Saturday, 9 June 2012


We really want to get rid of the thousands of years of oppression from the negative forces (call them cabal, illuminati, secret organizations, committee of 300, etc.) that have been running this earth in secret keeping us like stupid sheep. Now some of us are waking up and started doing something about it. Disclosure is a very good start.
Turn them around to positive beings by bombarding them with positive thinking and love. Never forget thoughts and words are creative and have tremendous power.

We the people what we want:
  1. An end to the fake world wide fiat banking scam. Real money that has a value, that is covered by tangible commodities. The end of ursury and interest.
  2. An end to paying taxes which are used for hidden military, psy-ops and other secret ventures that do not benefit the taxpayer population in any way.
  3. An end to infiltrated bribed governments that only please the interests of bankers and multi- national business.
  4. An end to the hundreds of Ponzi schemes; government bonds, derivative trading, Credit Default Swaps, fake Credit Backed Securities and all the schemes that have been dreamed up to leech the hard earned money from the people.
  5. An end to the fake war on Terror, a total invention to keep us all permanently scared; airport ‘security’ scams, fake bombings, Al Cia-eda, spy cameras, illegal searches and arrests.
  6. Free speech in every form, no taboos on any subject.
  7. An end to globalization get back to community level, where people interact and solve local problems, look after each other. We don’t want a nanny state with robocops.
  8. A police force that is there with the people to protect and interact.
  9. An end to pharmaceutical poison that cripples people and makes them brain dead. A real non infiltrated overseeing body to approve pharma products based on real proven tests and the power to take a product off the market as soon as side effects are apparent.
  10.  Stop all chemtrailing (destroying our agricultural pastures, dumbing us down with aluminium and barium) and other geo weather engineering projects.
  11.  Commissions in governments that review and delete laws that are obsolete and wrong to start with. A law book in one volume and not thousands.
  12.  Green organizations that are driven by reality, looking after Gaia and its inhabitants and not driven by politics, infiltration and backshish.
  13.  Delete all nuclear fission power plants and weaponry.
  14.  Delete all chemical and biological stock piles scattered all over the world.
  15. Transform all armies into humanitarian organizations and have them clean up the lands and the seas of all chemical and other polluting materials, mostly left behind from war and conflicts.
  16.  We want in the public domain the thousands of inventions (Tesla, etc.) that have been stolen and hidden and further developed into working mechanisms and mostly used for military applications to kill more people.
  17.  Disclosure on the hidden Naval space Command having interstellar travel, space stations, stargates, time travel, TR-3E, equipment that has been paid for by taxpayers and stolen funds. Close down the NASA jokers.
  18.  Bring back into general use the decades old working developments of anti-gravity, free energy, zero-point technologies, electro magnetic transport devices, etc.
  19.  Stop the HAARP installations from functioning in their applications of weather modification, earthquake manufacturing and magnetic influencing on the human brain
  20.  Stop all frequencing applications used in digital TV to dumb down the human brain.
  21.  Change the mainstream media back into true information channels with real unbiased information not dependent on a owners agenda.
  22.  Clean up our water supplies without adding dangerous chemicals and filter out all pharma chemical residues.
  23.  Close down all global agribusiness and stop all GMO seeds and dangerous pesticides that destroy our habitat and natural crops.
  24.  Changeover the oil companies to responsible free energy non polluting providers using available free energy technologies.
  25.  Stop using polluting technologies for mining of any mineral or metal.
  26.  Bring back into mainstream all the known natural remedies that have worked for thousands of years.
  27.  Disclosure and general application of hidden advanced plasma and magnetic medical equipment that can heal diseases and delete nuclear radiation.
  28.  An end to the use of weaponised and spy drones and robotic cyber cops.
  29.  Delete and stop developing cyber warfare malware such as Stuxnet and Flame that destroy nuclear centrals and other industrial plants using the stupid Siemens Windows based controllers and putting the world population in jeopardy.
  30.  Stop the fake war on narcotics that is one of the worlds major income for alphabet agencies and governments.
  31.  Legalize cannabis for industrial applications and medicinal applications.
  32.  Reinstate correct school programs
  33.  Disclosure on real history, what really happened
  34.  Become part and real citizens of the universe
  35.  Your comments and additions are welcome.
Roy /Dakote

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