Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A call for support of the declaration of a new medical system.

The existing system of Western medicine is collapsing. The reason is that people are starting to realize in its essence the system kills instead of cures. The American pediatrician Dr. Robert Medelson calls modern medicine a god of death and hospitals churches of death. He says that only 10% of the current system, including emergency medical services actually works. The other 90% is unable to cure chronic illness and in fact only makes it worse and leads to the death of patients.

Robert S.Mendelsohn Confessionsof a Medical Hereti c

 In this book he says the following:
“If the malignant 90% of the medical system disappeared from this planet there can be no doubt that people would become healthier.”
In other words this kind hearted doctor is totally repudiating 90% of modern medicine.

As evidence the doctor cited an incident that took place in Israel. There was a strike there that shut down all that nation’s hospitals. When this happened, the death rate in Israel fell by 50%. After one month, when the strike was settled the death rate bounced back to its previous level. 

This data was compiled by the Jerusalem morticians association.
“The doctors’ strike should have been continued indefinitely” Mendelson said.
This example reveals the astounding fact that one out of every two people is killed in a hospital. Of course the people working in hospitals are not deliberately setting out to kill people. However, the fact remains that the cause of death for half of all humans is hospitals.
There are many reports confirming this outrageous truth.
According to Dr. Gary Null, the founder of National Council Against Health Fraud stated that the leading cause of death for Americans in the year 2004 was hospitals. He said 780,000 Americans died of iatrogenic (caused by doctor)causes. 
That made it the leading cause of death in the United States.

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