Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Illuminati, not for the weak of heart

Adam Weishaupt, instructed by Mayer Amsel Rothschild developed a 25 point document in May 1776 as the guide for the illuminati families to follow.

#1 Use violence and terrorism rather than academic discussions….

#4 Any and all means were justified, on the grounds that a moral code left a politician vulnerable….

#6 Remain invisible until the very moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning or force can undermine it….

#7 Use Mob Psychology to control the masses. "Without absolute despotism " one cannot rule efficiently

#8 Advocate the use of alcoholic liquors, drugs, moral corruption and all forms of vice, used systematically by "agenteurs" to corrupt the youth

#9 Seize property by any means and without hesitation, to secure submission and sovereignty.

#10 Froment wars, but direct the peace conferences so that neither of the combatants gain territory. They would be placed further in debt and therefore into our power.

#12 Choose candidates for public office who will be servile and obedient to our commands, so they may be readily used as PAWNS IN OUR GAME

#13 Use the Press for propaganda to control all outlets of public information, while remaining in the shadows, clear of blame

#14 Make the masses believe they had been the prey of criminals. Then restore order to appear as the saviors.

#15 Create financial panics; use hunger to subjugate the masses.

#16 Infiltrate Freemasonry… "When the hour strikes for our sovereign Lord of all the World to be crowned, these same hands will sweep away everything that might stand in his way."….

#18 a Reign of Terror is the most economical way to bring about speedy subjection.

#19 Masquerade as political, financial and economic advisers to carry out our mandates… without fear of exposing "the secret power behind national and international affairs."

#20 ULTIMATE WORLD GOVERNMENT is the goal. It will be necessary to establish huge monopolies, so even the largest fortunes… [will] go to the bottom together with the credit of their governments ON THE DAY AFTER THE GREAT POLITICAL SMASH."

#21 Economic War. Rob the Goyim of their landed properties and industries with a combination of high taxes and unfair competition.

#22 Make the Goyim destroy each other so there will only be the proletariat [poor] left in the world, with a few millionaires devoted to our cause, and sufficient police and soldiers to protect our interest.

#23 Call it THE NEW ORDER. Appoint a Dictator….

#24 Fool, bemuse and corrupt the younger members of society by teaching them theories and principles we know to be false.

#25 Twist national and international laws into a contradiction which first masks the law and afterwards hides it altogether. Substitute arbitration for law.”

As you can see they were very close to the finalization of their plans.
It also looks very much like the Protocols text.

They have their headquarters in Europe, but are burrowed in all aspects of life and business in every country. If they achieve their goal of The New World Order, it will be run from Europe.
Their numbers amount to approximately 1% of every country population.
Meaning for a country like France 700 000 members. Many of these are children and lower echelon followers. However they are all trained continuously in the execution of the master plan.
Each country has about 9 high ups.
They have infiltrated in every aspect of life; politics, military, banking, industry, medicare and all kinds of charities, associations, welfare- and religious organizations.
They stand up for each other, have been professionally taught for various sectors of application, enable each other to infiltrate and have learned to eliminate anybody standing in their way.
They use any means of child abuse (even their own children), human sacrifice, black magic, occult practices, basically anything that supports the goal.
They feel they are totally in their right and are doing the correct thing. They look down on all of us like dumb sheep. They feel they are way superior. They have tons of money and power.
But they are vain.

Please read the one and only interview with an illuminati who escaped and has been in hiding for many years now. Some if her explanations are difficult to absolve, but it gives a indepth picture of what they are really about.
This is the link:

Now it is up to us all to stop this oppression of mankind and put a final end to it. For all to be able to live a normal life free of chains.
You can help, it is enough to talk about it with your friends and family, to speak against these practices, to bring out your feeling that you do not condone these practices.
It is our global consciousness, which is a giant power, and we can bring them down and take our lives back.

edited by: Roy /Dakote

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