Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Why are we the people so stupid and gullible and take anything for granted that the elite is doing to us?
Every day we advance in this world we are more restricted, pay more taxes and get less room to live.

The world is ruled by about 7 parasite families who like to be called the elite, or illuminati, an organisation which started somewhere around 1775. (see protocols of the zio illuminati)
They own the banks (except the ones in the countries that have not been destroyed yet), infiltrated the masonic lodges and any other worth wile club.
Not only that they own the banks, they actually print the money out of nothing (no real difference with your Monopoly money),
and then they lend it to us as if it has any value and charge us an interest as if that is totally normal.
However that's not enough they want more money, us paying interest, taxes plus the original capital is not enough.

So they have their hands and feet in many companies that in general are not doing very much good to the world.
In fact they have their money in companies that manufacture arms or anything related to arms, poisons that are being used by warfare
and ofcourse poisons that are used in agriculture, all kinds of dirty mining projects, no to forget pharmaceuticals that produce products that are supposed to make people better, but they don't, they keep anybody seeing a medical doctor a client for life, that is the idea behind it, not to make him better or get rid of his disease, no way they keep it dragging on forever, so you have a client for life.

To be able to pull all this seamlessly through, you need to own the propaganda machine, which is also called the main stream media, the newspapers, the TV and Hollywood; a tremendous power to repackage old stuff in new propaganda. Enabling to schedule movies at exactly at the right time to make an impact to influence people. Mostly to keep them in a state of permanent fear.

Thus these elite families run the scheme, to be able to run the scheme you need a bunch of minions, and a horde of uninformed people under these to actually execute policies.
So they own the guys & girls that are supposedly our elected governments, whatever the country, they own them, they run them, they tell them what to do on a daily basis, what laws to sign and if ever there is a person in whatever government who does not want to execute, they are back-mailed and if they persist in their erring, they get killed. There is a long list of these "accidented" & "suicided" persons. Once dead they don't talk, neither does their owned media.
Then you replace the person with another, whom you are pretty sure he will execute orders to the letter. There always is a sucker for the job, for money or power in every country in the world.

So they create wars, using finance, fake religion, territory, minerals or oil to make more money (suck more people dry).
They manage to send the armies of their muppet governments to do their dirty work to create a lot of mahem, kill whatever amount of people, with whatever means, cripple millions and everything paid for with your tax money. So lets raise the taxes again because now we have a war on terror. The major chunk of your tax money goes directly to the military industrial complex to maim & destroy indiscriminately.
All that money was supposed to go to your kids schools, roads, public transport, new tech, health. Well it does not.

When talking about war, we are looking at the ultimate source of pollution of the world on any level.
A silly bomb of just some 100.000€ creates more pollution than your family house, rubbish, cars & all in 10.000 years, however they managed to introduce a scheme that you are the polluter and have to pay for all their pollution.
They don't throw one bomb, they jettison hundreds of thousands, all with different noxious substances, chemicals, depleted uranium, mini nukes, gasses, phosphorus, sarin, diseases, you name it they have it and are using it indiscriminately on any population.
Because in essence they want to kill everybody, everywhere. Get everyone sick, deformed, incapable to procreate. Just look at the countries already destroyed, Vietnam, Cambodya, Jugoslavia, Iraq, Koweit, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Japan (Fukushima) there are 100's of millions of sick, deformed people.
The exercise is destined to be left with a couple of hundred thousand of malformed brainless people to serve them.

In this process their own families will not escape this general wipe out of DNA/RNA and will become like the rest of the survivors and be just as deformed, with brains outside the head, 5 arms with each one finger, etc.
They don't care about this at all, they want to destroy humanity. Not the world, because they are not capable to destroy the world, the World can destroy us anytime.
So they build their DUMBS (deep underground shelters), but who would like to live there for the rest of his life?
So what do they know that we don't. Do they want to escape to another planet and start the whole crap all over again?
Are they counting on technology, the tech to move your 'being', to anoter mechanical device or organic body without the constraints.

I would like to know.
If you have any views on this, please let us know through the comments.

Roy /Dakote

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