic with lab engineered parasitic diseases that kill old and infirm people
- To speed up the killing put sick people on ventilators
- Take away all simple cheap working and natural remedies
- Bombard everyone with bad news to make them scared and sick
- Forbid all social contacts and discussions to eliminate dissent
- Destroy the lives of kids with masks, no playing, no education, dumb down
- Impose an injection that is NOT a vaccine but a reprogramming of human genome     
  and behaviour, include cellular nano processors for total control
- Inject a fake vax in the people you want to keep
- Install 5G in all cities to control/kill people thru injected nano processors
- Do not treat sick people for other ailments or non Convid84 diseases
- Fake all the figures of infections, death and injection side effects
- Give the KZ owned pharmaceutical criminals a free for all, pay them billions and
  free them from any prosecution for genocide
- Pay hospitals and doctors premiums for expanding the pandemic and injections
- Protect all pedo-files and pedo-organisations
- Keep on printing money with no value to support till total devaluation
- Stop all small business from functioning, provoke total bankruptcy
- Put out new senseless non-logical laws every day
- Destroy all transport, food and necessities will become scarce
- Billions give away to all KZ multi national criminal companies
- Hand all money to banks and fake orgs IMF, UN, WHO, NATO
- Put money into non-existing nuke bombs to disappear in the pockets of the few
- Let the banks create fake digital money for a fake income that can be taken away



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