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We know nothing about our ancient history for a number of reasons, such as disastrous wars were fought using very advanced technology, which completely destroyed whole nations to less than rubble and in the process starting large earth upheavals as well as cataclimic events provoked by meteorites.

Our various manipulated religions have destroyed and kept hidden almost everything that was left over from ancient civilizations. We have even gotten to a point where history is not even taught in school anymore. In any case the history books are written by the victors and thus totally screwed up.
A history book is a certified lie. Most fiction books are closer to the truth.

This list shows important moments in Earth ancient history based on information supplied by the Plejans.
22 Million B.C. The first Lyrans come to Earth and colonize.
387,000 B.C. 144,207 Lyrans come to Earth and settle here, forever changing the genetics of Earthman.
228,000 B.C. A Lyran leader named Asael leads 360,000 Lyrans to a new home in the Pleiades.
226,000 B.C. Asael dies and his daughter Pleja becomes ruler. The system is now called the Plejans.
225,000 B.C. Pleja scout ships discover Earth, and colonies are founded here and on Mars and Milona.
196,000 B.C. War breaks out on Earth and its people are evacuated to the Plejans. Forty years later Milona destroys itself and becomes the asteroid belt. Mars is thrown out of orbit and all life is gone.
116,000 B.C. For the past 80,000 years several small colonies have been tried by the Lyrans-mostly exiled criminals.

71,344 B.C. The Great Pyramids are built in Egypt, China, and South America by Lyrans. They served as power and communication transmitters.
58,000 B.C. The Great Plan. The Plejans build a great society on Earth that lasts for almost 10,000 years.
48,000 B.C. Ishwish Pelegon comes to Earth and builds a wonderful society that lasts for around 10,000 years.
31,000 B.C. Atlantis is founded by a man named Atlant, who comes with his people from the Barnard Star system.
30,500 B.C. The great city of Mu is founded by Muras, the father of Atlant's wife, Karyatide. His empire is sometimes called Lemuria situated in the Gobi desert.
30,000 B.C. The black race comes from Sirius.
16,000 B.C. Arus is exiled from Earth for trying to start wars. He hides out with his followers in the Beta Centauri star system.
14,000 B.C. Arus and his men return to Earth and settle in Hyperborea, which is the current location of Florida.
13,000 B.C. The scientist Semjasa, the second in command to Arus, creates two Adams, who bear a child named Seth. This becomes the legend of Adam and Eve.
11,000 B.C. Arus II attacks the Sumerians, who flee into the mountains.
11,000 B.C. A group of ETs of unknown origin arrive, led by a leader named Viracocoha, who controlled the city of Tiahuanaco. His base was on an island named Mot. He provided the inhabitants of Easter Island the tools to build the strange statues there which represent him.
9500 B.C. The Plejans cause the old spirit-form from Lahson to come to Earth - later the incarnation of Eduard Meier.
9498 B.C. Atlantis and Mu destroy each other and ruin the planet. The air is not breathable for 50 years. All survivors are driven underground.
9448 B. C. Jehovan, the third son of Arus II, takes over the three remaining tribes left on Earth and becomes the ruler.
8239 B. C. The Destroyer Comet passes closely by Earth and causes the Atlantic ocean to part.
8104 B.C. The Biblical Flood.
ca.6000 B.C. Venus is pulled out of its orbit around the planet Uranus by the Destroyer Comet and is in orbit around the sun. Destroyer comet (ca 1.72x mass /size of earth). The rotation of Earth changed from over 40 hour days to the current 24 hour day. The sun did not rise in the East then. The Comet will come again in 2255. Its last passage was in 1680 - 295 years ago. It normally comes in cycles every 575 and one half years
5981 B.C. The Destroyer Comet comes close to Earth, causing great destruction. It also changes the orbit of Venus. The Comet also brought us our moon. The moon comes from a planet 4.5 million years older than Earth. Millions of years ago a sun went Nova (exploded) and pulled into itself and throwing/ pushing the surrounding planets and debris out into space. The sun collapsed into herself tearing a hole in space. Original size of that sun of 11 million kilometers - became 4.2 kilometers. 1 cubic centimeter weighs several thousand tons.
4930 B.C. The Destroyer Comet once again passes close by Earth, causing tidal waves of destruction.
5000 B.C. Jehav, the son of Jehovan, takes over rulership.
1500 B.C. The Destroyer Comet passes by Earth, causing the Santorini Volcano to erupt. It also pulls Venus into its current orbit around the sun.
500 B.C. We have an amalgam of old legends mixed with new ideas, which are different in history books in various countries and religious influx. Basically noe is really true.

In the last 2500 years we have not stopped fighting, conquering, destroying, enslaving and killing. Through the ages we created new religions, based on shamanic truth and morphed into belief systems through power and oppression. Practically every year there is a new sectarian church that springs to life and captures new audiences to spend their money and create more dissent.
Today it seems we are back into the crusades setting up similar religions into creating never ending war. However these wars have basically nothing to do with beliefs, but are completely generated for profit and power. The believers as always are the scapegoats.

As long as we have these man made religions for a purpose we will not be able to develop our individual spirituality and we will not advance as a species. We’ll have to take responsibility for ourselves and stop thinking that an outside force or make belief god will solve our problems. There is no spiritual growth within the teachings of religion.
 Creation is build into ourselves.

Responsibility also means that we awaken the knowledge and forces that are build into our DNA and we start looking after our world. So far we have only been robbing the earth and each other to become what really?
We are thousands of years behind the other human beings, who have been and are visiting us from far fetched parts of the univers, in spirituality and technology. In their eyes we are still barbarians and destructors.

Stop robbing the Earth of oil, gas, ores, etc.. These are nutrients of Earth needed to keep this globe in balance. By taking them away we are creating disaster scenes.

Stop the atomic testing and all nuclear fission and fusion. We really have no idea what we are toying with. We have not got a clue what we are creating as noxious by products and destruction of our ionosphere and ozone layer protection. Not to mention the genetic modifications of species.

Tear down all dams. By changing the course of rivers we obstruct natural flow necessary to keep balance. The power of water I think anyone with a clear mind has seen. We are incapable of taming natural forces with stupid man made obstructions.
 We first need to understand and then we can influence with our inside powers.

Get rid of chemicals and pharmaceuticals we have concocted without any real knowledge of their effects. They will surely destroy us and make us ever more sick.

We have exploded our population in the wrong places. We need to reduce population to a sustainable level over time by intelligent logistics. Not by insensible killing of large populations with created diseases, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and genetic modifications.

The way we use and apply science has been proven now that we are on the wrong track. Science led by profit making is not doing any good for the Earth nor its population.
Science should be integrated with past knowledge to create systems and products that are using existing energies and keep balance. Many great scientist have been destroyed, killed and their inventions hidden for the profits of other agendas.

Currently we are still transporting ourselves around with 1800’s technology running on oil, which has not advanced one millimeter. All we did, we made it look more modern, but it is still the same crap. We fly to outer space with something resembling a big fireworks rocket and come back with a parachute! That is the best we can do?

In 1980 I was working with very advanced computer graphics and artificial intelligence and all we have managed in 30 years and trillions of investments is an iPad? Do you really believe that?

Tesla in 1920 had more advanced working technology than anyone can dream of. Where is it?

We seem not to invent anything anymore, we make worse products that hardly last, but we make money by moving money from left to right and it seems to multiply (for some at least).

Spiritually we have been lowered to the level of a slug.
As it is now we are at the turning point of a great future or the point of total decline and destruction of which only a very small number of humans could survive. We’ll be thrown back again into a stone age type situation, climbing up slowly again to repeat previous errors.
That has nothing to do with learning and advancing.

On the other hand we could just now chose the other path, a path of awakening knowledge, get rid of our ridiculous self inflicted chains and move on and grow into an enlightened world that can have a place among the other humans thriving in this universe.
For this we have to open our eyes, become aware of our shortcomings as well as our powers, start learning, start doing things better, realize respect for our Earth and everything that lives and thrives on this unique planet.

Destruction is easy and quick, tending and cherishing needs a lot more effort.

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

Evil people are not born evil, they have been made evil by upbringing, surroundings, indoctrination and training. Many soldiers coming back from today's battlefields commit suicide. They have been trained to do nasty things and in the end they have great problems living with their actions.

Our future is not written in stone, there is a logical timeline for our future based on our behavior, but the future can be turned and shaped in different directions depending on our consciousness. Our thoughts and actions are creative and can alter the course of events. The simple case of action reaction, cause and effect. If one person wants to do evil and ten are opposed the evil will probably not happen. If 10 people do nothing then there is a real chance the evil will happen.

97% of DNA contains a sequence which is comparable to all languages used in the world. In short our DNA contains an astronomical amount of information like a giant book. Most of this is veiled from us and only in particular states of consciousness or super-consciousness small parts of this information are unveiled. (If we would have access to all this information we would be gods)

In previous ages (and also today) shamans by using different types of halocegenic drugs, incantations, meditation and dances achieved the altered states of consciousness and were given complex recipes for healing with multiple plants and general guidelines to remain healthy. They were given these informations to help their clan or tribe against diseases.

“All our knowledge of the supernatural derives defacto from the statements made by religious visionaries and ecstatics i.e. Shamans and profets. Priests only administrate the ecclesia established on this supernatural basis...”  (Weston La Barre)

Of all the great religions of the modern world, the original supernatural experiences and revelations of their founders are now so far in the past that salaried priests, ministers, rabbis, mullahs and bishops have taken over entirely - presenting themselves not just as administrators but as true and exclusive intermediairies between humanity and otherworldly powers.
Unfortunately for us, however, the imposing bureaucrats and managers who's modern monopoly over our relationships with the otherworld has often been brutally build up by centuries of repression are not shamans. (Graham Hancock)

The tragedy of the modern world that the blind have for so long been allowed to mislead the blind about the very experiences and revelations that may have made us human in the first place.
Our truth is inside us, hidden inside each of our DNA sequences, we have the capacity to access parts of it, but it needs a bit of effort. One would be to get rid of all the deviated manipulated religious dogmas, which are mainly based on fear. As you might have understood now it is this fear that has been instilled in us that blocks us totally from our free will and creative enterprise to unlock the secrets buried inside us.
The truth and all knowledge has been programmed inside each of us. Listen to your inner voice, it is the voice of truth.

Roy /Dakote

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