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The term government institution in real life translates into Government Corporation, being a commercial company.
All governments function as a corporation. They basically are a commercial company.
Its members and officers are not personally liable. Weird no?
They try to get you into a contract all the time. You sign on the dots and you agreed to their commercial contract, all under the cover of “democracy”.
If you agree to a question like "do you understand?", it means going into a contract with the person who represents that entity.

They use a made up UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) language that does not make sense to people and hardly anybody can understand. The problem here is that most people will sign a document they cannot understand while it often contains clauses one would not agree to at all.
Governments use a privatised legal system as well as a privatised banking system.
All courts are private courts (corporations). The moment you walk into a courtroom you risk to agree to go into contract with them and then they own you and you have to abide by their rules. If you do not there has to be an entente who’s rules to follow.
Courts are not about giving a fair trial, it is their system against you the individual. This includes the lawyers you appoint, they work for the court and their rules, not for your interests at all. When they started to be a lawyer they signed a deal with the courts.

All banks, central banks, national banks and international banks and affiliates are privately owned corporations (FRB, BOE, BCE, BF, IMF, BIS, etc.) (by a handful of families). No bank is owned nor under direction of a government corporation. These banks have a standing agreement between themselves that they can create money by typing amounts in a computer. It is the banks that create money (IOU). They call this trust! You have to trust that they have the money, but they do not. They cannot lend their capital nor the money deposited at the bank. So they create the money for your loan or mortgage out of thin air.

Government corporations make you believe that they own you, that you belong to them.
How do governments obtain loans? Simple they take any new born citizen and put a bond on this person. They calculate that each person will pay multiple taxes during his/her life. On that basis they can get loans, that will be unpayable and will run forever.
They need to prove that they have created you, own you and that you are under their  corporate laws. If you do not agree you are your own being, a free person. Then they use tricks to get you under their control; they issue passports, driving licenses, building permits, etc. To make you sign contracts with them, through which they then own you or at least most of your money.
Not a very fair system. Basically nothing changed since the middle ages.
But you say they organize so I can travel and drive a car and own a house. Why would you not be allowed to travel or drive a car or own property without them?
The whole organization with law enforcement, regulation and permits is only there to own your person and then tell you what you can and cannot do. Such as inventing taxes and obliging you to pay these. They can make taxes 100% of your income, and in some countries they are getting very close to that, and you’ll have to pay them or you are punished in all kinds of forms.

UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) is the law of the planet based on maritime corporate law.
A human being is still not a vessel, but you are treated as such! A vessel with a flag and a value to your name. This is kept secret from you.

We are free people, not created by a government corporation, so how can we be a property of this corporation as from birth?
We are being deluded every day by government corporations and private banks into contracts we never ever wanted to enter into.
Most of these contracts are false and are hiding many facts.

When you buy land, you have basically become a tenant from the Corporation and contracted liabilities. If you don’t pay these liabilities they take your land away. So you don’t own nothing.

In our "Democratic" system we vote for people that are members of parties being commercial Corporations. Once voted in office they become a member of the Government Corporation. They are no more personally liable and cannot be taken to court, whatever they do!
You might think presidents and prime ministers are voted into office. They have deluded you, they are placed in office through occult and opaque organizations such as the Committee of 300, Travistock, CFR, Bilderberg, Le Siècle, etc. The members of these organizations have been pulling the strings for hundreds of years and have large business and financial interests. They decide war and peace. Yes, wars are created through financial interests. Follow the money trail. War on terror is the best, there is no enemy and no end.

Just look at the perfect example of the EC, created by the large oil companies (the seven sisters) to have an economic control over Europe.
The president and the head of the Commission have not been voted in office, they have been placed by the same organizations mentioned before and get their instructions from there.

Look at ministers in government corporations they have not been voted, they are placed by the top dog on instructions of the same organizations. And they have their instructions from above what they have to do and not to do. Just like in any corporate structure.
Above all they are not liable for their actions and cannot be taken to court either.
And the same modus operandus you can see at NATO (created and run by CIA/MI6), UN, UNESCO etc. They get their instructions from above what country to demolish next, where regime change is needed, who gets help or food.

Just like the bankers performing highly criminal offenses, too big to jail. Only the bank corporation can start a legal procedure to have an employee prosecuted. However no one from outside that corporation will prosecute a manager. Just look at the latest criminal activity of major banks, LIBOR, EURIBOR manipulation, arms traffic and financing drug cartels. We are talking Trillions. They pay a fine of about 1% of the money they made with the deals and that is it. Not a single individual is taken to court. More often they get a bonus.
When you have a sufficient amount of money in your bank they will ask you to invest it for you. On these investments they make more money than you ever get. When it goes wrong you lose, they never do. They write the bad transactions to your account and the winning ones to their account without impunity. Look at the MF Global case, they lost all the money  from the private accounts and don’t even give an explanation where it went. The top dog Corzine is not prosecuted and starts a new business next day.
All over the globe the same picture. Banks fail, the government pays, meaning you and thus taxes go up. More loans, more deficit, less business, more taxes.
We are getting very close to the end of the road, it will happen. Then the only way out is total debt forgiveness and start on a new healthy basis. No more money for nothing.

We have to move from a corporate world to a cooperative world.
Then is when we start making products that are innovative and are not put together for  marketing or profit base only. There is enough to do for everyone. Imagine that we get into a situation where people work in an industry that they really love working in. Cars build by people who love cars and not make them because of a paycheck. Quite a different world. Think about it. Once we get disclosure on hidden technologies we can get our creative minds going and get rid of all the negative and nasty polluting technologies that have been destroying our world. When we have, which we have since 80 years, free energy, can you imagine what our homes and transport looks like? Just imagine.

Read the OPPT (One Peoples Public Trust) documents and listen to their radio shows, they really got it and explain how to get out of slavery legally.

If your bank wants you to pay back your loan, there are a number of actions you can take.
If you would like to demand answers from your bank, below is a list of questions that you can ask. If you are lucky enough to receive a response, read it carefully. You will notice that your questions will probably not be answered directly.

- Am I indebted to the bank right now? (Please answer yes or no).
- Please confirm that the bank actually possessed the money they claim to have lent me, prior to my loan being granted. In other words, did the bank physically have the money they lent me, prior to the money appearing in my account?
- Would the bank be prepared to amend the credit agreement as follows: “We, the bank, did in fact possess the money we loaned you, prior to the loan being approved.”
- Was the loan funded by assets belonging to the bank at the time the loan was granted? Either way, please describe in detail the accounting process used to create my loan.
- Did the bank record my promissory note / negotiable instrument as an asset on its books? If yes, how was my instrument used to create my loan, and where is my valuable promissory note / negotiable instrument now?
- Does the bank participate in a securitisation scheme whereby debts / promissory notes are bundled and then sold-on to a third party/parties via special purpose vehicles, entities or alike processes?
- Was my loan securitised? If so, please send me all details regarding the securitisation.
- Does the bank have a legal right to collect money it claims I owe it? If so, then were does this legal right come from, assuming the loan has been securitised?
- Has my loan with the bank been settled by a special purpose vehicle, insurance policy, or by any other party?
- Regarding the security given to the bank by me, has this security been sold on or given as security to another party?

You will not get a straight answer, because if they do their whole opaque scheme will fall through. If you insist they will scrap your loan, snce they never lend you the real money. They made it up.
Let us work together to a better more just world where every sentient being has his/her own place and freedom. We can do it, once everyone understands the system they have created around us and we beak it down.


Roy /Dakote

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