Saturday, 7 July 2012


As you might have felt by now, we are in the middle of tremendous change. If you have not, start looking around you with your eyes wide open.
It might seem to advance slowly for many of us, but don’t forget we live in a world community of very large numbers and have also created an enormous complexity in the organization of this world to a point that many of us cannot see clearly though things anymore. Cut out the blah blah and start looking at just only the results. What do you see then? Not really much. A lot of meetings, commissions and more blah. Is there anyone out there bringing a solution a great idea? So what are these highly paid people we elected bringing us in reality, in tangible? Not a great deal.
Conclusion; other forces are at work. A different agenda? Certainly an agenda we might not want to approve!

This is the end of a 26000 year period which evolves into the next 26000 years of an enlightened earth.
Since quite a few years we are bombarded with positive energy of light from the center of the creator universe. These vortices of positive energy are getting stronger while constantly raising the frequency of Earth and the beings that live on it. By raising the frequency our DNA changes, our perception and consciousness will step up and duality will gradually evaporate. We can already see in the younger generation that they have a different perception of the world a different point of view. Their DNA has been positively enhanced. (the 95% that the “scientist” call junk DNA, because they have not got a clue what it is there for)

We gradually see positive changes in motion. Our monetary structure is not a fair system and is in the hands of, and regulated by a small group of families getting all the time richer and more powerful, while squeezing the population and their governments into austerity (austerity for what and for whom?). This hidden blood letting has been going on for hundreds of years. The worlds finances are run from and organized by three sovereign cities: Vatican city, the corporation of Washington DC and the City of London and they keep on squeezing the life blood out of everyone.
It is now evidenced and comes out in blatant view that you cannot have the bankers regulate the worlds financial institutions. Its like having a drug addict regulating the pharmacies.
Step by step the financial criminal practices are disclosed and even the MSM cannot ignore this anymore (even though they are owned by the same clan).
The case of the 15 trillion $ send to banks in the UK from the US and not appearing in any books (then paid out to shady characters), the LIBOR scandal that has been going on since 2004 (stealing vast amounts in a 400 trillion $ market), the loan shark lending practices to sovereign states, the CDS and derivative market (approaching 600 trillion $), the gold and silver price manipulation, not to mention the ongoing printing of money without any cover whatsoever.
Some banksters are now ‘invited’ in front of fake parlamentry commissions (in another scheme to white wash) and the next step will be that they are indicted and taken to criminal courts.
Problem for the moment is that the heads in the governments are in full collusion with these practices, well aware, approving and getting their kick backs to pass any requested law by the major players. It is a theater played out in full view for the masses (they try to make it look more complex so everyone gets lost in the procedure).
Same is happening now with the multinationals, such as a 3 billion $ fine for drugs company Glaxo Smith Kline, Roche 'forgetting' to show 15000 deaths as side effects and more questions being asked about the practices of Monsanto and their ilk.
NATO is also being exposed for their war-crimes and atrocities in Kosovo, the balkan's, Iraq, etc. A French secret service colonel has come forward with the documents at the Mladic the Hague trial, which has now been postponed indefinitely (too much negative evidence). Soon the list of NATO criminal commanders will be published (they might even go to trial one day).
Most of the so called false flag operations, such as 9/11, are just smoke and mirrors to hide other criminal events that do not make the news. 9/11 was probably the worlds largest financial heist. Everything was planned for the aftermath; put options on the global stock market, security contracts worth billions, mega arms deals, drone manufacturing, etc. One needs to look behind the "projection curtain" to see what was the real purpose. Follow the money trail there is always one.
Disclosure will come about hidden technologies for energy, health and transportation and we’ll be rid of the ridiculous use of polluting nuclear waste, oil, chemicals and prescription drugs. There are many companies out there that have the technology, but they are still harassed and suppressed. A difficult battle, but they persist (human nature).

The EU governments are rowing a shaky boat with one oar in circles and 17 holes in the hull having only 16 plugs to stop the water coming in, constantly moving the plugs from one hole to the next. They’ll still drown in the end and that will be the end of the EU/Euro cabal. Then we can start living a normal life again caring for each other and exchanging real for real.

We have seen many posts in blogs concerning “mass arrests of the cabal”, all the time pushing the date further forward. I do not really see this happening, but then one never knows. I am sure there are many persons in high positions in military and corporations who do not want to play the game anymore, fed up and ready to take over. The intricate web of the zionist /illuminati/ masons is wide and deep and still very powerful. By bringing them to justice one by one and replacing them by people with a higher morality is the more likely way of procedure. They are being exposed by multiple organized groups and their space of maneuvring is getting more confined. Taking their access to money away is a real blow. When the big heads fall, the followers will abandon ship as quick as they can. One only has to look at the more than 600 banking top brass managers that have left and resigned from their posts in the past 2 years. They knew what is in store and decided to leave early and escape prosecution (not going to happen).

The changes the earth needs to go through to become part of the universal family of light and harmony will happen and is under constant surveillance of many beneficial on and off planet entities (we defintely are not alone). They will not allow us to make a nuclear mess, bio-weapon catastrophy or use HAARP technology for destruction, it would have huge repercussions on the universe.
However they are bound by the universal rules of non intervention to our growth path as human beings, that path we will have to sort out ourselves as grown ups and earn our position among our universal family as beings of light.

The negative forces on earth will do anything to keep their solid position of control and they tried over again to create more wars and destruction. Many of these attempts have been twarted by intervention of on world and off world entities. The group of active on world light workers/forces are counting in the tens of millions and growing. We probably will not have the fear-mongering catastrophies and World Wars promulgated by hollywood and MSM. It remains to be seen whether they can execute their hideous plans for the London zion games. Stay away from London if you can.

Make not the mistake to abide your time and hope that others will solve all the problems. You are part of the problem, you are living it, thus your input is crucial and important. As important as your own life.
This does not mean you have to take on fighting action, go into the street with banners and get molested by robocops. Don’t forget that these over dressed up cops are people like you and me, they have a job, a family, are manipulated and in the end will wake up to reality. No point antagonzing them.

There is the real way of the light, love and forgiveness. Positive thinking, visualizing a better world where everyone has an individual living space, this provides an even stronger force than protesting in the street. Thoughts are creative and combined they have a powerful force.
Stay informed of what is being discussed and decided for you and form your own positive opinion.
The second half of 2012 will bring some major upheaval all across the board. Don’t panic, be prepared, keep out of harms way. Stay focused and keep on imagining a just world and most important do not let yourself be influenced by negative information, scaremongering and fear inciting stories.
That is exactly what could lead you to the path of negative thoughts and that is exactly what the negative forces want to achieve. Negative thoughts are as creative as positive ones.
The tricks they have used for 1500 years to keep the masses under control with fictitious beliefs and punishments have put us right here where we are now.
Soon we’ll be free of these man made dumb doctrines that created many wars and also kept us away from positive scientific developments. Through the ages all real inventors and scientist have been ridiculed, crucified and destroyed, their inventions burned and hidden in deep vaults, no public access.

What we need to do is positive thinking, positive actions, bring light and love to the people around you and the transformation of earth out of the dark ages into the white light will go faster.
Smile, be happy, even when times are tough.
Every day is a new day to bring us a step closer to our liberation.

Roy /Dakote

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