Thursday, 5 April 2012


  As the world is developing now and continuing on how it has been run by the dark cabal forces we would in the very near future be living in a terrible police controlled world as slaves and all our human rights will be taken away bit by bit.
We  would be living in total oppression, except for the very few who pull the strings.

If we continue as we are now living, this will happen and it would be the end of human civilization.
The people who are part of the cabal, some of them seem to be such nice friendly persons, however they are not, are totally ready to blow up this whole planet into a fiery barbecue. (see my ref on the committee of 300)

  A great many people do not want this to happen, thus as long as 30 years ago a number of entities in the military, secret services, corporations, individuals and governments have been drawing up a plan to legally take back our human rights and reinstall a world worthy of living, without oppression, deception and fake money.
You might understand that such a plan has tremendous implications in all aspects of life and thus cannot be undertaken lightly, otherwise it would bring the whole world in a spiraling turmoil of anarchy, misunderstanding, fear and destruction. 

The plan is ready, its been looked at from every angle and thought through into the tiniest of details. In the execution there will certainly be some hitches and slip ups, human error can never be counted out. Basically we are looking at rounding up no more than about 2000 persons world wide to stop the lunacy. The hangers on will quickly change camps.

  Many preparations have been put in place already, more than 150 countries are part of the plan, their military, police, justice, financial institutions and many other organizations to cope with rebuilding infrastructure are ready to engage.
It will be a peaceful process with the objective to create as little as possible mahem for the world populations.
The whole initial action would be concluded within 72 hours.

This is not the New World Order, this is to set the world free and reorganize into smaller sovereign entities with real leaders who’s task will be to look after their people in a human way.

1. All leaders, part of the Committee of 300, CFR, Bilderberg, Knights of Malta, Vatican and similar obscure societies will be arrested, put in secure custody and brought before justice.
All necessary documentation for trial have been prepared.
As I write this a number of these persons have already been arrested or been put on house arrest and some have managed to go in hiding.
The main event will happen on the American continent and move over to Europe and Asia, it will be very swift, like 72 hours, with closing of borders, airports and disabling satellite communications.
When this has started the world will be informed.

2. A new basket of world currencies (reserve currency), based on tangible commodities is being put in operation and tested. The so called central banks (FRB, ECB, BOE, IMF, BIS...) that manufacture fiat money and distribute this to their buddy banksters will be dismantled.

Japan together with the group of allied countries have created a reserve fund of the equivalent of 12 trillion $ to get the world a new kickstart for depollution, combat poverty, refinance and reoganization.  
Debt forgiveness; all debt will be deleted.
  Banks will not be allowed anymore to charge interest.
Many persons in government agencies will be replaced by more trustworthy persons with a defined task to follow.
  Governments will be replaced by interim governments and new real elections programmed. Positions will be based on merit.
  Conglomerate companies will be split and reorganized. 

  Redistribution of wealth.

  Real environmental and humanitarian projects will be started.

  The UN will be completely overhauled and restructured into a correct humanitarian entity, positions will be assigned on merit.
All wars will be stopped, military forces recalled and restructured for peacekeeping only and depollution of the world.

  The media will become free of liens and real journalism will bring out in the open all hidden history and the unimaginable manipulations that have been done to the world.

  TV and internet will bring many educational programs disclosing our real history and on off planet civilizations.
  These programs have already been (partly) produced.

  All hidden technology will be brought into the open and used in new manufacturing schemes. This concerns the health, transport, energy, computer and many other industries. More than 10,000 patents have been classified as state secrets and will be opened up to the public. The technology we already had will be a real eye opener.

3. The ultimate phase will be First Contact with sentient beings from other places in the galaxies.
This will be done in gradual steps, so the earth population will not go into panic mode.
There will be an exchange for a whole new state of consciousness. It will be the start of what has been professed in age old scriptures ; the Golden Age.

Our dear Terra, Gaia, will need to change, she will expand and clean itself of all the negativity and pollution. Earth will ascend to a higher level of energy and spiritual alignment.
  Since the magnetic field is completely out of sync, a magnetic pole shift from N/S to E/W will happen in an abrupt short space of time.
This will provoke tremendous upheavals with 1000’s of meters high tidal waves, tectonic plate shifts, volcanic eruptions and devastating wind speeds. Continents will disappear under the waters and new continents will rise.
  For Gaia to come to rest and become a pristine new pearl again it will take 3000 to 10 000 years.

  Humanity will have to relocate off planet and this event is planned and organized.
When this will happen is not known. It will be the decision of Gaia, who is currently in a very unstable state.
(to be continued)

Some explanation:

This all sounds exciting and at the same time frightening and unbelievable for most of you. However it will happen and once the process is unfolding you will become part of it and understand more of the implications a new world will bring and you’ll rejoice.
It will not be an easy ride for many of you, lots of changes, lots of adaptations, abandoning your fixed values and adopting new ones.
It will need time and this you will all have.
  The important initial task is to take away the negative entities that are squeezing us everyday, that are continuously bringing the world on its knees.

  The great danger of leaving the cabal in place, will be that they are set to destroy the planet with nuclear and hydrogen explosions. These not only kill human bodies, but also will rip apart human souls, making reincarnation impossible.


Once the cabal has been removed, the shackles are broken and we can construct and make sure we will never get into such a situation again.

  We will become part of the galactic federation under the universal rules of conduct that do not need dogmas or punishments. A total fluidity of being and love.

Nobody will ever attack you anymore and neither will you. Each sentient being is an individual, with an individual life, expectation and specific task.
  The concept of money will be totally phased out. You will never need it again to obtain what you need or like.


No real life evolution.

This article will be updated as new info arrives.

Roy /Dakote


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