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Both my knees were in a bad state, could hardly walk anymore, sitting, sleeping always painful. The surgian I saw, after him consulting my Xrays and IRM's told me some bad news. Both knees were in advanced stage 4/5 too bad for a simple knee replacement it would need a major operation.
I thought before having 2 operations, paying 42000€ en going through 8 months of rehabilitation, I'll try some other remedies.

Below the protocol that I drew up and followed for 6 months, after which I could practically walk and sport normally.

Things NOT to eat anymore (or hardly):
- tomatoes (contains a particular acid not good for joints)
- wheat, rice, bread, soy, corn (accrues acidity and all of it contains GMO & Glysophate (specially in USI))
- milk & dairy (non assimilated calcium for humans (provokes osteoporosis))
- any packaged food with more than 3 ingredients
- anything containing Aspartame (its an insecticide) or Stevia (pure poison), anything DIET or LIGHT, corn syrup, etc.
- anything containing Fluor (makes bones and teeth brittle, destroys synapses)
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What you should have in your diet:
- raw vedge & fruits (red, purple & blue)
- curcumin, raw ginger, cinnamon, cayenne (all anti-inflammatory and excellent for blood circulation)
- eggs, fish (small non farmed)

Ph & detox:
- check that your pH in urine is mostly at 7,34 (use sodium bicarbonate to reduce acidity)
(the blood is always at 7,34 (unless ur dead) but to compensate it will pull alkaline liquids from the body to keep its pH and then the body becomes more acid, which is ideal for inflammation, and creates an environment for virus, bacteria & parasites)
- A healthy person carries 1 kg of parasites in the body. To housekeep and reduce these unhealthy eaters, do a regular cure of 20 days of Bentonite clay (montmorilionite) when you do, best is at night when you have not taken any vitamins etc.

Natural Remedies:
Osteo Arthritis is a slow encroaching process that makes the use of joints from uncomfortable to unbearable pain. It took a while to get to this state and thus it takes a bit of time to get back to healthy again. If you follow my suggestions you'll be ok again in 4-6 months.

- Synflex 1000 or 1500 : 1 bottle per month for 1-2 years. 1/2 a dose morning and evening or one dose per day. To take long term 1 to 2 years. Buy per 3 or more to reduce shipping cost.
Synflex contains: Glucosamine 1250mg, Condroitin, Boswellin, Yucca root, Bromelain, Omega 3 et 6, Manganese Vitamine A, C and E. This product also does wonders for your aging dog. 
Doctor Trusted Synflex for Joint Pain

- Magnesium
: 400mg day citrate or malate (NOT oxide), cure of 20 days.

- Boron: 12mg per day (Boron, Magnesium, Calcium & Vitamine D3 constitue the building blocks for healthy bones, teeth, cartilage and tendons) without Boron it does not work (there is no boron in the soil anymore thus not in our food). Boron also helps regulating the kidneys to lose less Mg and other minerals in the urine. Pharma criminals had it taken from the pharmacies in most countries.
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- Gaultheria procumbens essential oil
: rub/massage the knee with the oil to reduce pain & inflammation.
- Cannabis seed oil pressed: 1 spoon a day.  The only source for Ωmega 3 - 6 - 9 in the correct ratio

swimming, cycling, light gym. When things start to feel better walk, climb (not running)
- Sit in the sun as much as possible to get the right Vitamin D3 (u can't get it from pills)
- Massage: with stick massage the leg muscles above & under the knee to better drain the fluids from the knee.

If you follow everything, you should be a much better after 4 to 5 months and gradually you will get back to practically normal joints (depending a bit on age). My knee joints have recovered appr. 3 mm of cartilage after 8 months (there was 0 before).

Our body is a living entity, all our cells are renewed on a permanent basis, thus we can recover our health if we omit bad food, pesticides, heavy metals and other poisons (GMO, Pharmaceuticals).
Be very careful with Pharma painkillers, many of them actually destroy cartilage!

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