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Based on info from Douglas Dietrich, ex archivist for the DOD at Presidio in charge of destruction of military archives since the middle 80’. He copied as much as he could before feeding it to the incinerators, from him we learn some snippets about WWII in the Pacific as from other sources.

The UN was created in ’42 at Il Presidio CA, as an organization for war, thus not an organization for peace, that fought WWII, created by financial interests of mainly UK and US bankers.
At the Presidio hundreds of children were raped and used for nasty occult satanic practices (these were the children of soldier families given into daycare), the same went on in the Pentagon (shaped like a satanic pentagram). When this came out in the open the families who had lost their children were dispersed to army bases all over the world, so they had no united voice to attack. The whole thing was wiped off the table and the documents were burned.

In WWI Germany occupied 70% of Russian territory and were the victors, the US brought biological warfare in shape of Plague/Spanish Flu into the theater that killed discriminately 70 million people in all of Europe and just stopped any possibility of continuing the war.
The end of WWII between the US and Japan was by the end of 1951.

Japan had nuclear bombs as from 1942, their submarines carrying nuclear weapons were patrolling the US West coast till 1951.
Hirohito was the only head of state who was a scientist (before Angela Merkel). Hirohito was the richest person on earth, he received 10% of all business endeavor in all of Japan (family still is).
Japan exploded a nuke in 1946 in Korea, which is still the demilitarized zone between N and S, unlivable. This created the UN led Korean war.

WWII for Japan lasted 20 years from 1931 till 1951. Up to 1952 Japanese POW’s were kept an tortured in US camps on US soil. (Reconditioned now as FEMA camps to hold indefinitely US citizens and anyone else who is dissent)
The split up of China was a US goof, they had not understood that there was a truce in the making between Chang Kai Chek and the communists. 
Taiwan was a Japanese island, where the Chang Kai Chek government and people fled, because of stupid US intervention. Given to them by the Japanese with a special deal they could not refuse.

The largest population of Japanese live in Brazil, in the 1950’s 240.000. The Japanese based their submarines during the war in Brazil.
Before Pearl Harbour, the US Flying Tigers on order of Roosevelt bombed Japan, with whom they were not at war, nor had they declared a war. The Flying Tigers were an illegal airforce wing (report JB355) It was named China Aviation Corp (very much like Air America a CIA airlines) ferrying drugs in Lockheed Hudsons to the US and elsewhere.

The japanese airforce had operating radar in 1941.
 The result was the announced retaliation attack on Pearl Harbour, where US servicemen where not informed about the upcoming attack, so the most damage could be shown to the American people. If the military of Pearl Harbour had been warned, the Japanese planes would have been mostly shot down.
The japanese kamikaze pilots managed in the dive bombing to break the sound barrier to enhance the destruction their planes could do to US ships. They were the first to pass mach 1, except they did not survive it.

Captain Charles Yeager was the first to achieve supersonic flight in 1947, the difference was that he survived the test flight in the aircraft named Glamorous Glennis.

In 1943 the US shipped chemical weapons to Italy to attack Germany. The ships were bombed by German planes in the port of Livorno and 100.000 Italians died instantly.

The city of Dresden was also bombed with chemical weapons (Sarin, Mustard).
Truman took over with no knowledge of anything, all he had had was a 2 week briefing, thus the US military could make up their plans as they saw fit. 
Pres. Eisenhower demanded from Japan unconditional surrender, with the intention to wipe the japanese from the face of the planet.
This could not be accepted by Japan.

The fake Japanese surrender, which was only a temporary cease fire, on the USS Missouri, in 1945, was held under a fake US flag, with the incorrect number of stars and stripes and hung inversed (on purpose), there was no surrender at all.
The japanese present were in full uniform with all their distinctions. When you surrender you hand in your sword. It was just a meeting set up for the media to disinform the sheeple.

Almost all nations had representatives, except China was not invited, since China was also at war with the US since 1941.
Germany exploded a nuclear bomb in 1944 in Perand, Operation Hannibal, north of Riga and held that position in North Estonia till end 1945.

For this the reason the units that landed on the Normandy coast, D-day, carried Geiger counters. It was known that the Germans had nuclear weapons.

Hitler was advised by Rommel to use nuclear bombs against the Normandy landings. Hitler said no, he did not want to use nuclear fall out on the European continent.
450.000 German POW’s were taken to the US and used as slave labour to pick oranges. Later they were released and given US citizenship, it had become an embarrassment to send them back to Germany after all these years.

From 1945 till 1950, Japanese nuclear submarines sank 1000’s of US vessels., while the Americans were trying to sink them using 1000‘s of small nuclear bombs in the pacific ocean. Japan had the largest ever build submarines up to 400 ft long and each had different specifications and uses. Never published in the media.

Japan was capable to nuke the whole of the USA. Hirohito decided against it, because of  EMP  would destroy the US electricity infrastructure, which they needed to continue.
 The Japanese Medium bombers, manufactured by Mitsubishi and Yamaha were far better than the US bombers. They were manufactured by mostly women in underground lead shielded factories in Nagasaki. When the US fire bombed Nagasaki, these workers never noticed what had gone on above ground and production continued totally normal. A complete failed US strategy.

Japan had developed bioweapons and tested them in 1942 in CA with a variant of Yellow fever. 330.000 people died in LA, mostly because of the ‘antidote’ that the US officials injected the population with.
80% of the Japanese army was in China in 1945 when the US bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If you ask a japanese about Hiroshima or Nagasaki, they will answer it was a detail of WWII.
From the two bombings, the Sigani Equation was developed, by which the Japanese knew that the US had spend the 2 bombs they could manufacture and that they would need at least 4 months to build another one.

In 1946 the japanese from their submarines (carrying airplanes) on the californian coast attacked the US with 120.000 balloon firebombs, which created a firestorm that closed down completely the Manhattan Project.

During the entire war Japanese airplanes had been flying over US airspace.
 Japan had received special shipments of the new Messerschmitt jet fighter plane. They refined the design and made them very easy to fly. A week of training was enough for a pilot to be up and running. 1000‘s upon 1000‘s of these jets were stationed underground with partial underground runways. 
This was shown to general McArthur, who was stationed in Japan to oversee the cease fire.

Japan threatened the US with an all out biological warfare. The Japanese had developed a ‘Gondola’ a bio-morphic design developed from a kite and the German Vrill technology. They were flown by kamikaze pilots and could reach deep into the US, launched from large submarines, carrying nuclear weapons or biological weapons. The plan was to send thousands of these stealth planes into the US, which would kill at least half of the population, while at the same time delivering a nuclear bomb on the panama canal. It would bring the US to a total standstill.

A number of there planes were delivered to the American military, who tested them in  and around Area 51, using Japanese POW’s. Some of them crashed and one was the famous ’47 Rosswell crash. The people that were first at the crash site saw strange characters stencilled on the plane and did not recognize this as Japanese, they thought it was ET. The dead ‘pilots’ were thought to be aliens, since the rednecks had never seen grossly underfed japanese. The material the ‘ufo’ were made of they had never seen before, while it was a special rubberized silk, hard as steel and soft to the touch. Actually they were the first stealth planes. 
When the military understood the undeniable power of Hirohito’s plan and the total incapability to do anything against it, it made the US sign the 1951 peace treaty with Japan. The treaty was signed between President Truman and Emperor Hirohito. 
This included the rebuilding and paying reparations to Japan.

Japan and Germany were rebuild with UN money because they were ordered so and had enough power left to enforce it. No other country in the world that had ‘lost’ a war has ever been rebuild or been repaid.

See the master plan of Martin Bormann.
 US battle ships and aircraft carriers were given to Japan after ’52 to transform into Toyota and Honda cars, free of charge.
Japan had their nuclear manufacturing plants in Korea, when the USSR invaded they also obtained the nuclear technology. All US nuclear technology was copied from the Japanese research and development.

Werner von Braun only accepted to work for the US, when his brother Magnus went to work for the USSR.
Abdul Nasser of Egypt had acquired Nazi technology by hiring engineers and manufactured nuclear bombs. Area 33 near Alexandria was the testing ground for nuclear tests. This is what gave Egypt a deterrence power against other countries such as Israel. Until Israel received and stole their nuclear bombs and technology from the same Germans in the US, the deterrence was over and the Israeli Egypt war evolved.

The Iraq invasion was led by Blackwater disguised in Iraqi army uniforms.
 The equivalent of 440.000 Hiroshima bombs in DU was released in Irak. 
Any oil pumped in Irak will sacrifice thousands of lives of workers exposed to the high levels of radiation. It will become very expensive oil.

The US was running the world with their oil, until Roosevelt was warned that they soon would run out of their own at this pace. 
Roosevelt went with a warship through the Suez to visit King Saud to make an oil deal. King Saud came aboard and brought a heard of sheep on board.

He told Roosevelt these are for your sailors so they will not defile our women, showing his contempt for the US president, who said nothing.

Since that day the US$ was pinned to Saudi oil and the Saudis till today set the rules of the game.

D. Dietrich

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