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Water is everywhere on Earth, we are surrounded by water, our bodies consist of mainly water, we know very little about the most abundant material that surrounds us. Water is life, without it humans, animals, fish and plants would not even exist. Not all water is the same though.

One of the fundamental perceptual changes that we need to make is to acknowledge that water is a living substance, not the inert "wet stuff" that we've dismissed as unimportant and treated it as.
Those who can't get themselves to form a healthy relationship with water based on mutual respect — will have cut ourselves off from its most sublime gifts. And here's a clue. If you are unwilling to establish a healthy relationship with water, you can't establish one with anyone else, including yourself.

Water is fundamental, not only to health, but to life, and the quality thereof. Structured water is essential for health; its maintenance, or its restoration, because it is water in an optimal, balanced state. If a person has any chronic disease pathology, the water inside their body is either (a) inadequate, (be) unbalanced, or (c) some combination of the first two.

Water is clearly one of the most important factors in terms of what you put into your body, simply because without it you will die within a few short days. You may know that two-thirds of your body is water, but did you know that in terms of the number of molecules, your body actually consists of over 99 percent water molecules!
If you think of the cell as a matrix of proteins, like a grid made up of proteins and nucleic acids, the spaces in between those grids are filled with water. This means there are a lot of surfaces that interact with water and impact its structure. Your cells consist mainly of this interfacial, or structured/ordered water, making it essential to understand this water in order to understand the workings of the cell.

So, water is actually part of the structure of each cell. In addition to the fact that this water is interfacing and is ordered, it is also charged. And the water just beyond it is oppositely charged. This acts like a battery.
In a nutshell, the water in each of your cells achieves its ordered structure from energy obtained from the environment, typically in the form of electromagnetic radiation, including sunlight and infrared heat.

You may have heard about "structured water" before. Many are quite skeptical, and some don't even believe it exists, let alone that it has any value. But it's important when trying to find high quality water. Water filtration processes used to clean our water supply frequently de-structures the water, so the question is whether or not this matters.

But "the water inside your cells is absolutely critical for your health. If you have a pathology of an organ, it's not only the proteins inside that organ that are not working, but also the water inside that organ. That near-protein water is not ordered in the way it should be.

What this means is that if you don't have properly structured water in your cells, it can impact the functioning of the much larger protein molecules (and others) that are interfacing with it.
In fact, the protein molecule in your cells cannot be viewed as just a molecule by itself. It's actually the molecule PLUS the water. These two factors together form the "entity" of the molecule in question.
"If you need that entity to function properly--take a muscle for example—if the muscle is not functioning, it's the protein and the water that are not functioning". "You need plenty of this ordered/structured water and proteins in their right form in order to make the muscle function properly. So if you have a muscle injury then both are not functioning."
Classically, one way of doing it is to use infrared radiation (heat). By applying heat to the muscle, you increase blood supply, which is helpful. But you're also building water structure! Dr. Pollack's research shows that infrared heat is very effective for ordering cellular water. In terms of the source of the infrared heat, as long as it emits the right wavelength of radiation, it will be effective. According to Dr. Pollack, the wavelength of 3 micrometers (microns) is ideal and very effective.
The sun also emits this wavelength, which may be yet another reason why sun exposure has such profound health benefits and just feels good through and through. Interestingly, the human body also emits radiation within the ideal range, which may explain why simple physical contact, including 'hands-on healing,' can contribute to improved health!
Much of the tap water, deionized water and even bottled water has a pH of around 5.5-6.5. The long term effect of this acidic water is that it causes the buildup of free radicals in the body, which are the source of aging, cancer and the destruction of healthy cells. Not only can most filter systems remove almost everything from water, they also remove water's aliveness, leaving one with essentially 'dead' water.

Structured water is water in nature, just like the water running down the river. If you take a gallon or ten gallons of water and dump it in a mountain stream at the top of the mountain and then collect it at the bottom, the water is structured. Structured water is free of memory. It has balanced pH of 7+. The main contingent of structured water is life force energy, and that life force energy comes down to the water molecule itself. The water molecule has the power, the individual mandate to protect life, and that is to protect it from the things that are adverse to life and to generously provide the things that are good for life. And the way it does that? The things that are adverse to life are pulled to the inside of the water molecule and shielded from life itself.
Everything takes less water when it is structured, about 30 percent less water.
Because what are you? You are probably 80 percent water. As we age that percentage of water drops. But if you are drinking structured water, it will all be the same.

Should You Drink Structured Water?
This is still a question open for debate. However, Dr. Pollack believes that if you're able to drink structured water, it would be good for your health. Interestingly, certain waters, such as the "healing water" from the Ganges and Lourdes, for example, have been studied and found to have the signature of the structured water found in cells.
"In other words, there was a particular absorption of energy at a particular wavelength that's absolutely characteristic of the structured water,
"That makes me think that there is a good possibility that the water really has the capability of retaining that structure over a long time… Therefore, it's possible that if you drink water that has this structure, it might be good for your health."
One thing that is known is that structured water tends to stay together.
So it's possible that when you swallow properly structured water… it might be preserved. If this structure is then absorbed into your intestines then it's possible it can be retained all the way into your cells. It's also possible that it's the charge within the ordered water that really matters.
Structured water contains charge, negative charge usually. It's possible that what you're really doing is absorbing the negative charge, and that negative charge is critical for building the structure. That's another possible route."

Structuring and Destructuring Water—How is it Done?
Another open question is how you might de-structure water, which is what Dr. Pollack's team is currently exploring. It's unclear whether boiling, for example, can de-structure the water, or whether in fact it might help add structure… On the flip side is the question of how to reintroduce structure to water. I've often recommended two simple approaches to restructure water:
    1.    Cooling it to about 39 degrees Fahrenheit
    2.    Stirring the water with a spoon in a circular jar to create a vortex
As for restructuring water by creating vortices, Viktor Schauberger is recognized as one of the leaders in this area. This technique is also used when making homeopathic remedies.
Dr. Pollack explains why this technique works:
"If you think of a vortex, what happens? Well, the vortex is a kind of mechanical perturbation or agitation. Probably it builds bubbles—little air bubbles that are deeply involved or enveloped into the vortex.
If these bubbles contain an envelope of structured water, then vortexing would be a very powerful way of increasing structure. So I think that is another way of increase.  Both of those ideas: reducing the temperature and vortexing, probably do lead to increased water structure."
Researchers have also investigated what happens to the structure of water when you run an electrical current through it.
"If you put a negative electrode right next to structured water, the structured region grows, but with a positive electrode it diminishes," Dr. Pollack explains. "So this structured water is just filled with charge. It's not free charge, its charges that are fixed at points in a very tight matrix--something like a semi-conductor. But it can build, and the source from which it builds is water, ordinary bulk water.
… So yeah, if you put an electrode in, it does work. It has a powerful effect… In the experiments we've done, it's just a matter of 5-10 volts… We haven't studied it in enough detail how much voltage you really need to put on to be effective. That needs to be done in the future. There are pilot experiments that we've done and we haven't published them yet."
The Connection Between Structured Water and the Practice of Earthing
Dr. Pollack also offers some fascinating insights into the technique of earthing, or grounding—the simple act of walking barefoot to "ground" with the Earth. The scientific theory behind the health benefits seen from this simple practice is that your body absorbs negative electrons from the Earth through the soles of your feet.
Interestingly, Pollack adds support to this idea by explaining how the Earth is negatively charged, so when you ground, you're connecting your body to a negatively charged supply of energy. And since the Earth has a greater negative charge than your body, you end up absorbing electrons from it.
These negatively charged electrons may then help increase the structure of the water in your cells—just as water increases in structure when a negative charge is introduced with an electrode. Dr. Pollack is a wealth of information, and our interview covers far more than what I've summarized above. I highly recommend listening to the entire interview or reading through the transcript for even more information on this important topic.

A very interesting movie to watch everything about Water:
This documentary shows many scientific experiences with water and the amazing results on farming with structured water. Don't miss.

How can you make your structured water?

The water that streams down a natural mountain stream, flowing over the millions of stone (cristals) obstacles, which is creating thousands of vortexes, becomes structured, while at the same time flowing over the negatively earthed Earth. While it is doing this, it changes temperatures.

- Freezing and unfreezing seems to do it partly
- Take a Cristal hold it to your forehead and program it to structure water. Put this cristal in a glass jar or bottle, add clean tap water and let it work for 10-12 hours.
- Put water in a glass bottle, sit in front of it and Send love and gratitude to the water.
- Play 432Hz music or classical (Bach) music
- Vortexing the water in a glass bottle (you can add the before mentioned cristals. 

Measure your water for Ph before and after (it should be Ph7+).
Water flowing through our household water pipes takes many 90° angles, it is not a fluent flow, these multiple clashes de-structures the water. This water under a microscope has no structure. While structured water under a microscope shows perfect cristals.

A more technical article on structured water.

More to come

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