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The Earth’s magnetic field contains and stores all information of the current 7 billion people and everything that has passed in the minds before.

Any idea in a single persons mind takes no more than 10 minutes to transmit to all the brains on the planet. (whether we pick it up is something else).
We can influence other humans when in dream state.
The transmitting quality is better when the magnetic field(s) is quiet. It also very much influences better when we are in a dream state.

The human brain has the same frequency of 7Hz as the magnetic frequency of the earth and is directly linked to the hypocampus at 7Hz.

The total neuronic activity of a human in a lifetime added together has a power equivalent of 1 Joule.
The earth magnetic field can store 10 ^19 Joule. Thus way to go to store human thoughts and ideas. 

Basically we should be capable to connect with any brain in the world and read the thoughts and also retrieve information stored in the earth magnetic field (like a huge database).

Most people do not have the ‘password’, meaning the spiritual capability or spiritual state to access (spiritualnet?).

Any of our thoughts or external information directed towards us, is on ‘standby’ for 20-30 minutes,  (like RAM) before it is stored long term in our brain (the hard drive).
It also takes this same time to reach the earth magnetic field to be stored there (the database of humanity).

We are capable of reading others minds. With a bit of exercise we can become quite good at it. We are unsure, we don’t believe and thus don’t pursue.

With more use of artificially created magnetic fields, such as WiFi, cell phones, radar, TV signals and magnetrons, our capability of connecting reduces.
The day we achieve to retrieve and apply these build in capabilities, there are no more secrets.
The neointernet.
The above information comes for scientific research and testing by a team of scientist and Dr. M. Persinger.

Power Over the Masses

There are numerous ways of having power over people and masses.

  • By keeping people illiterate you have power over a population.

  • By keeping secrets you have power.

  • Undisclosing knowledge gives power over others. Knowledge is power.

  • By eradicating and transforming history lessons you get power over uninformed people.
By using certain chemicals that reduce brain activity you get power (fluoride)
  • By instilling fear you can control better

  • By feeding poison and scientifically ‘proving’ by a paid entity it is good for you.

  • By deforming the truth through skilled PR and advertising

This list is endless and I’m sure you can fill it in endlessly once you start thinking about it seriously.

If you can imagine something, it can be done or what you imagine can be realized.

Probably most things that we believe we created, have already been done before, hundreds of years ago, thousands of years ago, hundreds of thousands of years ago or somewhere else...
The past knowledge is stored in the magnetic field of the earth. The trick is to access this knowledge (lost my password). 
There is a unity; universal knowledge, we are one, all the dots are linked.

Our brains and thought processes are compartmentalized, our intention is in a specific direction, a narrow field of vision. Probably this is also a protection against overload (stack overflow).

We all experienced overload, when someone goes on and on about a subject that is either too complex or out of the field of vision of the audience. It is too much, we say, and then we clam up.
Otherwise we might get stressed and lose control of our mind, start strange habits and then we get pills and then it is the end of the road, the loony farm.

However some people have the ability to connect with this ‘magnetic field database’ and probably many more than you would think. Even yourself.

Remember those particular moments in your life, where you got into a situation that absolutely needed a solution, now. You did not have the knowledge nor the capacity to solve the problem under normal circumstances. And by magic, you try something and it works, or you search a solution and its suddenly there, you do a previously unkown manipulation and you execute it to perfection.

And where did that suddenly come from?

Could it be from the universal conscience knowledge, you may have had a flash access to?

Something to try.

When you want to do something that you normally are not capable of. There could be a solution.

Imagine with a subconscious mind, at peace, or in sub dream state (you know the one where you can manipulate or give a different direction to your dream), that you are doing perfectly the thing you normally are not capable of. You’ll see that the next day you can probably do it very well.

Hit the perfect back hand in tennis, get the perfect swing in golf, land the arrows nicely grouped on the target, etc.

If you can dream it, if you can imagine it and see yourself doing it, it can be done and you can do it.

You can teach yourself by dreaming. (Putting the schoolbook under your pillow is really not far from reality, whatever reality is).

The famous scientists and inventors, ok they have a brain, they are clever, they are trained, but suddenly out of the blue they come up with revolutionary ideas, formulas and inventions.

Einstein with the E=MC^2 formula. (Which he copied from Poincaré and Lorentz) It took him a long time to work out the meaning and he was often lambasted about his ridiculous equation.  How many times it was tried to prove the equation wrong. (I met Albert Einstein when I was 10 years old and had afternoon tea with him on a small terrace in Blaricum at the house of Prof Brauer. He was a very humaine and friendly man with a lot of humor and interest in nature. He was special in a special way.)

He did say though: You cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them. 
Just think about the meaning.

Nikola Tesla, who came up with the most revolutionary inventions in early 1900. (If it had not been for a nefarious banker by the name of JP Morgan, we would have had free energy since 1930).

Tesla stated that the full images and plans of his inventions would just pop up in his mind and all he had to do was draw it out and engineer it. He even complained that he could not stop his brain from receiving new inventions to a point where it was draining his energy.
In the end Tesla was murdered and all his inventions stolen and used for secret military applications.
All his patents are government secret.

Newton developed complex mathematical concepts, which were correct. Except after his death his formulas for mass and gravity were purposely changed to secretly hide real knowledge and keep it to the initiated.
Gravity is not produced by mass, Newtons original equation was correct, but generated by magnetic forces, like a generator such as earth with a core spinning at a different speed as the outer mantle and so are all the other planets.

These people like many others apparently had spontaneous access to the universal knowledge that surrounds us.

Many artists in the world came up with similar ways of expression. We ascribe cubism to Picasso, but there were many other artists (less known), who started painting and drawing a similar style, without knowing each other and without having seen the others works.
This phenomena one can trace through the ages of art. We often call it a wave (une vague) while it was originated from the direct connections of brains and the universal knowledge.

Only the free mind and the free spirit is capable to create and invent. In an oppressed environment not much creativity or invention will occur.

Look at for instance Apple Inc. They created special free work spaces without encumbrance to let the spirits of the creators roam and come up with new and interesting ideas and products.

To control people you have to build barriers, keep secrets, withhold knowledge, keep them in constant uncertainty and fear (State of Fear (read the book)).

If you do this to a dog, you will have a obedient dog borne from fear and totally unpredictable in its reaction to new situations and other people. That is what you read in the papers; pitbull mauled 6 year old, owner was killed by her/his dog (fear).

Control is a dangerous and uncertain way of keeping people in line. It works as long as you can keep the pressure up and keep the upcoming pressure down by re-inventing new fears/enemies.

They do have the technology beyond your wildest dreams, what you see in the movies is ‘old’ technology, the ones they don’t care for you to see;

  • MK Ultra
  • Glass
Jump rooms

  • US warships that do 90 knots per hour

  • Warplanes that fly mach 15 and infinitely more

  • Anti-gravity vehicles

  • Ray and particle beam systems stationed in outer space that can put to dust anything

  • Magnetic dynamic propulsion

  • Zero point energy

The system that has worked so far the best for them is a fascist communist dictatorship, which worked fine for a while in Nazi Germany, in Mussolini Italy, in Pinochet Chili, until it blew up, then you adjust, re-invent.

Now we have the same fascist communist dictatorships in the USA, the EC, Israel, China, Russia, etc.

Politicians are owned by powerful hidden people with unlimited amounts of funds (remember they can just print it, since they made us leave the gold standard).

Poly=many, Tics=blood sucking creatures, that’s PoliTics. (borrowed from David Icke)

Banks created debt in 3rd world countries, changing physical occupation by financial occupation.

Then they flipped it back and did the same to the US and Europe.
The Euro was created as a stepping stone, without a firewall, towards a world controlled electronic currency to enslave the entire populations in ever lasting spiraling debt.

The New World Order is a criminal zionist illuminati organization. This crime organization has misused religion and uses black magic to confuse and mislead the people.

The Italian mafia is as Roman Catholic as the zionist are of Judea religion.

Great wealth can only be created through slave labour, thievery and pollution.

They have been, cleverly and gradually, taking over the financial systems, the precious metals, the large corporations, the media and the governments.
 (see illuminati article)
Information is given on a need to know basis, diluted and transformed to become pure propaganda for the cause of world domination and make believe to drag populations into wars with imaginary and artificially created enemies. All means are used, religion, oil, democracy, terror, fear, murder, genocide, starvation, poverty, etc. 

When one reason has been exposed, they’ll bring on another new one.
And if none works they bring on a false flag event to start a new war and get the public approval. (Pearl Harbour, Bay of Pigs, Gulf of Tonkin, SS Cole, USS Liberty, 911...)

You can only start and sustain a war by using highly professional PR and advertising companies to get people to agree and participate through Psy-ops, just like selling toothpaste or washing powder.

Since Early 1900, we have started 64 wars and killed 650 million civilians.
But that is not enough for them, they want a figure in the billions.
Everything you think you know about Israel or Jewish history or Palestinian terrorists or Hamas and Hizbollah is probably 80% wrong, simple mythology, lies invented to steal, to impoverish to support apartheid.

As Bill Gates so eloquently stated; if we (I) do real good job we can eliminate 15% of the world population. Peanuts, he should be able to do better having 80% of the world working with his antiquated buggy DOS-Wi(n)dows crap. So he bought into Monsanto.

Just watch out when very wealthy people start a ‘foundation’, it is never ever what you think.

This control system cannot survive an awakened and informed humanity, their whole existence depends on  sleepy, drunken, sedated populations.

The internet was an unforeseen canary in the mineshaft. It grew too big too fast, they are running against the clock. They are using their utmost power to bring it down and tie down the free expression via the web, pushing all kinds of new laws to incarcerate and shut down ‘dissident’ free speech in a ‘democratic’ society.

Its like a vine that produces wine, the vine creeps where it could not go, the wine flows and finds a way to bring joy.

Strip away the Central Banking and their affiliated institutions from the zionist cabal and their financial elements and what is left of the power? Zip, zilch.

You have been taken to the ball park, but you are not a spectator, not a player, you are the ball, expendable for each and every game.

They invented Homeland Security, translate; Reichs Sicherheits Dienst, Transport Security Agency, translate; Reichsbahn Sicherheits Dienst. 
Hold on we have been there already, done that before, 60 years ago. Forgotten? Sorry, not on the education agenda anymore. UK teens were asked; Who was Hitler? Answer; a famous German football coach or something.

My Advice:

Stop supporting the system. Meaning think, analyse and stop funding the wrong pockets.

Good start: pharmaceuticals developed only to make you sick and dependent on more pharma poison, manufactured ‘health’ products, multi vitamins containing more poison than vitamins, etc.

Start reading labels and if you find a complex word or one you don’t know, don’t buy it.

Do not cooperate with your enslavement. Meaning funny money, plastic cards, tracability, outrageous interest, horrendous cell phone bills.

You can go and demonstrate in the streets, if you have the energy, they will happily engage more fascist police and give them every day more powerfull weapons from their immense arsenal to crush the crowds, use military drones and bring on all the secret weaponry they have developed in the last 60 years, ready to use on civilian demonstrators that do not even comprehend what hit them.
Only if the police and army start refusing taking orders, the demonstrators can win, but that is probably utopia for the moment. Until the policemen start thinking and realize that their own families are in the same situation as the protesters.

Do not forget that this zionist/illuminati/cabal is not stupid.
They created the United Nations, looking to the outside world like an organization for peace. Sorry to say the UN was created in 1942 at Il Presidio as an operation for a continuous machine for war. Any vote can be vetoed by 3 people! A wolf in sheep skin. Problems are profit, war is profit, fear is profit.

Today's Anonymous, which looks like taking on the illuminati, is a creation by them, again to give you all some sense of hope. Most of it is a hoax. To drown you deeper.

Facebook created by the illuminati, to get all the information on the children of this planet and (mis)use this information stored forever. Very clever they float the company (which has no income whatsoever) for billions, basically selling your daughters or sons personal/private information!!!

Twitter, Google et all was created by them to get ‘a line on people’ to get control.

Just follow the logic (money). Running huge databases with thousands of employed specialists, with NO return on investment at all! No income! No profits! Who is able to fork out billions without end?
Try to start a real business, you need capital and you’ll have to show profits, otherwise the capital dries up very quickly and they shut you down.

They give you a bit of hope, that some people are going to take care of all of us, (OWS, Anonymous, etc.) so yo can go back to sleep and let others take care of the problems.

Sorry, that is exactly their program, you go back to your lethargic sleep. Game over!

Just do NOT DO it.

A “Necon” is a form of communism, a “Stalinist” who disguises behind phony “conservatism” a need to run a prison state with controlled press, phony elections, rigged economy, slave labor and continual wars, phony enemies invented one after the other.

Those who invented the theories have done nothing but dismantle the world, destroy what was left of capitalism, promote war hysteria, pass police state laws and put all power in the hands of the Communist Central Committee in Moscow or Wall Street or wherever it is now, no more borders.

A more powerful way is to stop support,
do not buy their products, GMO, chemicals, pharmaceuticals. Get informed, get their knowledge, then you can oppose them with equal weapons.

Become free of oppression, unite with your family, your friends and neighbors. Become a unified entity and stand up. We are all one, each unique, but the same.

Choose your life, make up your own mind, follow your own path, don’t trust the newspapers, don’t watch TV propaganda, read a good book, get some fun, play a game, use your brain and expand it.

Spend time in nature away from manufactured magnetic fields, do simple happy things using less wasteful products, use only fresh non processed foods.

Drink clean untreated water
instead of soft drinks loaded with chemicals.

Do not blindly accept, without your own research, what a doctor wants you to take. Beware of lawyers and dentists they seemingly are not there to help you.

Stay far away from chemicals and when you have them don’t throw them in the bin so they come back to you through your tap water and food.

I am sure you can make your own extensive list of how you could live better and happier in synergy with nature (Gaia) and your fellow humans.

We can win this game, we have the power of human conscience and will take back our world, yours and mine.

Be happy, be free.

Roy /Dakote

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