Wednesday, 11 January 2012

911 in a Bombshell

The events on September 11, 2001 have its origin in China in 1938.
In 1938 during the civil war in China between the Comintag, the communists and Japan, the ruling party wanted to move out of China the main part of their wealth.
The americans left China with 7 warships filled with gold, silver and precious stones, to be kept in vaults in the US under the protection of the Federal Reserve Bank.

For this shipment the Chinese received American certificates for a duration of 60 years. After 60 years this precious metal had to be given back to China. Most of the gold was kept later in the basements of the World Trade Center in NY. 

Since this shipment was executed completely under the radar, the proceeds were used for CIA “black ops”, the cold war and all kinds of other US military operations that could not see the light of day. 
The stipulation was that the proceeds would be used for humanitarian operations and programs to make the planet a better place. Quite the opposite was done.

The Fed also leased this gold to private banks, since the Fed is a privately owned corporation, at a 1% interest rate. This enabled the major banks to sell the leased gold and use the money to lend at much higher % and later turn the stockmarket into a casino circus, create the sub prime housing bubble and the immense derivative market based on fake insurance and plain betting.

In 1998 the Asian Dragon societies demanded the restitution of their gold/silver/stones. The Fed said no.
 A behind closed doors courtcase was held at the Basel BIS (Bank of International Settlements), the secretive bank of banks. Present were the Fed, UN and a number of US and UK government representatives.
The Fed lost the case and was ordered to return the goods, in the mean time having reached a value of 437 Trillion $ to the Dragon representatives on September 12, 2001.

On the 80th floor of WTC1 was an accountant firm in charge of these accounts and on the 90th floor of WTC2 was another accounting firm in charge of the restitution process. In WTC building 7 was housed the SEC and a Fed agency having the documents pertaining to the BIS lawsuit.

On September 9, 2001, secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfelt stated on national TV that the Pentagon had “lost or mislaid” an amount of 20 billion $. A special team of accountants was put together in a new wing of the Pentagon to trace and find these billions. As Rumsfelt said “the truth will come out.”

On September 11, 2001, the WTC1, WTC2 were attacked by remote controlled flying bombs looking like airplanes, later in the day WTC7 was brought down with a controlled demolition, as stated by Mayor Guliani on tv, “We had to ‘pull’ the building.”

And the new wing of the Pentagon was hit by another missile.

The gold had already left the WTC by probably ‘special’ train and scurried to California with an end destination presumed to be Paraguay, where incidentally the Bush family owns a 100,000 acre ‘farm’.

All paperwork concerning the restitution was gone, all personnel of the two accountant firms were killed, the ones that did not show up for work that day had fatal accidents, of the SEC, Fed and Pentagon accountants none survived.

NORAD the most advanced aerial US protection system, that can track a fly taking off was for no apparent reason put on non-active that day, kind of switched off, all flights were grounded, except a number of flights due for Israel and Saudi Arabia were allowed.
An AWACS plane was flying over Washington, all fighter jets were grounded for an ‘exercise’. What was the exercise? Sitting on the ground?

The security of the WTC was headed by Marvin Bush, the younger brother of W. Bush, the security companies used were Israeli outfits, many months of building had been going on in the WTC with no apparent improvements.
Larry Silverstein who had bought the WTC a year before from Donald Trump, had doubled the premium a week before 911.
Victor Bout a very trusted partner of Putin, an arms dealer having access to unique military explosives, such as nano thermite and probably other unknown technologies, was tracked in Thailand, arrested extradited on zero evidence and is being kept in an US goal indefinitely.
Large shorts (bets) were made beforehand on the stockmarket on AA and other companies that would have a major dip as a result of this event, no Saudi or Zionist was killed in the towers, which like no other building ever in the world came down in powder (steel beams and renforced concrete alike) in its own footprint, sending dust particles up as high as the stratosphere, leaving a smoldering heap the size of ±10% of the material of the buildings, which took months to extinguish, because the temperatures of the burning concrete was way over 1000° C. Ever seen concrete burn? Try it.

3,000 people were killed in the buildings, this could have been 40,000 if the attacks had been a couple of hours later. Many people were in advance informed not to go to work that day. 9,000 people died in NY from the effects of 911, from disease, cancer, intoxication, etc.
12,000 people were slaughtered, many thousands lost their jobs and future, hundreds of thousands lost their life savings for a twitch of the satanic cabal.

Inside job, absolutely. Who? A number of government and military officials, zionist mossad, definitely involved, the rest is a blurr. Nobody was arrested or judged. The so called muslim terrorists with box cutters listed as the perpetrators all disappeared, except that later on a number of people came forward, alive and well and wanted an explanation why their names were used for this ‘event’.

Usama Bin Laden aka Tim Osman a highly esteemed CIA operative in Afghanistan, who was financed by same CIA to kick the Russians out with the help of the Mujahidin (then freedom fighters and later described as terrorists by the US when they had a go themselves at Afghanistan) declared on TV that he was in no way involved in 911 and was even very surprised that such a huge operation, which needed years of technical planning was carried out so well. Bin Laden died in the Tora Bora region around December 2001 of kidney failure, a disease for which he had been multiple times treated in King Feisal hospital in Riad, paid for by the CIA. It is amazing that you can sell the american sheeple to kill the same person three times over and get away with it.

You only need to read the professional reports of the pilots associations, ‘impossible to fly a plane like that’, the association of engineers and architects, demolition experts, military experts, fire brigade experts, on the scene people, etc. It is all over the web, thousands of pages of affidavits, photos and videos.
Only the government stays dumb “No comment, no inquiry, case closed.
The gullible sheeple accepts it all, otherwise their world of belief will fall apart. 
Nobody wants to be lost or go mad.
 Luckily the pharma cabal has nice colored pills for that. They invent the pill and then the disease that goes with it.

Although the invented perpetrators were all supposedly Saudis, the 911 atrocity was easily put in the shoes of Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Irak, a long standing ally of the US, who was sold billions worth of war equipment, but who decided to get paid in Euros or gold for his oil and not in $.
Thus he needed to be eliminated, its simply called regime change. That millions of innocent Iraqis had to pay with their lives and for hundreds of years with radiation sickness is of no concern to the cabal. The fake ‘War on Terror’ is still in full swing.

The dragon societies understood very quickly what the 911 event was about, certainly when the Fed informed them that all their gold evaporated in the WTC, and still want their precious metals back, invented War on Terror or not.

A courtcase had been launched in NY in November 2011 as a test case for an amount of 1 Trillion $, against the Federal Reserve, the UN, Banki Moon and a whole string of official people involved in the non repayment of the metal and the non execution of the stipulation that the proceeds were to be used for humanitarian projects.


by Roy /Dakote

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