Saturday, 21 April 2012


You must have wondered that any photo ever shown of the moon are in black and white only and very fuzzy, while on the other hand we have the most beautiful colour photos of the other planets and the Milky Way.
Some people had this same idea and did something about it.
NASA lied, edited images, wiped part of the pictures. The moon has colour and structures, there are 'people' there, there are ET's there and we are there.
Watch this great documentary it really is a great fascinating piece of research.

This film was made in 1994, since then we have found quite a bit more, the moon is an artificial satellite, partly hollow, it has an atmosphere, it has 65% of the gravity of earth, it contains a giant energy central, it is currently totally occupied by ET/ED's, earth had originally 2 real moons that have been destroyed and make up the van Allen belt.
There is even some info that 'we' have (had) mining companies on the moon.

“We lied about everything” – bell comm / NASA Insider

Roy /Dakote

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