Friday, 26 August 2016

This temple at Cholula dwarfs the Great Pyramid at Giza, unnoticed by Spanish invaders.

When the army of Heran Cortez stormed the streets of Cholula (Mexico), religious treasures were looted and the precious pyramids went up in smoke. Within three hours they had murdered 3,000 people. October 12th 1519 was a bloodbath on an unprecedented scale, leaving 10% of the city’s population dead.
Eventually the Spaniards build enough of their own that the city is now known for having a church for every day of the year. The final touch is the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Remediosa, built on what they thought was a large hill.
(Credit: Diego Delso/ Wikimedia Commons)
Beneath the tiny church, hiding under tufts of grass, trees and soil, is an ancient pyramid of truly gigantic proportions. Standing 450 metres wide and 66 metres tall, from end to end the Great Pyramid of Cholula is equivalent to nine Olympic sized swimming pools.
Never mind the largest pyramid – it’s the largest monument ever constructed anywhere, by any civilisation, to this day. 


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