Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I have a lot of questions for which I have no answers for their immediate meaning:
Most of this info is completely disregarded by the ‘official’ media thus apparently not relevant.

Chinese troops build up in: Mexico-US border, Cuba, California and Denver
Chinese gov/companies have control of : Panama Canal, Long Beach port, Huston Port, LA, Dutch Harbour, Boston, Seattle, Oakland and many other ports in the world...
Russian 22 special troops exercising at Denver airport. Russian airborne troops are supposed to parachute from airplanes having the objectives of seizing the CIA’s main computer facility in Denver, the NSA’s main computer facility in Bluffdale, Utah, and taking control of main runways and terminals of the Denver International Airport. Word from CIA Headquarters that, over the next 7 months, there will actually be 30,000-100,000 Russian Spetsnaz troops coming to the U.S. to STAY.
Denver airport enigma: top view is a swastica, too big for Denver its immense, bad location, 7 to 10 levels underground, own electricity production, HQ of CIA and NSA, people get nausea walking the corridors, masonic artefacts, a mural that is beyond belief picturing mass extinction.
NSA, CIA, FEMA, Naval Intelligence, the Air force NORAD all are located in deep underground bases.
Homeland Security: buys 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets (that really harm and are illegal by all standards), serious readyness warnings of civil war.
Build and readied 800 large scale FEMA concentration camps (KBR contracts).

US population: own 700 million guns, many fast fire guns.
Obama: Gave away 7 strategic Alaskan islands to Russia.
Hired a special person to oversee international assassinations of US citizens and any one else they do not appreciate.
G8 meeting: only Iran was seriously discussed, no ideas for solution for Euro, economy and monetary problems and then the lot went to watch football! At least 4 non elected heads of state were present. With unelected Van Rompuy and Barroso makes a G10?
NATO meeting Chicago: approves Skynet 'Smart Defense' Terminator Program against populations. Total lock down in the center of Chicago.
Various NATO troops from Germany, UK and Holland are located and training in various places in the US permanently.
War on fake Terror. Al CIaeda sponsored, transported and armed by NATO, that is by YOU with your money.
Germany: ‘lost’ a 169 million Dolphin class submarine with a 700MT nuclear device, the bomb turns up in East London in an ambulance, then gets ‘lost’ again as well as the submarine.
Loaded a ship destined to China/Korea with Patriot missiles and launchers, that they were not supposed to have and certainly not supposed to transport nor sell.
Gave for free 4 Dolphin submarines to Israel, installed with Patriot launchers which is forbidden.
Israel: Professor: “We could destroy all European capitals with our nuclear missiles to punish them for the holocaust”.
Facebook IPO: grossly overvalued, NASDAQ computer close down, stocks dropped, 40 billion $ loss posted, IPO in May most stupid, IPO at solar eclipse, court cases against banks, small investors lost big time immediately. Main capital owned by CIA, all FB info fed directly into CIA computers. The Facebook debacle could bring down Wall street. Willingly?
Greece: why the big fuss about a small country of 6 million people the size of a medium size city living mainly on tourism and shipping?
Greek banks secretly propped up with 100 billion €, zero € for the people.
JP Morgan: stating a ‘small’ loss of 2 billion, which is probably 5 to 18 or even 30 billion. Putting the loss on the lyme disease of their director of CIO in London! JPM is too big to fail thus what, another bail out or the real crash?
Japan: proposes to bail out Europe, but Japan is technically bankrupt. (236% over GDP) Fukushima disaster was an external nuclear attack, thus an act of war, the result is the most devastating nuclear disaster of all time for the whole planet. 40 million japanese have to be relocated or die, Japan and China negociate the relocation of the population. Major empty cities available in China...
Gold/Silver: paper gold and silver are dumped in huge quantities on the COMEX, bringing the prices down. This is only the make belief metal paper it does not really affect the actual metal. The real metal is moving to Asia to pay for the margin calls. Western banks are soon depleted of metals and then the derivatives will fall through the bottom creating the hugest crash in history. All planned?
Money: The worthless US$ is closing to 1-1 with the worthless €, both soon just the paper pulp value, like Weimar. Then we buy things with what? The NWO plastic money at another 50 % hyperinflation?
ET/ED: I won’t even go into the opening of star gates, galactic battles, destruction of underground bases, alignment with Alcyon, raising of the frequencies, vortex blasts nor planet X.

Read this article: uncle-gordys-mid-week-reality-check-may-23-2012

Any ideas? Let me know.

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  1. Damn Sam, Really like your work. Seems like Karla Turner may be the key to everything here, (to me anyway, and I know that.) The New Age push is to teach us to use visualisation, I think it may be combined with warped entrainment to get us to build our own fence. Eliminate internal resonance with your own perceived reality and fate (which as your summary provides cant easily be projected to be good), and assume that all this tippy toeing around by the herd of weasels means there is another unspoken factor, one that is on our side. Things that are a million to one chance of happening, happen 9 times out of 10. THX Terry Pratchett! Owl be back