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The other day when I was ‘talking’ to my off planet entity, a number of concepts that are difficult for us to grasp came up. I’ll try to keep it simple and not come with concepts we cannot fathom.

Such as; we are while we are here on Earth in 3D, we are manifesting at the same time in other realities or dimensions and time lines. They are all interpenetrating and happening in the now, future and past. Time as our concept does not exist, everything is in the same concurrent space separated by layers or veils, basically different frequencies.

Rather difficult concepts to wrap your head around when you are standing with two feet on solid ground most of the time. A good thing about it all is that we, with a body made of carbon similar to a temporary suit, cannot freely roam around into the other dimensions. To be able to do this we would first have to abandon the carbon body, which in this realm we call life. Thus we would first have to ‘die’ as we would say to travel in other frequencies.
There are lots of articles abound to explan about after life, near death experience, etc. Do consult on the subject. 

One thing comes through as a fine line in all of this, even current ‘scientific’ research, that we do have what we would call a soul or a spirit. Better described as a personal unique energy residing inside each of us. 

Now energy can never get ‘lost’ (see Einstein, etc.) it is always there, however it can change form, intensity, become more condensed, but it does not evaporate like thin air.
Just imagine that our unique, personal energy also contains all the information that this energy has been given from day one and has accumulated over time (through previous lives?) a tremendous amount of information stored in this energy (more than the largest super computer in this world can hold). It is practically unlimited and reads like a book, its actually a language (been established by forgot the name). We also know that even an infinite amount of energy can on its own or combined with others achieve tremendous energentic effects and power.  Thought is a power!

The whole world and the whole universe consits of energy only. A lot of this energy we cannot see nor measure, but every day we discover other and new energies we cannot completely or entirely not understand. (and so much has been hidden from us)
Another thing we have discovered it that all energy is linked, has a partner, a twin, transfers information to each other and works together.
This is something we are definitely not really apply in this 3d world as humans (we have got a lot to learn still)
Thus to imagine that each of us exists on different planes and times is really difficult to visualize and comprehend. However we apparently are living these multi dimensional lives (now, future and past).

The closest we can get to these levels is sometimes in our dreams. We have the ‘normal’ dreams, which is an evacuation process of the brain of events that have happened recently and far in the past and they get strangely mixed up in an incomprehensible story line. Most of it does not make sense at all, but there are flimmers of past events interwoven with a completely different story that more often than not is not even a story, they are bursts of happenings not inter connected.
There are also these very special dreams, more like flashes, very short, very fast, that show us situations in the future, the past or with people we do not know or very known people we would never have met in reality. So you could sit with your president and tell the lot what should be done.
Those are these special situations where we ever so briefly touch our alter ego in another dimension.
Very often we are not nearly asleep then.

I have the particularity, as others do, when I close my eyes its never dark, its full of lights, colours, shapes and everything is in constant motion. In rare cases I get pin sharp images of objects, faces and beings or travelling though space at vertigenous speed passing by whole lving star systems. They are moments of exhilaration and you want to stick with the journey. Then something happens in the 3D environment and it fades away. That apparently is another facet of being in other dimensions.
Sadly most of the time all this is obfuscated from us. It is difficult to start such a process, we do not have control. Maybe with a lot of intensive meditation (which I used to re-live previous lives) we could get to these states.

All this has to do with our DNA, which contains an incredible amount of information of the whole universe in all its detailed history. Each cell of our body contains your particular DNA.
Basically we have already everything there is to know, but we don’t have the logins and passwords to get to the data, (drawers are locked and who has the key?) except rare occasions when we have a moment of illumination and suddenly know how to to something, solve a problem. 

BTW if you lie down before sleep and imagine to do perfectly something you want to do, there is a fat chance you’ll be able to do it the next day. Imagine to hit these perfect forehands in tennis, see yourself doing it, your tennis playing will improve big time in the real world.

An interesting story of one of the greatest engineers/inventors in history,  Nikola Tesla. Tesla complained all his life that he could hardly sleep and when he slept, very detailed images came into his head, they were precisely defined mechanical technical drawings. The next day he would go to his lab and draw out the designs he had seen in his ‘dreams’ and develop or more likely re-engineer the next amazing invention. The new ‘inventions’ would never stop, they were like handed to him.
Tesla at the end of his life had 6000 patents to his name (stolen by the USA corp). Many things we take for granted today would not have existed without Nikola Tesla. In 1920 he developed free energy that worked and since it has been kept from us the sheeple. (look up Nikola Tesla (not in the Wikipedia hoax)).

So our DNA programming and acces is the secret to life, living, health and our future continuation in this and other dimensions. The scientific world is mucking about with the gnomes part of DNA and clearly making a bloody mess of it. If we let them they will manage to destroy all life on earth. DNA is programmed by RnA (an amino acid), which is the logical way of looking at health. The new technology is using RNA to re-progam DNA (clean up) and to achieve that the DNA becomes pristine, faultless, thus no disease nor hereditary diseases. Every cell in our body is renewed every 17 months, thus also the containing DNA. If you can reprogram in a natural way the DNA during that time you end up with perfect funtioning cells. Its out there, at least some intelligent people are working on this outside the sick established pharma industry, which only promulgates continuous permanent disease.

Coming back to the beginning, its our, call it, emotional state that defines our surroundings.
We are living in a hologram, my off world entity tells me. But what does it mean?
The solid matter around us does not exist? All of it is just a projection, an image in our mind?
He says that’s right. Now can go into particles and all that stuff, But for us its not comprehensible.
I had my thoughts about it and came to my conclusion.

A hologram is a layer of different images of an object that can be projected from different angles and thus observed from different angles with different results and you can put in another slide and have another hologram.

Now lets turn it around from the observer perspective, that is you.
You can look at an object, lets say a landscape with a lake, meadows, trees and hills.
Depending on your ‘emotional’ state;
you see nothing particular, just some stuff,
you see an oppresive view,
a scary view,
you see a pretty county side
or you get elated and see something marvellous and check out all its magnificent details.

There is your hologram, you can make of everything you see or do anything you want, depending on your state of mind, your projection, your view angle and what you want to do with it.
Try to apply subjectively your view on a number of objects around you; houses, statues, parks, the sea, a lake, people. Observe and analyse your inner state and how you could observe and relate differently.

You create, you can make of anything what you want and not what others want it to look or to be.

Sometimes we call it dreamng awake, and that is just it, you are creating, you make things the way you want it to be, what others see or think does not come in the equation. It is your ‘dream’, your creation, your personal hologram.
Whatever you think, feel, CREATE, is your reality, thus REAL.
That is how you make things happen, its YOU and never and outside force that creates.

I suggest you start looking at things, people and life from your holographic projection and angle and make your life hologram look like what you want it to be.
Forget about the rest. You cannot go wrong.

Roy /Dakote

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