Saturday, 26 December 2015

Medicine is based on old Aztec/Mayan Herbal Cures

Almost ALL of modern medicine is based on old Aztec/Mayan herbal cures. The Aztecs and Mayas had amazing medical technology based on plants. For almost everything in big pharma now, there is a plant based original that is far far better than the big pharma cure. The only mainstream things modern medicine has that is unique to itself is mold/fungus based antibiotics, the first of which was penicillin, and vaccines. Those are big ones, but I think they pale when compared to all the other medicines that came straight from the Indian civilizations of the Americas.

I recently had a huge discovery on this topic

Before the common core and outcome based education scams were pushed on America, (you know, back when education was real) American schools taught the origins of "modern medicine" and that all of the medicines, from blood pressure to pain relief to skin infection cures, basically everything out there, originated with plants the former American civilizations used. American medical companies went to Latin America, consulted the traditional medicine men, found out what plants did what, then isolated the compounds in those plants that actually had medical value, and then would NEVER, AND I MEAN EVER, release that "newly discovered cure" to the public until they figured out a way to synthesize the compounds in industrial processes (rather than get them from plants.) Once they figured out how to manufacture the compounds, they could then patent them and charge huge amounts for medicines, which in their original plant form were usually incredibly inexpensive and to top it all off usually worked better in plant form.


Guess what? The medicine men are still around, and these medicines are all over Mexico, and they work.

Even the little store just two doors away has them. I thought they were different types of spices, but as it turns out, the little store right here has liver problem cures, kidney problem cures, worm/parasite cleansers, blood pressure regulating medications, everything that will completely cure or solve approximately 24 unique serious medical conditions. This can cover a lot - such as even menstration problems, nerve problems, blood thickness problems, folks, it is all there just in one little store, the type of store that gets repeated over and over again, usually several times in just one small Mexican neighborhood. If the little store does not have what you need, there are many many many larger stores that are specifically dedicated to the original herbal medical cures, and also there are medicine men in the streets in the center of town that also sell these cures in droves, and I mean you can't miss them, and I just thought all this time they were selling traditional spices. Nope, the real cures, the original cures, the stuff that got copied and sold in pill form for BIG BUCKS is all here, on main street Mexico. Figure that! And you know, I can certainly consult all of these stores and medicine men, find out what does what, and publish it all. I think I will.

Jim Stone

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