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In 1908, financier J.P. Morgan (the same one who destroyed the free energy development of Nikola Tesla) planned a brand new class of luxury liners that would enable the wealthy to cross the Atlantic in previously undreamed-of opulence.  
The construction of the giant vessels, the 'Olympic', the 'Titanic' and the 'Britannic,' began in 1909 at the Harland and Wolff  shipyard in Belfast, Ireland.
Unfortunately for Morgan, this money-making venture went a little awry.  
The Olympic, the first of the three sister-ships to be completed was involved in a serious collision with the British Royal Navy cruiser, HMS Hawke in September 1911 in Southampton a few weeks after its maiden voyage. It had to be  'patched-up' before returning to Belfast to undergo proper repair work.

In the meantime, a Royal Navy inquiry into the accident found the Olympic at fault for the collision and this meant that the White Star Line's insurance was null and void.  
The White Star Line was out of pocket to the tune of at least £800,000 (around $90m today) for repairs and lost revenues. 
However, for Morgan and the White Star Line, there was even worse news.  It is believed that the keel of the ship was actually twisted and therefore beyond repair, which would have effectively meant the scrapyard. 
The White Star Line would have been bankrupted, given its precarious financial situation..

According to Robin Gardner's book, 'Titanic, the Ship that Never Sank?'
 the seeds were sown for an audacious insurance scam - the surreptitious switching of the identities of the two ships, Olympic and Titanic.
Gardner presents credible testimonies, indisputable facts and evidence, both written and photographic, that suggest that the two ships were indeed switched with a view to staging an iceberg collision.
According to Gardner, "Almost two months after the Hawke/Olympic collision, the reconverted Titanic, now superficially identical to her sister except for the C deck portholes, quietly left Belfast for Southampton to begin a very successful 25-year career as the Olympic.

Back in the builders' yard, work progressed steadily on transforming the battered hull of the Olympic into the Titanic.  The decision to dispose of the damaged vessel would already have been taken. ...  Instead of replacing the damaged section of keel, longitudinal bulkheads were installed to brace it". 

How significant then in the light of this statement, that when the wreck of the Titanic was first investigated by Robert Ballard and his crew after its discovery in 1987, the first explorations of the wreckage reportedly showed (completely undocumented in the ships original blueprints) iron support structures in place which appeared to be supporting and bracing the keel. 

This was never satisfactorily explained but would certainly be significant as it was reported by the puzzled Ballard himself who of course at that time knew nothing (and probably still does not even now) about the alleged switching of the two ships' identities.

Parallel to this Morgan and his banker partners wanted to create the Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned bank to print the fiat US $. 
A number of bankers and businessmen were opposed to this plan.

Approximately 600 of these high profile persons were invited on the Titanic voyage to have a conference on the creation of the FED.

J.P. Morgan himself ‘just missed’ the departure and thus was not present.

The Olympic transformed Titanic met its fate in the northern part of the Atlantic by explosion of a device planted in the ship.
The captain of the Titanic new these waters very well and had been commanding ships in this area for 20 years. (Before and after Titanic, not a single ship has been sunk by collision with an iceberg!)

When the ship started to sink, the 600 bankers/businessmen were locked into a large conference room under armed guard and thus never managed to leave the ship.

A careful look at the hull, shows a gaping hole where the hull plates are bend outwards, typical result from an explosion inside the ship. If it had hit an iceberg, the plates would have been bend inwards normally. (When your car hits a wall the dent is inwards and not outwards)

The Federal Reserve Bank was created in early 1913, without any obstruction from outside parties, and owned by 7 private families.

This you can call a double whammy win for Morgan; the insurance paid for the fake Titanic and he had control of the printing of fiat money in any quantity.

It is always the same thing with history; follow the money trail.

Roy /Dakote


  1. Interesting in the Greek mythology, the Olympians went to war with the Titans and finally send them into the ground into their spaceship Hades.
    Here the story is inverted by ruse.

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