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A heavy loaded title and definitely not to scare you but to inform you. I am condensing and making more easily readable a technical paper on what is happening to our planet and thus us.
At the bottom of the page is the link to the original technical article, which is great reading, but a bit complex.

Explanation about our sun
As opposed to current science. Stars start out as large dust clouds, condense into red supergiants, orange giants, yellow then white main sequence stars, then on up to blue giants, then supernova. The same process as heating up a piece of metal, from the initial red glow to where it gets blue-hot and breaks.
Since stars are built from dust and debris as fuel, the more fuel available, the hotter the sun will get.
We have entered in a ‘dusty’ area in space.
Astronomical events move thousands of times faster than assumed by astronomers. Our solar system is nowhere near as old as claimed and mankind has been around to see the sun ‘change’ in the past. We have had 260 day years, 360 day years, 365 day years and we’ll have more days the further we are pushed away.
Global warmng is not due to flatulent cows or car emissions, but to the fact that the sun is getting hotter.
Stars do not heat smoothly, they stay at a specific temperature, then suddenly jump to a new temperature. That is why we have a distinct color-temperature class system for indentifying stars.

When you accelerate matter past the speed of light, it becomes radioactive by throwing off particles (nuclear fission).
When the speed drops below light speed it emits X-rays.
When the sun ‘burps’ it ejects faster than light matter, cools down and gets under speed of light, which gives a burst of X-rays which is a Coronal Mass Ejection.

Our sun is getting hotter and bigger from all the dust and debris (additional fuel) its collecting from our solar system. This will occur as bright flashes and when sufficient material is added, it will suddenly jump in stellar class and remain there. This transition is like throwing a cup of petrol on a barbecue. The effect of this is initially to darken the sun and then it will become an ‘umbra’, bright flash, then the sun will go ‘dark’ like it went out, for a short time and returns to a new zone of stability. Much brighter and hotter.
This has happened before and will happen soon. You now know what will happen when our sun goes dark for some time.

Post Transition
After completion the sun will be bigger and brighter.
The Creator designed that this produces changes in the planets, the effect will push the planets further outward (less hot), the magnetic alignment in poles will shift (happened before), it could also trigger an earth core flare causing the earth crust to expand and open tectonic boundaries, more surface and a drop in ocean levels. All life on earth will change/evolve.

This scenario has been known to the, lets call them the Cabal, since 1950’s and they devised 3 strategies:
Use nuclear weapons to blow holes in the atmosphere to let the heat out.
Build giant underground cities to live until the sun stabilizes
Get off the planet and find a new planet to establish

Nr 1 was preposterous and not workable.
Nr 2 was simple, with the available (hidden) technologies it was put in motion (stealing 1000 sands of trillions) and has been executed. It has been build.
Nr 3 was the creation of NASA (and 2nd hidden NASA). They quickly found out that is not very feasible to travel in space and when they obtained the technology, they were kicked off the moon, mars and some other planets, because the entities living there did not want them to settle.
So they found out they were stuck here.

Geoengineering; customising Earth
Target customize the planet to be resistant to solar changes.
They came up with a way to dim the effect of the sun using a partially reflecting mirror, what we call chemtrails. A combination of aluminium, barium, strontium (used to block X-rays from TV cathode ray tubes) and iron oxide ((blocs CME). That our rain became a bit reddish from the iron oxide was a detail shoved under the carpet. Thunderstorms got massively more violent from these conductive metals.
They disburse this concoction every hour of the day by the tens of thousands of aircraft as a fuel additive coupled by a gps system to control precisely where and when to disperse and the pilots don’t even know.
With this tinkering they have reduced the heating up of the planet a bit.

To pay for this mammoth project they invented ‘global carbon taxes’ so you and me pay for something that is a sun induced natural event. The Cash cows forever.

The side effects of dumping millions of kg of their poisonous concoction in the stratosphere, drifting with the air currents and when becoming wet they drop down. Creating droughts in some places, high rain density in other places. With HAARP technology and the conductivity you can even direct these ‘clouds’ anywhere you want and control the weather.
The particles dropping down on crops and people created a whole new paradigm of allergies and diseases.
In parallel they did numerous genetic experimentation on animals and humans trying to find a better genetic design for humans to live in this artificial environment that will exist after the solar transition.
That is when they started experimenting with GMO foods to see what would work in the ‘new’ environment. All your data of ‘health’ are send into computers to keep track of their experiments.
The solar transition is well under way and they just have to keep the masses distracted long enough for the food modification to have its effect, so they can lock themselves down in their underground cities.

Extinction Level Events have happened many times in our earth history and are not an end, but a time of change.
The number of species going extinct has increased 1000 fold they say, but they are not disappearing they are evolving. The same which will be happening to mankind.

If the cabal had not started meesing around with geo-engineering and genetics 50 years ago, humanity would have been in the transition phase to a more complex form of life - a higher density of consciousness. The GMO and chemtrails experimentation has delayed the natural processes.
Wake up it is not too late, nature is resilient, we are made of star stuff and will evolve.
The cabal plans are not working, nature will take its course and reset everything they have engineered.

The solar transition will occur, it is a natural process and life associated with it also evolves.
Earth and you will evolve to a 4th density and you will move along with nature’s force.
The ones that try to create another timeline will remain in their 3D artificial world with all the pitfalls that come with that. They will try anything to make our lives very difficult in the coming time.

Re-connect with earth and go with the flow. The transition will be strange to say the least, but do not be afraid. Remember you cannot die.

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