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Even before its inception it is a history of killing, conquering and atrocities. When Columbus, who never set foot on the continent, arrived at the islands of Hispanolia where he managed to kill practically the total indigious population as an entertainment using various types of torture.
The real discoverer of the continent was Amerigo Vespucci, who had a more human character and did not go on a killing spree.
In history we are taught about the atrocities of Ghengis Khan and family, the Huns, the Roman invaders, but more often than not after the fighting they brought a level of organization and prosperity.
In North America almost all settlers came from Europe and right after arrival it was a race to occupy precious land with wealth in the ground, killing buffalo by the millions for the fur only (till there were none left), grow cattle or crops (mainly learned from the natives). This land was appropriated by force with the help of the military pushing the natives towards hostile environments with severe weather conditions, poor soil and no game.
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It did not take long to start eradicating the indigeous people, called indians because of ignorant Columbus who thought having arrived in India (West Indies).
Since 1774 the war of independence (which went on till 1783) and the moment some sort of government was established the never ending wars of conquer started. It needed another war of independence in 1812.

The list of wars is exhaustive see:

From 1800 till 1891 there were numerous wars against the natives, which could be better described as genocide or holocaust. These peaceful people living in harmony with nature, were killed, tortured, burned, put on stakes with no regard of women, children, babies or even unborn babies. In the end 95% of the original population was eradicated, the people left over were put in open prisons away from their home lands and moved from reservation to gulag, always on the move, because every time the settlers would find something of value even in their concentration camp.
While this was going on the USA had wars with Spain, France, Mexico, the Fillipines, China, wherever there was something to loot and even between themselves they had 2 civil wars.
We are mistakenly taught that the civil war between North and South was because of slavery. Slavery had little to do with these civil wars. Both N and S had slaves; black, red and white. It had to do with imposing the money scam.
Meanwhile was created the corporation of the Federal Government in Washington DC. A corporation for profit to take over the government of all states, each originally an indian country (just check the names).
This Federal corporation with a muppet CEO they call elected president was totally usurped by private foreign banks and private corporations. Established since 1913 under the umbrella of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is allowed to print money out ot thin air (Fiat money) and indirectly use all so called federal agencies including the army.
As from that platform the USA corp started to conquer the world. Continuous war is their credo.
Occupy countries outside the US continent to annexe for their mineral riches.
They beat Great Britain at their own game although both being run by the same financial groups/families. In reality this USA corp is owned and directed from the city of London, which was created from the East Indian Company opium trade profits, the Vatican and New York financial center.
These financial criminal powers created war upon war with the single target to make more money and have more power. Only war can make great profits.Thus out of these financial boardrooms they created WWI, WWII, the Korean war, Vietnam war, Cold War, Iran Iraq war, Balkan war, Libyan war, the Middle East wars and the ultimate War on Terror, basically a war with every living being on earth.
We are living and endless WWIII creating new enemies on a daily basis using Psy-Ops, fake bombings and at the same time attacking the world at lage with monetary wars.
The American people are responsible to let this happen as well as their participation.
Their war institutions are committing every day the most terrible atrocities that no previous warlord the likes of Ghengis Khan, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Hitler, you name it would have ever tolerated. The closest likeness is probably the Stalin regime.
What goes round comes round and the backlash of this agression will one day hit home.

Europe got invaded also, believing they were our liberators, in wars the banksters and corporations fromented, financed and supplied for profit.
Then they brought us Lucky Strike, chewing gum, gas guzzlers, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and all the other junk food, chemicals and fake pharmaceuticals nobody really needs.
In the last decade as part of WWIII they brought us monetary collapse with money not worth the paper its printed on produced by their criminal banksters and involved us in their fictitious War on Terror, mainly directed at the muslim populations being targeted by their occupation ally zionist run Israel.
The petro-dollar which had become the world exchange currency and is now being relegated to the state of toilet paper ran every country that contained oil into a permanent state of civil war created by the strong arm of the CIA creating Al-Queda in the process.

So there we are in Europe with a Bilderberg imposed unelected EC getting more dictatorial power by the day, standing at the fiancial abyss, entirely created by banksters who can never have enough.

Are we having ourselves being pushed over the cliff like sheep or are we going to wake up from our slumber and take our lives in our own hands and get back to a normal peaceful life?
The answers might come soon depending on the speed of the wake up process.

Roy /Dakote

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  1. I forgot to say that before all this, it was Great Britain that has attacked and conquered about 95% of the sovereign countries in the world. But then the Us is just an extension of Great Britain, continuing the the 'game'.