Monday, 2 April 2012


Wake up from your slumber, wake up from your scares that have been funnelled to you every day by the media. Start opening your eyes to the world, what is really going on. Stop closing yourself off from events, stop thinking that ‘someone else’ will solve all the problems.
Nobody else is going to solve your problems of slavery. Slavery has existed since the beginning of time and it will continue until YOU disagree and start making moves to stop it. Not before.

You might not mind that other humans are treated as slaves, it is their problem not mine.
But aren’t you a slave too?
Think about it.
Where does slavery begin and where does it stop?

Right you have got a job. It is grossly underpaid, you know it, but you can live with that.
Here comes your ‘elected’ government adding taxes and other clever ways to take away your income. In the end no matter what you earn, at the end of the month its all gone. No time to think, no time to sit down and say what is really happening. Back to the slave mill.

So what keeps you going is, I have a job, I get paid, I even like what I am doing (sometimes). They make me do stupid things, I could do them much better if they give me a bit of time to think and re-organize. But they don’t, they keep you in the thread mill.

Your life is a mess. You don’t want to think about it, you are lived by the system. You watch TV and read the papers and they tell you all kinds of lies, nonsense and make belief. In every information that is directed to you it contains a hidden message to keep you in fear. Every day they invent new events to keep the fear going. You gob it up like a good child and feel happy that you are not attacked in the street everyday.

They created specially for you, investing trillions of $€ of your tax money: 911, War on Terror, Al Cia-duh, Airport Security, Robocops, Arabian Spring, Lybia teror, nuclear Iran, Islamic terrorists, Fukushima, Mexico quake and tomorrow something new.
Hollywood in direct live.
They keep on bombarding new ‘events’. No time to think.

- When was the last time an islamic country attacked a neighbor? 300, 500 or 1000 years ago?

- When was the last time the US/NATO/G5 attacked and bombarded a sovereign state? 1, 2 or 3 months ago?

- How did certain 'noble' people in Great Britain get so rich 400 years ago? Peddling tea or opium?

- How many american indians were slaughterd? 100,000, 5,000,000, 150,000,000?
Why was Gadhaffi killed? Because he was dictator or because he did not want payment anymore in worthless US $?
Kameroon and Sarkrazy were lauded for bombarding with uranium loaded Tomahawks a sovereign country, which had not even tried to attack anyone. Now there is nothing left of Lybia, civil war, destroyed infrastructure and highly radiated.

While you have to live in austerity, because there is no more money, no industry left, mountains of debt, except for war games ofcourse.

Each little war could feed Africa for a year.

The so called ‘Western Allies’ (CIA run NATO) have created in the past 90 years 64 wars (and counting), killing 620 000 000 civilians.
Aren’t we nice and clean to bring democrazy to the world.

Talking on the subject of democracy, not a single president or PM has been actually voted into office since at least 100 years. They have been ‘placed’ there. (by the Committee of 300)
You vote, they place.
They are placed there under certain conditions of course, they are given a program to follow and it is checked regularly if they stick with the script.
If not imminent termination.

We have nuclear centrals everywhere, they produce electricity, but at what price. They are using uranium an expensive product, as expensive as platinum, now why would you want to burn platinum to get electricity?
Not only that, they use only 20% and throw out the rest that needs to be treated with great expense.

The whole nuclear industry is a hoax, so you pay a lot of money for electricity.

If a nuclear central was run correctly, using thorium and other cheaper materials, using all of the combustibles, we would have electricity practically for free.
We would just need to pay for the cost of the infrastructure of cables and high tension lines. And we would not have the radioactive waste either.
Ever heard the so called ‘greens’ on this subject?
Ofcourse not they have been bought by the cabal.

A barrel of oil costs 10$, Wall Steet upps it into 120$.
We would not have needed oil for anything since 1910 if the then working inventions would have been put in place to have free energy.

A world of hidden clean inexpensive technology has been kept from us for at least 80 years.

The military are using technology beyond your wildest dreams, state secret.
Who is the state? 
You, me or ‘they’.
Hold on wasn’t the state “we the people”. Apparently not.

The Club of Rome was created by the secret committee of 300 to bring down the western world by the destruction of the middle class, introducing socialism to end up with a communist central world government. Back to the middle ages of slavery.
They are close to target.

You want to protest, go into the street with banners and meet a giant robo cop police force now outfitted with armed drones, sure it will be in all the papers, but nothing will come of it.
The ‘elected’ people running your country into the ground will only laugh their heads off. (Just read the real story of the so called French Revolution, you will hardly find a more sad joke)

When governments seek to protect the rich from the poor, they act swiftly and decisively.
When they undertake to protect the poor from the rich, they fanny about for years until the moment has passed.

If you want to protest do it where it makes a mark:

Expose what is really happening so others realize what is going on, they migh just awaken.
Expose disinformation, blatant lies, promises that are not kept.

- Stop buying the main newspapers that only tell lies
Stop watching Mind Kontol TV. Watch TV without sound and just look at the image antics, it tells it all, better than with the sound. Look at the gestures of politicians without sound. Enlightening.

- Stop paying taxes, that are way beyond anybody’s means anyway. 

- Stop agreeing what they do with your taxes. If 50% of the people stop paying taxes, there is nothing they can do to enforce it.

- Stop driving a car when petrol prices are hiked by the banksters.
Stop using a credit card, pay in cash.

- Start a barter scheme, I do something for you you give me some food etc.

- Stop agreeing to everything. Disagree.

- Stop believing the ‘news’. Start thinking who benefits

- Stop buying and using video war games. Almost all video games are about killing masses of enemies. No use of a brain necessary, but still washed and pre-prepared.

- Stop using pharmaceuticals, replace it by natural remedies

- Stop eating fast food, cook yourself or eat everything raw (wash first)
Stop drinking soft drinks (which are far from soft), drink water (without fluoride)
Stop....., you make it up easily as you become more aware

If we and you do not start taking life on earth in our own hands for us and our children it is going to be an unlivable world, a world with one future, slavery, despair, unending wars, atrocities and killings.

We need to get rid of the secret profiteers, bring them to justice.

You cannot sit back and let others do the work.
Thus wake up, and start doing the task you came to earth for, think what you can do to help create a better peaceful loving life.
Our earth will go through a number of cleansing processes in the very near future, they will be big and necessary to rid Gaia from centuries of negative influences. 
It will have an impact on many of us, but don’t worry we will survive.

Once humanity has rid itself from the black cabal and we can be free and speak freely again, we’ll recover all the hidden technology that will enable us to live a great natural life, helping each other, being one people without slavery and taxes.

Just imagine when we do not need oil or nuclear tech or dangerous chemicals to live our lives in comfort with abundance of clean water, healthy food and not needing polluting agents for heating, light and transport.

These technologies have been existing since 100 years and have been used in secret.

Soon they will be brought out in the open, available and it will astound you.

You are not here to change the world on your own. You are here to bring your small and very precious help to build a real world where people live in peace, in harmony with each other and nature.
You can do that easily, look around you, your family, your friends, help them with their awareness, bring light, peace and harmony wherever you go. Forgive.

The more you do, the more light you bring to humanity and the brighter it will get, obliterating the darkness.

Be yourself, the real you, step out of the character the fake world wants you to be, stand up for your beliefs and integrity, stop feeling scared.

When you are scared you cannot think, you cannot live in today in the now, you are flung back and forth between yesterday and tomorrow.

Life is now

Make your little light shine

Roy /Dakote

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