Wednesday, 20 June 2012


We are currently in the end game, call it WW3 or a monetary war, it is about a war between us humanity and a small group of people directed by a group of negative off world entities, who want to completely take over all aspects of life. Basically they see us as food, either we become their slaves or get killed and transformed to the untinkable.
The time is really over to stay in your slumber and hope that someone else like one of your government muppets will solve all the problems. We are now in a fight about our very existence.
If we waver too long and keep on walking with our eyes wide shut, our part of the game is lost and we’ll be gobbled up lock stock and sinker.
Forget about the Americans, they are lost already, they are completely mind controlled and probably beyond recovery. The rest of the world still has a chance to get  part of their freedom back.

What is in store for us? Here some points, not predictions, but definite parts of the long standing plan of the cabal, some have been executed and some are at their point of culmination. If we let them and moreover if we play into their hands. 
Their plan has been drawn up in the late 1700’s and they have been very good at its execution, but as with all plans, things can go wrong. That is where we come in; to torpedo the plan.
You have not a single ally in any government in the world.
They are so sure of their plans that everything is announced beforehand in plain view, using symbols, hollywood movies, TV shows and numerology (also for warning their own people).

Creation of an european single currency, a european presidency and parliament, central taxation, central banking. Destruction of individual sovereign states. Destruction of the Euro single currency.

Link up USA with China (as well as Iran and Pakistan), move all industry to China, destroy the US Dollar. Turn the USA into a 3rd world to be taken over by China.

Take over Russia (as been put in motion before WW1) or keep the Russian bear caged.

Create a major visual attack on American soil (9/11 twin towers, Pentagon). It was not enough to have just 2 planes fly into the WTC and have it burning, no they used very advanced technology to bring the lot (concrete and steel) down into a pile of fine dust. It was announced years in advance through movies, TV and comics. This allowed to create a whole new war; the War on imaginary Terror. We all have seen and live the results.

Create a world wide monetary war using any type of criminal banking activities (derivatives, CDS, CDC, sub prime mortgages and loans).

Since a long time they have taken over ALL the media; print, radio, TV, Hollywood and can through this completely manipulate the masses, telling them any lies and hiding the truth. They also pay armies of people to create disinformation on the Internet.

They created (out of IG Farben) a world wide network of pharmaceutical companies “controlled” by their own FDA and AMA to inundate the market with negative pharma and inocculations to make people sick and keep them in that state. It is part of their Eugenics program.

They keep the world in the grip of petroleum paying forever higher prices, while all positive clean energy technologies are kept hidden.

They build and own nuclear energy plants for one to produce weapons grade plutonium and second to sell energy at criminal prices, while polluting the environment. (only 20% of nuclear fuel is actually used for energy production, the rest is thrown into the environment).

Through their owned media and education sytems they have shredded family values and life, brought porn and drugs to kids, emphasized pedophilia as normal and a lot more that would make you sick to hear.

They created the Fukushima catastrophy by actually exploding hidden nuclear devices in the centrals under cover of a man made tsunami. This is putting hundreds of millions of humans at terminal risk. (Eugenics)

The RIO+20 meeting is not about sustainability, it is about  pushing through the UN Agenda 21, which means land grabs. Many farmers will have major pieces of their land confiscated for a cover of "natural reserve". In the end we'll own nothing anymore.

Some of the cards from the illuminati card game made in 1983 (twin towers, Pentagon, London Olympics?)

Olympics London 2012: the games of ZION, build on a nuclear and chemical dump has a planned large false flag operation in store. Nuclear, biological, chemical or all three. The warnings have been given in movies and the dates 7/272012, 8/12/2012 are totally fitting with their numerology. The whole games are under a zionist illuminato spell; the zionist spider statue, the zion logo, the pyramid one eye stadium lighting, the one eyed mascottes, the situation of the various buildings, the multiple warnings of blowing up Big Ben in movies. 50.000 security personnel for  a 80.000 people stadium.
They possibly will be  using holographic projection and secret existing UFO’s to create an alien invasion and protect the people with their overwhelmingly installed surface to air capabilities. This convinces the sheeple that they will protect and we all have to abide by their rules.
I advice anyone do not go there if you want to live.

We are now on the verge of the collapse of Europe, taxpayers with their last food money bailing out criminal banks that took to high risks, no money going to re-establishing the economy. The economy is fine, its only a problem of fake debt and criminal interest. Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain are gone, Italy will be impossible to crack, they actually have a working economy, gold reserves, the old Venetian nobility, Sicilian mafia and a corrupt Vatican, thus not so eay to run them of the map. 
We are looking at bank holidays, banks going down (French postbank nearly gone), people losing their life savings, hyperinflation, empty stores.
That is the time that people have to stick together and help each other to sort life out. Forget about your so called leaders, they are just leading everyone to the abyss.

The rest of this summer program will probably see the Dollar and Pound collapse and then the NWO will come with the great new plan of a World Currency, except you’ll have no money, you’ll get a piece of plastic or a chip in your body containing all your numbers, affiliations and the “money” you earn. They will have total control of you and your family.
If you are “dissent”, they’ll block your chip. Game up.

Some new quasi wars will be engineered, some more “dictators” overthrown and brought under the umbrella of “Democrazy” (like Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Kosovo, etc.). The media only talk about it with their typical “objective” reporting when things are in progress. When the battle is over and families torn apart, women and children killed, raped and disfigured for life, the land destructed (with uranium and chemicals) the media moves on, nothing to report all is well, we brought “freedom” to these people.

The name of the game is EUGENICS (Kill Bill Gates even made a very pointed equasion for this that his foundation will pursue with the money he stole from the world leaving them with 1930’s computer technology), reduce the world population to 500 million SLAVES run by a handful of elites families.

Their end goal is coming to a close, if you don’t realize it so be it, you are toast, your children will be sacrificed, trained as whores for the cabal, the rest will be cloned or turned into semi robots.

Understand they do not need soldiers or workers anymore, all can be replaced by drones, micro drones, robots, programmed clones with a short life. This is decades old technology, which is still slightly hidden.
Many of us have been under mind-control for years via TV frequencies, cell towers, food, medication and chemtrails and it will be very difficult for them to shake them selves out of this. That is where the others have to help to stand up and fight, better fight and be maybe killed than being just killed.

We can win and I am convinced we can, but we have to start the fight now. Start making plans with the people close to you, start by kicking out your criminal government and replace them with real people who cannot be bought and blackmailed.
I’ll do my thing, you do yours.

Roy  /Dakote

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, His thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest ... a kind of optical delusion of His consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restrict us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free Ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." 
Albert Einstein

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