Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Quit smoking. You can do that! Its NOT Difficult.


I started smoking when I was about 12 years old.
This was in the 50’s, at a time when everybody was smoking away; it was part of the new post-war modern world.
Nobody was mentioning anything about smoking being dangerous or that you become addicted to anything.
When I was 19, I smoked a pipe, I don’t think the pipe ever got cold, I was lighting one after the other. It was a very messy occupation of cleaning and scraping. The worst was the brown muck that came out of the stem whenever you raised the pipe too high. Since I was working as a graphic designer, the pipe was not very practical, there were ashes and tobacco droppings on the artwork and the pipe went out very often. So you are continuously relighting and messing about with the thing. Also you have a lot of things to carry, the pipe, the tobacco pouch, the matches and the cleaning tools. It makes a cumbersome kit to take along all day.
Thus I switched to cigarettes and before I new it I was smoking two packs a day, sometimes even three.
It took me a while to get used again to smoking cigarettes, but once used to it I puffed away one after the other. Sometimes I reduced a bit when I got a very sore throat.
At regular intervals I tried to stop smoking. I tried acupuncture with a kind of push pin in your ear, I tried that horrible nicotine gum…
I never made it more than three weeks and started smoking again.
There always was some kind of silly reason to start again; some stress at work or home, some friend came over and we went on a binge, a great party that went on deep into the night, etc…
Then at 40 I had a heart attack, from stress and not so good living and also probably of a lot of smoking and my specialist told me to try to stop smoking.
So I tried. I made it two weeks without and then because of some happening, I started again.
I then decided to only smoke cigars. I had convinced myself that smoking cigars is not as bad as cigarettes; no paper, no plastic filter and no additives: pure tobacco leaves. A “healthy” smoke so to say.
So I started off with smoking one good cigar per day. This became of course 2, then 5 then 10 cigars.
I managed not to touch any cigarettes for 10 years and was very proud, that I managed to stick to cigars, although every one around me complained of the cigar smell. In a number of restaurants I was asked to refrain from smoking cigars.
So now I was always carrying my special cigar carry case for 3 cigars (which is not enough to get you through the day), the cigar cutter and the special lighter.
The problem was always that one had to calculate, were you went for the day and for how long, nor to run out of cigars, check that there was a cigar shop nearby or pack another bunch of cigars in a special case. Running out would be catastrophic.

You maybe see some “déjà vue” in the above.

Smokers have constant worries. The worry that you might run out of cigarettes, the worry that you are not allowed to smoke in certain places and often also to worry not to have enough time to smoke between pauses or servings at dinners.
And then you have the worry of carrying all the necessary stuff with you that you need, to be able to smoke. And imagine the catastrophe to forget your smokes at home, at the office or at friends.
A non-smoker does not even have the slightest idea about these worries.

So why do we have such a problem smoking or non-smoking?
It is the dependency or addiction to a drug, which is nicotine, probably the most dangerous drugs of all drugs on the market.

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