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Viral or Bacteriological war does not exist. MICROZYMA

The microzymas
The pathology
The energy balance
Sugar feeds cancer cells
Sugar is acidifying and therefore harmful
Sugar causes tooth decay
Sugar and diabetes
Sugar and arteritis
Sugar and obesity
Sugar and addiction
Pinworm in children in particular
The different forms of sugar we ingest


Nowadays, unanimity seems to be made between all health practitioners, whatever edge they are. Sugar would be bad, it would be a source of addiction, it would nourish cancer, it would be at the origin of diabetes, arteritis, obesity, dental caries, pinworm in children. And it would acidify the ground, easing the disease.
I'm used to being rebellious ... In any case, asking myself questions. Consensus is not scientific proof. I find it a little too easy to put all these evils on the back of this sugar, such a treat!

And then, if the sugar was that bad, why is the doctors' automatic reflex, in an emergency, to apply a glucose infusion?

Why do veterinarians and horse breeders spread animal wounds with honey to speed up healing?

If in addition we observe nature, and in particular the trees our brothers, we note very astonishing things: I propose to you two extracts from the book to appear by Brigitte SCOHY: THE WATERCOLOR OF LIFE.

It is thanks to chlorophyll that the leaf of the tree produces sugars from the water coming from the rising sap and carbon dioxide from the air. To achieve this synthesis, it needs the energy of the sun's rays. These sugars are essential for building the tissues of the tree and for its growth. This mechanism releases a gaseous residue: the oxygen we breathe! Today, many claim that sugar is bad for your health. However, sugar is life! The tree stores part of it in its trunk, branches and roots. These reserves allow it to survive the stresses that would damage it, and to build new leaves in the spring.

Mushrooms build a real network of fibers that we could compare to the internet. In their natural environment, they have the task of transmitting different messages to the trees of the forest. Unlike us humans, trees did not have the far-fetched idea of inventing money! But they use an exchange system: mushrooms transmit information in exchange for part of their sugar production. They are well paid since they receive a third of this production. All work merits salary ! ( The secret network of nature , ed. The arenas, Peter Wohlleben, p 153)

I suggest you come back to the data that official medicine has not yet integrated: the reality of microzymas, and psychosomatics. We will then see the chemistry of sugar and its interest in the dynamics of life, since it is the main fuel for microzymas. We will then resume the various accusations against sugar.


For official science, organized life is dependent on the cell. Genes are located in DNA that can be observed during cell multiplication. There are primitive and adverse life forms: bacteria and viruses. All these notions are hypotheses. They have never been demonstrated. They are taken for granted, but yet they are not scientific.

The first thing to understand is that if the human being is a masterpiece, the One who designed and created it has an incredible intelligence, extraordinary. Or even more, it seems obvious that He gives himself - in a dynamic of infinite Love - to all his creatures. How can we imagine that such Intelligence could have created bacteria or viruses to destroy his masterpiece? Especially since the interest of these beings to destroy us would be very limited: they could hardly survive after our destruction.

These erroneous notions have entered the collective unconscious. No one wonders: neither the doctors nor the biologists or theologians. Even the so-called "soft" and "holistic" medicines work most of the time from these theoretical bases, and try to restore an immune system which is defective to promote healing.

Well, I say it loud and clear: viral or bacteriological war does not exist. The immune system is a misreading of reality! We have to start all over again.

In the 19 th century, a scholar extraordinary laid the foundations for true biology of living: . Professor Antoine Bechamp. And his discoveries are surprisingly coherent and allow us to reconstruct the puzzle of life, genetics and health from a completely different angle. This scientist discovered the essential cog in life, at the heart of every living being: plant, insect, animal, human. He gave it the name of MICROZYMA.

He was able to determine the exceptional properties of this microcell measuring less than 60 nanometers in diameter. He noted its essential role in the construction of cells and in the production of enzyme zymases. He has shown that it is microzymas that come together to develop bacteria that are endogenous healing tools, and not enemies to be fought from outside. (Cf the book: LES MICROZYMAS on our website They are the ones most often mistaken for viruses.

Modern scientists, for a few years, have rediscovered them and baptized them NANOBES or NANOBACTERIES. Without knowing Béchamp, they start from scratch and it will take many years for them to corroborate all the work of this exceptional scientist. But today they have electron microscopy, and they have already been able to note the presence, at the heart of each of these microzyma, of a silicon crystal. And this discovery opens up considerable horizons for us.

The microzymas are the builders. But they work in coherence, in everything to be organized, thanks to information which is transmitted to them. And this silicon crystal seems to be the keystone of this information process, like the "electronic chips" that allow our computers to function and calculate. And it seems obvious that the aqueous medium in which they bathe is the medium of this information. Informed, living water carries hormones, various chemical mediators, bioelectronic and electromagnetic information, and even emotional information.

All the discoveries around the primacy of hormones (Dr Jean Gautier) find their place in this system. Béchamp was able to demonstrate that cells - including in the embryo - do not multiply but that they are built by microzymas. Based on information of course ...

Of course, once the complex organism is completed and ordered, the brain will take its place and ensure the control and proper functioning of the whole. But the brain, like the rest of the body, is bathed in an aqueous liquid where microzymas are legion and where information flows freely!

Psychosomatics explains cancers and serious illnesses by the occurrence of emotions or physical or psychological trauma that the individual has not been able to manage. Dr. Hamer was able to find traces of it on brain scanners with absolute scientific rigor. But these traces - the foci of Hamer - are visualized precisely because locally, the nervous tissue is impregnated with unusual substrates - hormones, mediators - which coordinate the work of local microzymas.

Life is an amazing, extraordinary adventure, of dazzling beauty. The Intelligence at the origin of the universe did not create evil. Evil is only the absence of this Intelligence, as darkness is the absence of light. If we become able to open the shutters of the house, the sun will be able to come in and illuminate it (according to Ste Thérèse d'Avila). This house is our heart. The shutters are our apriori, our doubts, our fears and our false beliefs.


Some quotes from Béchamp whose motto was: "Nothing is the prey of death, everything is the prey of Life!" "

The nature of the organized world being ONE in its multiple manifestations, we can consider that the molecular granulations which I have called microzymas are, in plants and in animals, the workers who are responsible for weaving cells when the favorable conditions are met .

He observes embryonic connective tissue, in an area that will become a vertebral body:
There is a distribution of microzymas which makes them appear to be uniformly widespread. Then, they seem to group together, attract each other: we see grainy plates which seem to condense in the form of small spheres whose outline is hardly marked ”.

After about 24 hours of incubation, we begin to see cellulite (the cells) appear.
After 48 hours, the phenomenon has increased, and the bodies of the vertebrae are clearly composed of rounded cells.
And something very worthy of attention, all these cells are at the same stage of development: they are born adults, if we can thus speak.
In all cases, we surprise the microzymas behaving in the same way: they meet, pack in the form of a sphere, and thus together, they secrete an envelope, and the cell is formed. This is the immediate result of observation, not the result of a preconceived system.
Never in a liquid, we do not see a cell or a vibrio forming without first noticing the microzymas which are its starting point. (…) We will see that in an already adult organism, cells are formed by microzymas according to the same mechanism. Again, for a cell to be born, there is no need for an anterior cell: the microzyma - and the medium created by its chemical activity within the mass that contains it - are sufficient. (…)


The aim of this article is not to take up the history and mechanics of this new paradigm on which remarkable scientists have worked: Groddeck, Laborit, Balint, Hamer, Fréchet and many others.

In general, apart from poisonings and deficiencies, all pathologies, all diseases are of psychosomatic origin. They are always the result of a monstrous, unforeseen stress, which puts us in double danger of death. Indeed, if we allow ourselves to be taken over by the intensity of this stress, we risk forgetting the elementary rules of prudence and the accident is very likely. Furthermore, the level of nervousness is such that we are unable to eat and sleep. The brain therefore intervenes and sets up a survival process, which can be a hormonal disorder, paralysis, caries, a cancerous tumor, sensory dysfunction, depression, even schizophrenia.

But we must understand that this "morbid process" breaks down into two phases:

1- A pathology phase, to manage moral suffering.
2- A healing phase or "illness", once the stress has been regulated or digested, to regain health.

The pathology

The emotion is taken over by the limbic brain. It is its function. But if he is not able to manage the situation, there is a real brain storm that monopolizes the entire brain and puts us in danger of death.

The brain is just a computer. Its power is prodigious, incommensurate with the most powerful computers that can exist today. But we must understand that a computer is not really intelligent, it can only calculate, associate, and react according to the programming it has.

To cope with this brain storm, he will therefore calculate and choose the answer that seems most suitable to him. Even if this does not seem coherent to us, it is for him, always, the best possible solution.

▪ So, if your child is in danger of death, he starts building breast cancer (glandular cancer capable of making large quantities of milk) because for him, the danger of death par excellence is starvation.                                                  
▪ If you are separated from this child, the solution will be to build a sort of neo-umbilical cord in order to regain contact with him (ductal breast cancer).                                                  
▪ If someone has made you a vile filth, a virtual shit, the solution for him is to build a large intestine - in the form of a tumor - in order to be able to digest this grime.                                                  
▪ If you consider that you are worthless and that you “clutter” your fellow citizens, he will order the dismantling of your skeleton, during your lifetime (bone cancer in lysis). But with a variable connotation depending on the color of your devaluation: the pelvis if the problem is sexual or genital, the ribs if it is of the embrace type, the bones of the skull if it is mainly intellectual, etc. !                                                  

To set up this sort of safety valve that is cancer, your microzymas will set aside a zone of the brain that we conventionally call the Foyer of Hamer, detectable on a brain scanner without preparation. The neurons of this focus will manage the situation by orchestrating the work of microzymas locally to, for example, build a tumor. Note that this tumor is in fact a “turbo” organ, organized, vascularized, innervated in a perfectly controlled manner. It is never anarchic and the cells built on the spot by microzymas have no taste for tourism. The myth of metastases is completely free.

Thanks to the start of this pathological process, your stress will drop to a level compatible with caution, common sense and survival. Even if you stay tense and upset.

During this phase, your blood pressure is higher than usual, you eat less and therefore you lose weight most of the time (except in the case of obesity which we will see later), you remain irritated and irritable but reasonably . Your terrain (blood) is ALKALINE and OXIDIZED according to bioelectronics.

During this period, the practice of fasting can be very beneficial. Indeed, it will allow you to broaden your consciousness, to discover causal stress more easily and to manage it effectively.
Taking sufficient vitamins will give your microzymas perfect visibility and remarkable efficiency.

Let us note here that it is essential to take continuously, from 1 st January to 31 December, 8-10 g per day L-Ascorbic Acid and 2 two capsules three times a day a vitamin B complex sufficiently dosed like the Paracelsus Complex (vitamins B, A and bamboo).
Natural Vitamin E will be essential in good quantities whenever biologization or somatization concerns the skin, the nervous system, arteries, large joints.

The problem is that this phase most often goes unnoticed. Cancer is always painless and rarely causes complications during the pathology.


It is the return to normal once the stress is gone or digested in one way or another.
The problem is that this phase, unlike the pathology, is particularly “noisy”: pain, inflammation, functional disorders (occlusion, obstruction of a flow), swelling of the lesions, intense fatigue are at the rendezvous! In Bioelectronics, your blood will become ACID and OXIDIZED most of the time. It is therefore during this disease that most people consult.
You will enter a catastrophic spiral, which could well bring you to a fatal outcome. Especially since official medicine - with its maddening prognoses and its deadly “heroic” therapies - will push you there, in good faith, moreover.

In addition, very often, you will get a secondary benefit from your sick status. You will be surrounded by sympathetic and sympathetic people, you will be cajoled by your loved ones and perhaps finally "recognized" ... And then you will have to bear the pressure of those around you - panic-stricken - to make you SO NIER in the most radical possible…

It is during this period that it will be essential to provide your microzymas with all the ingredients they need:
1- Water of very good quality, as pure as possible, in abundance.
2- Salt to try to counteract the fear, possibly coupled with a cure of GINSENG.
3- Quality materials: noble fats, preferably animal proteins, mineral salts.
4- Fuel - the purest and therefore the best refined possible - namely glucose which is found in particular in sweets (the real ones, with sugar!)
5- Vitamins in large quantities: 10 to 20 g per day of L-Ascorbic Acid and 2 capsules 4 to 5 times per day of Paracelsus Complex (vitamins B, A and bamboo).

If you respect these five conditions, if you rest, if you are accompanied on a psychospiritual level, and if you agree to trust and nestle in the infinite tenderness of our Creator, everything will be fine and you will be able to access your healing.

Many people ask us for advice on massive cures of vitamin C. It is clear that vitamin C can help but it is not a universal panacea. It allows microzymas to work in the best conditions there as always. To decrease the acuity of unpleasant symptoms, it would theoretically require doses of 40 to 100 grams per day intravenously. And this for weeks, even months. We have been able to verify that the vitamin B complex that we offer, in the right dose, increases the beneficial action of vitamin C tenfold and therefore makes it possible to remain in the oral route.

Beware however of the epileptoid crisis which can make you panic. At the end of the repair process - dismantling of the tumor, reconstruction of bone or muscle decay etc. - there generally occurs a kind of cerebral electrical discharge at the level of Hamer's focus which will be expressed noisily at the level of the symptomatology. If we take the example of a tumor of the large intestine, or else a lung tumor, the epileptoid crisis will generally result in hemorrhage. It's impressive. Spitting blood or draining blood through the anus is always scary. And this is where, once again, we must not be overcome by fear. On the contrary, it is the signal that you are recovering and that the bulk of the healing work is finished.


Carbohydrates represent 1% of body mass.
These are carbohydrates, i.e. a mixture of carbon atoms and hydrogen and oxygen atoms. They can sometimes be supplemented by sulfur and / or phosphorus atoms.

The glucose (or dextrose) and fructose (or levulose) have the same chemical formula. They differ only in their spatial arrangement. Fructose is more the fuel of plants, glucose that of animals.
Fructose can be used by an animal organism provided that it has been previously transformed into glucose in the liver, which implies considerable work on the part of our microzymas. Unlike glucose, our microzymas do not recognize it and therefore will not trigger adequate hormonal mechanics with it (insulin secretion). In addition, the feeling of satiety will not be obtained and the risk of addiction is much greater than with glucose.

Note that sucrose is a combination of a glucose molecule and a fructose molecule.
Maltose is made up of two glucose molecules.

Glucose is normally stored in the liver in the form of glycogen: a real chain of glucose molecules that are released as needed in the blood. Once the glycogen storage capacities are saturated, the microzymas of the liver transform it into fatty acids then into triglycerides or fats.
The energy balance

Generally, any "combustion" within the body releases about 60% of heat and 40% of mechanical or other energy.

At the microzymas level, inside the organs, glucose is the fuel of first intention.

The combustion of glucose can be done without oxygen and very quickly: it then provides relatively little energy (two molecules of ATP for one molecule of glucose) and lactates or lactic acid are formed - well known to athletes ... But, in the idle state, this procedure gives us 90 seconds of autonomy! And these seconds are fundamental to start the movement in particular. This shows the fundamental place of the sugar supply in the dynamics of life.

In the presence of oxygen, through complex enzymatic cycles - the Krebs cycle and oxidative phosphorylation - glucose allows microzymas to produce 36 to 38 molecules of ATP and to synthesize fatty acids and proteins.

Fatty acids - consisting mainly of carbon and hydrogen - grouped together in triglycerides (fat) allow energy to be stored over the longer term than glycogen. The direct catabolism of fatty acids is more complex than that of glucose. It provides 146 molecules of ATP for one saturated fatty acid molecule. But be aware that fatty acids cannot be converted to glucose.

Proteins can also be used as glucose suppliers. But this leads to the release of ammonia which must be metabolized to urea in the liver and then eliminated by the kidneys. Again, this is extra work for our microzymas!

The brain does not know how to use fatty acids as a fuel source. He absolutely needs glucose. It is only after several days of fasting that the liver synthesizes ketone bodies which allow it to have a complementary source of energy.

It is therefore clear that GLUCOSE remains the priority fuel for the proper functioning of the living and in particular of the brain, followed immediately by fatty acids, and in the event of prolonged fasting, by ketone bodies.


Sugar feeds cancer cells

It's true and false at the same time. It is not cancer cells that use sugar but microzymas. Cancerous tumors are turbo organs that need more fuel and more material than "normal" cells.

Let's not forget that cancer is set up to allow us to survive severe stress, and remains under the permanent control of Hamer's focus in the brain. It is not an evil process but a mechanism - more or less pleasant - to allow us to survive.
In addition, the energy requirements of these tumors are such that sugar only intervenes in them in a minor way: on the contrary, it is the fatty acids - fats - which will provide them with this energy.

During the DISEASE or healing phase, the pivot of control of this process is in the brain. As we have seen, the brain needs glucose to be fully operational. Do not deprive him of it. Consuming slow sugars (starches), or fructose, or unprocessed sugars, will require additional energy expenditure for our microzymas which is not timely. The best proof is the undeniable analgesic effect of regular intake of glucose candies during this healing phase. Pain often seems to be an alarm signal sent to us by the brain when it lacks an ingredient to do its job.

Sugar would be acidifying and therefore harmful

Let us not forget that the cancerous process takes place in an alkaline and oxidized bioelectronic field . This terrain switches to acidosis automatically during the healing phase.

The pH of the blood - except in cases of force majeure - is regulated by the brain (at the level of the brainstem which is responsible for homeostasis). It is he who decides. He has major organs under his command which allow him to achieve his ends, whatever our diet. The lungs supply him with carbon dioxide which will allow the construction of carbonates which will serve as a buffer (to avoid an excess of acidosis). It can synthesize various acids in the liver. The skin and kidneys allow it to eliminate inadequate overflows.

Note also that ALL foods, without exception, are acidic. Fortunately! Indeed, we know for sure that the acidic terrain which corresponds to tissue hydration is synonymous with health and youth. The goal of food is precisely to keep us healthy and youthful. Old age is characterized by a progressive alkalization of the whole body associated with dehydration (the baby consists of 90% water and it is very acid, the old man only 70% water).

Sugar causes tooth decay

This kind of statement comes to us in direct line from colonization. Westerners, when they conquered so-called "underdeveloped" territories with rifles, machine guns, cannons or others, brought with them white sugar to the natives. And they then found a considerable multiplication of dental caries, especially in children.

If we take psychosomatics into account, it is obvious that this phenomenon has little to do with sugar. Indeed, for the brain, the only "natural" weapon of a mammal is fangs, teeth. These natives, if they allowed themselves to resist the invader, were massacred. It was therefore necessary to survive to remove any hint of resistance: for the brain, the best way to survive was therefore to dismantle the teeth. I recently spoke with a goat farmer in "organic" ... He systematically decorated his goats from birth to prevent them from fighting with each other and from injuring themselves. For lack of horns, they got along perfectly well. The adage: "if you want peace, prepare for war" is therefore nonsense for the brain.

Note also that dental enamel is made up of diamondin, a substance almost as strong and resistant as diamond. And our teeth, after our death, can remain for thousands of years regardless of the chemical environment, but of course without "stress". It is therefore obvious that cavities respond to psychosomatic causes and have nothing to do with what we eat.

Sugar and diabetes

Our body is not a simple container filled with various liquors. It is a whole organized in a completely extraordinary way. We can only marvel at the intelligence of this organization. Any ingestion of glucose automatically leads to the secretion of insulin which will allow its immediate use or its storage in the form of glycogen in the liver or fatty acids. Let us not forget that for our brain, sugar will always remain the basic fuel.

To claim that insulin is insufficient or inadequate in diabetes is a free and unverifiable hypothesis. It is clear that blood sugar increases because the pancreas secretes more glucagon, the pancreatic hormone that has this function. And this secretion of glucagon responds to an order from the brain. Taking a chemical or insulin-based treatment to lower blood sugar levels necessarily leads to a new stimulation of glucagon secretion and therefore chronicises the situation.

Psychosomatics allows us to understand that diabetes has nothing to do with our intake of sugar. She explains that it is always a conflict of resistance: you have to face a psychological “showdown” situation and therefore have a quick and immediate fuel: sugar. And there is always in addition, behind, a feeling of repugnance. Putting these psychological problems flat, essentially by psycho-spiritual work, makes it possible to get out of this nightmare.

It should also be noted that ketoacetic coma - the very serious complication of type I diabetes - is indirectly linked to the presence of excess sugar in the blood which distresses the liver and the kidneys. This results in the elimination of essential substrates by the urine which are the cause of fatal deficiencies.

The key to curing diabetes cannot therefore lie at the dietary level but rather at the psychospiritual level.

Sugar and arteritis

Sugar promotes arteritis, especially in diabetics.
Arteritis is an inflammation of the arterial endothelium, the lining of juxtaposed cells lining the inside of an artery.
This disease is often presented as a complication of diabetes.

Again, we have to look further. When we are confronted with the fear of losing a territory - here essentially geographical - we have to face an adversary, and we find again the concept of virtual arm wrestling of which I spoke for diabetes. But the brain has more than one string to its bow. To further increase our ability to resist, it can also increase blood flow locally, so in the legs. For this, it is enough to order the local microzymas to dismantle this vascular endothelium to increase the caliber of the artery. This phenomenon is inapparent, it is a pathology in the psychosomatic sense.

During the repair phase (the disease), the microzymas will build a scaffold locally, essentially based on cholesterol kept in place by fibrin. This scaffolding can then obstruct the passage of blood in the artery and trigger an underlying necrosis.

Again, sugar has nothing to do as a cause of arteritis.

Sugar and obesity

Western countries are increasingly suffering from this problem. It seems obvious that it is concomitant with taking sugar and sweets in all their forms. And this is quite normal since the fat that clogs these people comes from the transformation of glucose into triglycerides.

The question is whether obesity comes from excess ingestion or whether excess ingestion is the consequence of a need for the brain to become obese.

The difference between an obese and a skinny person is the volume. It is easier to see because of its volume! I think that we must look for the cause of obesity at this level, and that excess ingestion is only the consequence of the fear of not being seen and of being abandoned. In a way, obesity is equivalent to cancer.

We know that the child - during its intrauterine life and until the end of the first seven months of its life on earth - is convinced that it is merged with its mother. A great psychoanalyst Melanie Klein says that from the 8 th month, he discovers that he is not. But he has not yet become aware of the permanence of the beings and objects around him. And he knows he depends on his mother to survive. For a month, he saw the "crisis of the 8 th month", ie an insurmountable fear of abandonment. If his mother is notified, if she makes sure to always stay close to him or answer the first of his calls, he will never be obese, whatever he eats. Otherwise, his brain will order him to make volume.
A child who resented the crisis of 8 th months will always tend to become obese. This explains why the problem hardly arises in underdeveloped countries but more and more in western countries where mothers work outside more and more often.

Note also that the ducks or geese that we feed are never obese!

Sugar and addiction

It is clear that fructose is a source of addiction because its absorption does not cause insulin secretion by the pancreas. It must first be transformed in the liver into glucose. For our brain, consuming fructose does not therefore lead to feelings of satiety.

But it is true that sugar can be addicted. Why ?

We must understand that for the brain, SUGAR symbolizes TENDERNESS ...
Our world is increasingly deprived of it. You just have to explore the childhood memories of most of our fellow citizens to be convinced. It is therefore normal for our brain to fall back on this ersatz! Smoking (meaning symbolically sucking "mom") is the same mechanism.

Pinworm in children in particular

It seems clear that the consumption of excess sugar seems to promote the proliferation of pinworms in the large intestine. But that poses a problem: because the sugar is absorbed before reaching the level of the large intestine. Again, we need to look further.

The biological identity card of a mammal is the scent secreted by the scent glands which are located at the level of the anal canal. It is a fact which explains that the first reflex of our friends - dogs or cats - when they meet, is to go and smell the neighbor's anus!

Pinworm disease causes anal pruritus. Would this not be the manifestation of an identity conflict for the child? For millennia, children have been objectified, trained, used, mistreated ... Today, they are left to their own devices and abandoned to virtual worlds (television, video games, etc.), without having any spiritual openness. He no longer knows who he is.

I think we should be asking the real questions at this level. And if your child is suffering from this problem, the best natural dewormer is garlic. Raw or fermented (marinated for weeks in salted water to make it lose its slightly abrasive side), it is remarkably effective.

The different forms of sugar we ingest

Many people consider refined sugar to be worse than anything, on the pretext that it does not exist as it is in nature.
Contrary to popular belief, refined sugar is perfectly pure, especially the glucose found in good quality candy.

The sucrose in white sugar contains 50% fructose which is relatively undesirable. It generates addictions more easily and its control by the body is less easy given that it does not produce insulin secretion. If, in cancers in the repair phase, the pain is considerably improved by taking pure glucose candies, it is not as clear with white sugar.

The honey and starch in cereals are mainly made up of fructose ... Fruit sugar is also fructose.

In all cases, complex sugars of plant origin require transformation work by microzymas which is not necessarily welcome during the repair phase of the disease. They cannot be in the oven and in the mill at the same time, and this will hamper the proper progress of the healing process.


I may have forgotten some accusations against sugar, but I am sure that all of them can be revisited differently.

Let us never forget that the human body is a marvel of organization without equal. We can trust the infinite intelligence that is the source.

Which of course does not exclude moderation and wisdom in everything.

Alain Scohy, doctor of medicine,,

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