Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Space Wars in the 1980's

When Neil Amstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969 they first planted a Masonc flag, before planting the US flag.
This was nearly 10 years after the USSR had landed on the moon.
Some of the video material looks a bit odd, which is normal, because a lot of the material shown on TV was shot beforehand on earth in Hollywood studios, in case there was real material that could not, or was too bad to be shown. The moon landing was a huge PR enterprise to give the americans some sense of pride, to show the wolrd what the us was capable of. They did land on the moon multiple times, but most of the material was studio work. It had to look good.

The strange thing that many people were always surprised about is that there are only grey scale blurred images of the moon. We have thousands of good quality color material of all other planets, but none of the moon.
When you scrutinize the moon material you’ll also find that whole areas are blurred out in Photoshop, very unprofessionally.
Something is odd. Why do we only have crappy material of the celestial body that is closest to us, while hundreds of thousands of photos were made during hundreds of flybys and landings? With all the magnificent high resolution telescopes and radio telescopes that can capture the whole milky way in vibrant detailed color. No such thing of the moon.
Is there something to hide, is someone living there, had someone lived there? Many questions, but no answers.

Some individuals went to colorize the moon on he basis of colors existing on earth and just by doing that some extraordinary images were the result. Green pastures, shiny lakes, glass domes, tall structures, pyramids, train or road tracks, etc. But sadly enough still blurred. Apparently we are not to know what is out there.

JPL originally was a private company that stood for Jack Parsons Lab, after Parsons was killed it was taken over by the NASA/military complex and the name was changed into Jet Propulsion Lab to keep the same initials.

The Russians send many craft into space, they wanted to set up space stations on the moon and elsewhere.

The US military had space shuttles long before they were shown to the public by NASA. These shuttles have been in space battle with the Russian Souyous for decades. Because the US shuttles were much more maneuverable than their Russian counterpart, they destroyed them by either releasing ball bearings in front of their space flight path, which would smash the capsules into a thousand pieces or would nudge them out of their flight path in the direction of the sun. Many of the Russian capsules are still on their way to crash on the sun many years from now with the lifeless bodies of astronauts on board. Even today astronomers can still hear the never ending SOS signals coming from these forlorn travelling spacecrafts.

This secret space war is the origin of all the space junk that is in orbit around the world. You can find maps of space junk orbiting, its like a beach after a storm. Every piece over a certain diameter has been meticulously mapped, its size, composition , speed and direction.
There is so much of it that any spacebound vehicle has to find a window of opportunity to get through unscathed.

Wherever there is war there is a mess left over, but who cleans it up?

Japan is in the process of developing large space ships to clean up at least part of the space junk. Since the nuclear underwater attack that created the Fukushima disaster it is evident that the japanese have to move out of Japan to survive. 
Their plans are in development to build bases on the moon and transport the japanese population from Japan to the moon. Basically what JD Roosevelt wanted, erase them from the face of the earth. They will go on their own account, but might send a very strong message once mission completed.


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