Friday, 3 February 2012


Our solar system is tracking through the universe, we are not in a static position as astronomers would think. We seem to be moving from the outer edge towards the center.

Enormous amounts of energy are hitting the earth, vortexes loaded with magnetic energy are continuously beating upon us, electrifying everything and each of us, this has an effect on everyone. It has been going on for a decade and it is now coming to a close. This raises the frequency of earth and everything living on it.
It provokes a total transformation of our way of life. The external influence is happening since some years and getting to the culmination of transformation.

We as a people have to liberate ourselves from the oppressing forces that are and have been ruling our financial and corporate world to become free of burdens.

Our world as we know it is changing very fast and the time is now.
Venus is our protector from the high energy of the sun. The love of female protection creates a balance between the solar energy and the energy coming from the universe. Our sun is not as we were told a nuclear power plant, but its based on an electro magnetic force.
Change is here, but we have to adapt to these changes. The magnetic energy of earth is changing in a non-linear way. We are living a rebalancing of earth to enable an alignment with its new environment towards the center of universe.
The space that surrounds us is definitely not empty at all, it is full of life and beginnings of life in forms of dust particles encapsulated and frozen, building blocks of life that can spring new life whenever the environment becomes appropriate.
The repositioning or realigning with the universe is affecting all of us.

Forget the rubbish that is blasted all over the media about climate change by human intervention and the changing axis of the earth, it is about a realignment in a magnetic spiritual sense of the earth and the universe. Our ‘modern’ science cannot grasp this. Some astronomers have a very clear idea, but they are treated like Copernicus in his day.

We and our earth are protected. What is currently happening to our world, earth, gaia, can only be comprehended spiritually. Go with the flow and you’ll be ok. Feel what you have to do, and follow your inner voice. Do not believe the doomsday propaganda, it is only put out to scare you and make you dependent on people with a different agenda.
It will be a big change and it will not harm you, on the contrary, we are entering into a whole new dimension or density of living and relationships, we are not used to and might need some adaptation and it will all be for the better.
Imagine to live free without constraints, looking after each other, no more wars, no more pollution, no more negativeness.
We are surrounded with energy we can capture and transform, when we understand it. The moment we do, we will have all the necessary energy in abundance for free and without pollution and negative effects. This technology exists since a long time and was also used by the civilisations that lived here before thousands of years ago.

What we have been living through is the application of a negative, black agenda, executed by a small group of people, who wanted to totally enslave and control all of humanity.
The ridiculous use of oil for our locomotion and heating, the dellibitating use of uranium for nuclear energy, for the sole purpose of producing plutonium for warfare, the thousands of life threatening chemicals/pharmaceuticals that out of control mega corporations are producing for our ‘benefit’ that poisons not only humanity, but also the animals and the environment of Gaia at large needs to be put on halt and replaced by natural means more effective, powerful and clean respecting our environment.
We’ll have to do a major cleanup of all the mess we made in the last two hundred years. It has only been since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 1800’s that we have started to create a huge pile of mess, polluting our seas, rivers, lakes and land.
We can definitely establish that the major pollution of the world has been produced by the military industrial complex and their endless wars. When an army leaves a war theater, they leave total devastation behind. They should be made responsible to also do the cleanup.

The chemtrails you see daily in the skies, are made for the sole purpose of an eugenics program, to kill millions of people through slow long lasting diseases provoked by arsenic, DU, aluminum and barium particles sprayed from special airplanes and even commecial airplanes. How on earth can a professional pilot having wife and children operate these chemtrail poison planes without being conscious of what damage they do?

Ted Gunderson, former director of the FBI in LA and Dallas is well informed regarding chemtrails and has personally seen the planes. He knows that they are spraying to kill us and as collateral damage fish, birds and small animals. The chemicals are in our food chain though the soil and agriculture.

The excess carbon in our atmosphere has probably been produced by the thousands of nuclear test that have been carried out all over the world since 1942. And now we are asked to pay for this by paying additional taxes on our necessities of life! Totally unacceptable.
On the other hand the high level of carbon could also have a relationship with our transformation.

Earth is in higher energy now and shining like a jewel in the universe. The transformation gradually nudges its change into another density and to become part of the universal unity. Something that has never happened to a planet, its very unique, it is a tryout and it will be quite amazing.

We are not alone and we have never been alone, we are protected, not because we are so special, but because we are a part of the universal unity and have to become a full member.
We needed time to grow up, which took hundreds of thousands of years of intermingling of different humanoids from all over the galaxy and will now become part of the universal community. That is our future.
There are many other ‘peoples’ who are and have been looking at us, protecting us and given us a helping hand to become an equal part of all the other species, who are like us, who are us.
Unity is a point and every point is linked to all other points and all these points together make a whole entity, which is called love.

We have to go through the development of technology to find out that it always was there inside us, we knew it already and just temporarly lost it. We will trace back, open our inner resources and find our internal technology that has always been there and then we can do away with the electronic gadgets linked to cables, batteries, wifi, etc. and use our build in communication devices. Like you throw away your crutches, because you can walk again freely. Then we can use real communication, expressing love and our deeper interests and become interactive with our fellow beings from earth and other far away places.

Some people in this world know all this since a long time and have deliberately hidden this knowledge from the population. ‘It would just scare them’, they would say. No way, nobody would be scared of this kind of knowledge.
Don’t be angry when disclosure comes. Some of these ‘regulators’ were really thinking that you could not cope with reality. However you are very capable.

Everything is in the multiverse
. When you have nice or strange dreams, you pass the boundaries of our current verse and slip temporarly into another verse. Life is everywhere, believe it.
Try talking to a tree, a plant, to clouds and water and see for yourself how things transform positively. Through communication and love you can transform what seems to be inert matter and change the vibration and composition. After some exercises you’ll start easily communicating with the invisible beings.

Who has not heard the expression mind power or mind over matter. It is actually true, it also has been scientifically proven and by just thinking and directing your thoughts you can make things happen, change events, remedy diseases, make sad people happy...
When the mind power of a large group of people is combined, that power becomes giant and can change many large negative events to the positive. (Even this has been scientifically proven)
Our consciousness is the greatest power there is, it is our god power, from within, and truly universal.
You do not want war? Then consciously direct your thoughts outward to stop it.  When we are in great numbers it will stop any event from happening.

The same power you can apply to unity, love and happiness.

We become sick when we are alone, left on our own, nobody who cares. However when we are surrounded with well wishing people, we will not get sick or depressed and we’ll heal.
What you think is what you are.

We are all a bit different, from different origins of the galaxies, with each a specific agenda, an invisible fine line to follow in life. It is a line you have given yourself as a task before you came here. And often it takes a lifetime or more to find your purpose. We are in fact no better than small children, sometimes worse, we are here to learn and not reproduce the mistakes we already have made.

Do not judge one another, we (they) are what we are, each of us is driven by an inner force, a task to try to accomplish, defined the day we were born.
How could you then judge another person, whether you like or dislike what he or she is doing with their lives? They are working on their task and often are a bit deluded or lost.
First look at yourself, how well you are doing in terms of love and unity, before you judge others.
Maybe the others need a bit of a helping hand, a bit of understanding, a bit of listening to, a bit of love?

Our awareness is increasing, it might not look like this for some, but it is happening and for each of us it will feel different.

Heal thyself be free and with that you can help heal others.

Roy /Dakote

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