Thursday, 11 October 2012


When I was a kid in Holland, we could not wait till the ice got thick enough to start skating. We were taking great risks going off at speed on thin ice that was cracking and often also there were complete unfrozen parts. We would also keep on going on the ice when the melting set in and then it was even more dangerous, because the ice became brittle and would crack much easier than when the frost set in.
You would skate on fairly thick, mostly white ice and could go though totally unexpectantly. Also it would brake into big chunks and you would slide under the ice and try to grab an edge to climb on, which would brittle and break and get you nowhere until you could get to the shore if you were lucky or you just drowned.

Looking at the world financial systems there is an analogy, it really looks the same. Wheeler dealers in the banks frantically  grabbing pieces of slippery chunks of equity that have lost its shine years ago and pushing it forward while frantically peddling with hands and feet's.
They know the ice (equities) is melting away and they will hold in the end their hands full of mud in the shape of worthless paper that has been lying in the water for ages, the print on it has become smudged to a blurr and they are making large balls of papier maché with this, while frantically holding on.
The paper age is over, its finished.
We now have to go back to real stuff that you can hold in your hand and trade for other things that have value and one can hold in the hand.

Rid ourselves of obsolete oil that could have been replaced with other free energy technologies that exist since decades and are cunningly hidden away to keep the oil falacy going and at the same time of the nuclear industry, which was only created to produce plutonium for bombs.
We have been surrounded with universal magneto electric energy since the earth exists and we do have the technology to use this free and clean energy.
Windmills and solar is another fallacy to spend money on things that will never ever work.

Just imagine if expensive energy is replaced by free energy, expensive GM seeds are forbidden and replaced by natural seeds, all the plastic crap made from petroleum replaced by natural carbon based materials.
Then what are these financial armies going to create money out of thin air with?

The whole world system is rigged in every facet of 'organized' life (crime). Everything is rigged governments, media, banking, industry, sports.
Just stop taking part of the rigged game, stop voting (unless its local), stop getting info from the 'established' sponsored media, stop taking prescription drugs of which you and with you nobody has a clue what is in it, stop eating foods that you don't know what it is made of.
Start thinking (thought is king), creating, look into yourself what you are doing, make yourself strong and healthy and look around you where you can do something that means something to you and others.
There really are thousands of possibilities once you sit down and think about your life.
Try to make things better, forget about what is wrong it will go away in time.
Just make things better, more liveable, more fun, more joy for you and the persons that are close to you.

Roy /Dakote

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